9 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash Online

9 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash Online

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Whether you are laid off, furloughed, or out of a job because of the economic downturn or you’re looking for a side stream of income to pay off some bills, save for a rainy day or pay for a trip, the internet is ready. There are many
legitimate ways you can make money at home with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Here are some ideas to get you started earning money online…

9 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash Online

1. Sell Stuff
Many countries have closed non-essential stores. If you have gently-used baby or maternity items, books, or games, you could sell them. A porch pickup allows you to avoid direct contact with anyone. If you can print at home, you could pay
for postage and have the courier pick up the parcel.
2. Make Stuff
If you’re handy, sew face masks and sell them online. You could post them or do local delivery. People are also looking for gaiters, scarves, and hypoallergenic gloves to wear when they leave their homes.
3. Offer Online Services
With children learning at home, parents may need help. If you have experience in education, you could offer online tutoring in a foreign language, maths, or reading. You could do transcription, online customer service, or call answering
from home, too.
4. Find Freelance Work
Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer offer assorted opportunities for freelance coding, transcription, and research. If you’re fluent in a second language, try Gengo or One Hour Translation for translating documents between languages.
5. Test Websites
If you have attention to detail, test websites, and apps. On UserTesting.com, people who have a microphone and computer can test websites and submit their recorded answers to four questions about their experience. Each one takes 20 minutes and pays $10. You can also test mobile apps if you have a smartphone.
6. Play Online Games
If you like playing slots on your holiday, you could play online to make some extra cash. Start small and work your way up as you continue to win. You could earn a considerable amount of money in a single day. When playing online, do not bet any money that you can not afford to lose. There are so many slot games like the 9 masks of fire slot from Microgaming to choose from. Play responsibly and set a maximum amount of money you’re willing to lose and never go over that number. When you’re on a winning streak, taper off how much you’re
betting so when you’re luck turns (and it will) you don’t lose too much.
7. Try Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk are tasks that pay anywhere from a few cents to several dollars. You might transcribe receipts or correct grammar in a document. You get paid after the job creator approves your work. You can get Amazon
credit for the work you do.
8. Take Surveys
There are many legitimate survey websites where you can earn points and redeem them for gift cards. Some options include MyPoints, SwagBucks and Global Test Market. Some of the gift cards you can get with your points include
Amazon, PayPal and Target.
9. Build a Blog and Set Up Affiliate Links
Although it will take a while to generate a significant amount of money by building a blog, many people have had so much success, they make a comfortable living from it. If you have a niche area of knowledge, such as how to
repair spinning wheels or how to clean unusual or antique items, you could earn a good sum this way. You’ll need to learn SEO and other marketing techniques.

Do you know of any other ways to earn some extra cash online?

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  1. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing x

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