Two years ago today


Mummy wrote this in her diary exactly two years ago today.

I was just starting getting ready to make my appearance into the world. As you will read, I wanted to take my time before I arrived!

Mummy says……

Tuesday 9 October

‘Finished work last Friday ๐Ÿ™‚ Planned on a relaxed week. meeting friends for coffee, pottering about!

Yesterday Morning (Monday) I met mum for coffee in the village, and I had a slight ‘show’ I felt every emotion in about 60 seconds – excited, scared, shocked, happy, panicked! I was very shaky and in a bit of a daze.

I rang S to put him on alert, and decided to continue with my plans. I went to Town, and the bank, and Holland & Barratt to buy Rescue Remedy and aconite homeopathy tablets for labour. I then headed to the big Tesco to get food shopping. I was having mild contractions, but felt very different. They felt deeper, ‘inside’ and I began having back ache. Mum and I went to the Cornstore for lunch, then put all the shopping away. We met dad in the village for coffee, then I collected Luke and Lea and headed home.


I had niggly pains, back ache, mild contractions all evening. I had stinging burn down below, when I had a contraction, it felt ‘deeper’, I felt different. I went to bed and listened to my pregnancy relaxation CD. I slept well, and was aware of mild contractions through the night. I woke up, S said he would take Lea and Luke to school, so I could lie in. Lea was poorly though, so we kept her and Luke home. S re-arranged work, and we planned a relaxing day at home.

We had a huge sort out over the weekend, I had new wardrobes which are FAB, S and Lea completely cleared the bedroom, and it’s fab! They did the lounge last night, and bathroom as well on Sunday.

I’ve had niggly pains on/off all day. Nothing amounting to anything really ๐Ÿ™ I’m enjoying relaxing, reading my effective birth preparation book – building techniques to help me during the birth. S dashed to take MeeMee and Lea to the doctors (getting MeeMee from college) as both are suffering tummy pains and feeling sick. I am chillin’ relaxing, it is 4.20pm. No sign yet!

I had another slight show today, and the ‘plug’ came away this evening.

Wednesday 10 October

2am – contractions every 20 minutes, rang midwife on maternity ward. She said to wait until they are every 5-10 minutes. I went back to sleep and it all slowed down!

I had contractions all day, not regular or very frequent. At 8pm, the contractions were every 10 minutes since 7.15pm I decided to ring maternity again – yes, go in. SOOOOO EXCITED! The children were beside themselves! I had a last photo by his moses basket, thinking the next time I am home, I will have him in my arms. We said goodbye, and off we went.


We arrived at 9pm, I saw Jane the midwife at 9.35pm. I was monitored, nothing really happening with me, my baby boy was very, very, very active – his heart rate was up to 182! It set the monitor alarm off, it should be 110 – 160. It was because I was lying down, and he didn’t like it – just the same as his big brother was! Then everything stopped. The contractions stopped. Midnight – all quiet! S decided he would go home to sleep, I decided I would too, but the consultant wanted me to stay, so I did.

3am – contractions much stronger, every 20 minutes, (I was aware of them in my ‘sleep’).

Thursday 11 October

I was monitored again, my baby was calm, heart rate ok – but I was perched on a chair and I stood, I didn’t lie down. No real activity with me. I spoke to the midwife who said I had to feel contractions cross the top of my tummy – in waves across. When they come every 5 minutes, strongly and regularly, then come in. I felt so angry and stupid – how could I think I was in labour when clearly I wasn’t, I was so cross with myself. I felt like a first timer – not about to have my fourth baby! S collected me at 9.45am. We went for breakfast, had a wander around a couple of shops, popped home, then met my mum and dad for a coffee in Town, whilst S popped off to meet someone.

We had kept Lea and Luke off school because we were literally waiting for everything to start properly. They just wanted to be home with us.

The pains were strong – much stronger, but no pattern or regularity. I was home by 4pm. The pains started more regularly, and strong, but all in lower abdomen and DEEP ย inside, around what I felt was my cervix. I couldn’t remember feeling hem with my other pregnancies. ย I had tea – a curry! I watched EastEnders and at 8.30 had a bath. Lea came and talked to me, marvelling at my tummy, and my baby wriggling inside! The pains were not easing, coming every 10 minutes or less. I rang maternity, yes, come in.

We set off, the pains strong, more frequently, becoming just bearable. They were the same type of pain the whole time, never were they the type that the midwife told me to wait for! Those type of contractions never came! I was so unsure what was happening, they were NOTHING like I had experienced before at any point in my previous labours!

ย As we crossed the bridge on the way to the hospital, I prayed that the next time I crossed it, it would be with my new baby boy!’

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this! I need to read the next part. As I was induced I didn’t really have any of the build up like you so I am enjoying reading the experience x

  2. I love reading other peoples birth stories. I hope this time it was ‘it’ and you made your appearance! #binkylinky

  3. Amazing story! You remembered everything well! I started labor 5am and everything is a blur after 12 =P #binkylinky

  4. How lovely to read….Such a lovely story x

  5. Eeek! Love this post! I wanna read more! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  6. Wow, you really took your time little chap! Hope you’ve had a lovely birthday and doesn’t your Mummy look amazing with her bump #pocolo

  7. It does seem particularly unfair that after three kids, the forth can still keep you hopping. I am impressed you remained so calm! #BinkyLinky

  8. I loved reading this and look forward to the next part. He really did keep you waiting! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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