Branding For Bloggers

Branding For Bloggers


Many bloggers don’t think much about their brand, thinking of branding as something that businesses need, not micro-influencers. Actually, brand is very important for growing your blog. A strong personal brand can help you to gain authority in your niche, seem more professional, and showcase your personality. Here are some simple branding tips for bloggers….

Branding For Bloggers

The first stage of building a personal brand for your blog is to figure out what your unique style is. This will be the defining point of your brand, whether you’re creating Instagram images, or creating invoices with document template software like Crafting a unique style is a gradual process, and will take some time. 

However, once you’ve developed a style for your content, you should avoid moving away from it as much as possible. Take your time to work out what works best for you to make sure it really reflects who you are. 

Personality Attributes

Make a list of attributes that you personally identify with and want to incorporate into your blog. Your personality should shine through your content. If you try to portray yourself as someone that you’re not, or you’re sharing values that you don’t actually relate to, you’ll struggle to keep this up. Your audience isn’t stupid, and they will notice if you try to fake or copy someone else’s style.

Replicate Style, Vocabulary, And Formatting Style

Take a look at what the most popular post is on your blog, and try to find out what makes it stand out. Pay particular attention to the theme of the blog post and the writing style. Does the content come across as funny, emotional, or intellectual? 

By studying your most successful content, you can then try to replicate the style across all of your channels. Use the same tone for the content you create in the future. Pay attention to aspects like the vocabulary you use, punctuation, and the formatting style. Keep this as uniform as you can across different posts. This helps your audience to associate the style with you and your brand image can start to build. 

Images Are Important

The images that you use, whether to accompany your blog posts or the images you post on social media, are just as important as the text parts of your blog. Take your time to choose the images you want to use carefully. Make sure they fit the theme and style of the content. Where possible, take your own photos, and make sure that they are high quality. If you can’t, and have to use stock photography occasionally, make sure you choose images that don’t look too ‘stock’. Select ones that fit well with your brand, look genuine and use them sparingly. 

Branding for bloggers is very important, as it helps your audience to build a connection with you. Use your brand to show who you are, and why people should be reading your content over everyone else’s on the internet.

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