First Trimester 2012


Mummy’s diary during her first three months of carrying me in her tummy.

Sunday 12 February 2012

I told Lea on Wednesday, her face, bless her, all her Christmases come true! I told Amy the day after, I wanted them to know so they could help me and to understand about me getting tired and not lifting stuff etc. Amy was thrilled, she was so happy, grinning, really pleased. We talked loads and I’m so glad I told her. It is so lovely, my girls knowing, I’ll wait to tell Luke, it’s a lot for him to hold. On Friday, went shopping with mum and the children, Amy and Oz took Lea and Luke off and I told mum! Her face! She was gobsmacked, but ok! Really ok! She believes very much that everything is for a reason. I love her so much 🙂

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Been feeling so nauseous, I can’t drink Latte! Only the odd cappuccino. I can only eat half my breakfast. Craving cheese and orange juice, which are good! Terrible terrible heartburn late evening, so painful, I had it a bit the other night. I had battered cod last night and it really upset my tummy. Not slept well the last two nights, waking up in the morning, terrible upper back pain. I am aware of 2012 energy shifts, and think it’s partly that, heightened by pregnancy.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Sleeping better, chest / upper back pain seems to have eased. Had terrible heartburn last week, late evening, awful, really painful, having vivid dreams too. Craving cheese and orange juice, healthy at least! Tired, nauseous, can’t drink Latte at all omg, just seen that I wrote this last week!
Baby is 6 1/2 weeks, saw a pic in a magazine of what’s happening – I can feel so much energy there – I love you xxxx

Sunday 18 March 2012

*Mothers Day*
10 weeks today! Yay!

Time passing quickly, I’m so exhausted, in bed by ten, and last week, nine! Had water infection last week (Friday – Monday) and had penicillin to clear it. However, last Friday I felt ill again and went back to the Doctors. They gave me a week of antibiotics, but I’m. to taking them, I’m waiting till my sample comes back. Still nauseous, bit better though. I eat when I’m ravenous , then feel bloated, and ‘off’. I had beautiful cards off the children, and a bump-to-baby book, maternity clothes and a Thai Buddha 🙂 lovely day, breakfast cooked for me, and they’re all now cooking me a roast beef dinner, yum!

I’ve chilled, reading, met mum for coffee and chilled again. Perfect Mothers Day! I’ve had a gorgeous teddy off the baby xxxx I love you little one xxxx

Friday 6 April 2012

13 weeks this Sunday! 
You are the size of a peach!
Got back from Cardiff tonight, from The X Factor tour concert on Wednesday, it’s Good Friday today. Had my bust measured in Mothercare Cardiff! I’m 38D!!! Omgoodness!! Bought two bras! Looked at prams etc and bought some clothes. 
Emotions all over the place. SO excited and happy, then rock bottom and very weepy. Nausea eased off mostly 🙂 and it’s Easter holidays, so having little lie ins! 

First scan on Tuesday, 🙂 can’t wait, went ‘official’ last Sunday, when I was 12 weeks, my girls put it on Facebook, then I did. Response amazing!  Everyone is so pleased and excited! I told the support centre on Monday! (Where I work) they are all thrilled! In bed now, 9.25pm, shattered after walking round Cardiff for two and a half days. I want to ‘chill’ and connect with baby, I swear that I feel you move when I have quiet, and can tune in to you xx <3 

These are the first pictures of me, Ickle Pickle, my scan on 10 April 2012. 

Friday 20 April 2012

14 weeks 5 days

You are about 4.5 inches, the size of a large orange! The scan was brilliant, I cried when I saw you – your little heart beating, your arms and legs. It was so clear, and such a relief to ‘see’ you. All is well, you are perfect. Your brother and sisters saw you too – what a magical moment 🙂 They were amazed how clear the scan was. It is such a relief when you see your baby, an incredible feeling 🙂
We even saw your four little knuckles of your hand! You were sat bolt upright at first! Then you were very wriggly! 

~~My baby is growing 100% healthily in my womb~~


  1. I love reading this back as you being in the tummy, what a great way to follow your journey x
    Rachel recently posted…MakeUp Revolution I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz PaletteMy Profile

  2. Its great looking back on these stages. Wish I had been blogging when I had mine.
    Kizzy recently posted…Minimalism within reasonMy Profile

  3. Ah I love this, I really wish I was blogging when I was pregnant its so lovely to look back over this. xx
    stacey recently posted…TODDLER FASHIONMy Profile

  4. Such a lovely thing to look back on. I was terrible at documenting my pregnancies x

  5. Aw I always love reading pregnancy journals because despite not being a parent it makes me happy to read about someone elses happiness!
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  6. I love that you can look back on these milestone, I really wish I had documented mine like this.
    Kizzy recently posted…Time Out Reads – Less is MoreMy Profile

  7. This is so lovely that you can look back on. I did blog whilst pregnant with both Darcie and Henry but I didn’t write everything down like I probably should of done! xxx
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