Two years ago…


Two years ago last week, on the 29 May 2012 Mummy was going for her 20 week scan. This is what she wrote in her diary –

‘9.30am – Omg I am so excited! will find out shortly if you are my son or my daughter – I can’t wait! Nor can the children – your brother and sisters. I am so looking forward to seeing you 🙂
I am so happy and content – the weather for the past two weeks has been beautiful – so warm and sunny. I have felt you moving and kicking loads, I love you so much. I wake up to you waking up too! I feel so well, healthy and happy – the best I’ve ever felt 🙂

We’ve had days on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, next week is half term – the Diamond Jubilee bank holidays, I hope the weather is lovely and I’m looking forward to time with the children, Luke went to St Davids yesterday, Lea’s off to Llangranog tomorrow to Friday, and MeeMee’s in the middle of her GCSE’s. She officially finishes school this Thursday – her prom is on Friday and her exams finish on 20 June. I wrote this in M&S cafe, having a cuppa before my scan. Got to go now, ‘See’ you soon! Love you xxxx

4 June 2012
My son <3 <3 <3
My beautiful baby son. How wonderful, how thrilled I am. Another darling baby boy. I am so blessed, you are so active now – daddy, your brother and sisters have felt you kicking in the last week. You’re very wriggly! I can’t believe seeing your little heart beating – and seeing the four chambers of the heart. Amazing.

I wish all the love and happiness in the world for you. I’m watching the Diamond Jubilee Concert at home – you’re loving the music! 2012 – such a big year. Everyone trying to be positive and celebrating our country and The Queen. It’s a very proud weekend. And I have the best gift of all. You.
I love you, my son, my precious little boy 


  1. How lovely to be able to read back these exciting times. Makes me wish I had kept a diary when pregnant.

  2. I often wish that I had kept a dairy when expecting, but I had terrible pregnancies and would have just moaned and moaned!

  3. What a beautiful post, it actually brought a lump to my throat! You sound like such a fantastic mother – all your children are very lucky 🙂

  4. Awww – I wish I had blogged when I was having my babies, only photos now! TOP TIP – scan in your ultrasound pics and save them as they fade!!

  5. Lovely! I so wish I had done this. Oh well too late now, not having any more, that’s for sure!

  6. Aw, that’s so sweet, a lovely keepsake.

  7. Ah lovely post. I wanted to keep a diary but I was so scared something would go wrong x

  8. Ah lovely post. I wanted to keep a diary but I was scared something would go wrong x

  9. What lovely memories to look back on. I remember the jubilee concert – our little one was so unsettled we hardly saw any of it!

  10. What a lovely way to treasure memories.

  11. it always nice to look back, i wonder how broody i will be thinking about my pregnancy in few years time

  12. How wonderful to be able to look back and reminisce. I know it’s such a cliche, but time really does fly

  13. What a lovely post, it bought back memories of my own 20 week scans *off to wipe my eyes, they are leaking a bit*

  14. How lovely. I wish I’d have kept a diary when I was pregnant. This post made me a little bit broody and that’s twice this week a blog post has done that!

  15. Arrr it must be lovely to look back on how that special time was for you x

  16. It is lovely to look back on isn’t it…..wish blogging was around when I had my eldest

  17. Oh that really makes me wish I had written a pregnancy journal – what lovely memories and how amazing for your little one to read when they’re older. Lovely!

  18. Ah I got goose bumps all over reading this! What a special memory to keep. Precious moments.

  19. How sweet! I bought a necklace for my daughter years before she was born and hid it in a card upstairs. I opened it on her 1st birthday and read what I had written to my future daughter many years before hand

  20. What a good idea , lovely post xx

  21. This is a lovely post. Lovely to see that you have been able to look back on something which was so special to you x

  22. Man I wish I had done this for my boys 🙁 I have the memory of a goldfish 🙁

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