When my mummy found out she was pregnant with me :)


Two years ago tomorrow, my mummy found out that she was pregnant with me 🙂 She started a diary, to record her journey through pregnancy, birth and life with me. Mummy wanted another baby, secretly, but was afraid to admit it, or tell anyone. A 40, she was well aware there was a high possibility that it wouldn’t happen. She also knew that things weren’t as they should be with daddy. She also knew secretly though, that she would fall pregnant, and that it was meant to be, and that I was coming 🙂

7 February 2012
“OMG! OMG! OMG! 😀 Did a test and it’s positive! Last period – 8 January, Conceived around 24 January, First New Moon of 2012 At work (Relaxation class) last Monday, 30/1/12 I used the Unicorn Oracle cards, and whilst I was shuffling them, ‘Definitely Yes’ fell out. I chose a random card, after all the others had picked theirs, and I picked ‘Definitely Yes’ again! I Angel Group, I used the ‘Ascended Masters’ cards, and I randomly chose Ganesh ‘Yes’! OMG! 
I didn’t buy tampons this month I kept telling myself ‘I am pregnant’ I had asked the Angels for me to conceive a perfect, healthy baby when the time is right 🙂 

College today, and driving home, I asked the Angels to let me know if I was pregnant. A sign I always asked them for, was to see one of a local driving school cars, called ‘Go For It’! Despite being quite a distance from where they usually are, one passed me, minutes later!! I was so shocked! I was listening to Radio 2 – Simon Mayo – and his three word Tuesday, I have listened to this many, many times, and one was – “pregnancy test …….positive!” I have never, ever heard that before (or since). I was truly gob-smacked!  I drove straight to Tesco and bought a pregnancy test, and went straight home to do it. It didn’t show a line immediately, I was shaking, and felt sick, I couldn’t look…..but then….it appeared!! I was numb and dumbstruck! OMG!! OMG!! <3 <3 <3 I had a huge grin. I couldn’t believe it, although I knew deep down that I was, I was still in shock! I felt happy, worried, happy, anxious, happy, scared, happy, terrified, happy, HAPPY!

My mummy received this message from Archangel Metatron a few days earlier:
“You always knew you would have four children, one around the age of 40. You didn’t realise it then, when you were young, but you were always meant to have a baby in 2012. The soul had to be conceived, carried and born in 2012. It is a very special soul who has chosen you at this time….you will learn from each other. You are both meant to be here at this time… you have work to do…”


  1. Oooooo! Spooky! That’s so cool, we read horoscopes occasionally but never really take heed, after reading this we might pay more attention!
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Valentine’s Fashion Picks from H&M KidsMy Profile

  2. How spooky. I always knew I would have 6, very strange
    Kara recently posted…Saturday is Caption Day – 6th February 2016My Profile

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