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Mummy Says Happy 17 months


I was 17 months old on Wednesday, and mummy has written me a letter:
Dearest darling Ickle Pickle,
Waking up the day after having you was one of the best days of my life. So happy and relieved that you were safely here at last. In awe of you, besotted with you, after nine months of talking to you, and feeling you grow inside, after the incredible experience of feeling you being born, I was totally, completely, utterly in love with you. A new little life. A new son, brother, grandson, great grandson, nephew and cousin. Surrounded by so much love, before you even arrived. You were born at 2.11am. The feeling following giving birth to you was indescribable. Waking early the morning following your birth, only a few hours after you were born, watching you sleep, staring with disbelief at you, marvelling at how small, but absolutely perfect you are. Your hands, your fingers are tiny! I can’t wait to see your feet, to see all of you.  I have a few precious hours with you on my own before everyone arrives to meet you. You are so very loved, and so very special, my late little gift, I am so blessed to have you.
Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy xxx


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