6 Top Tips to Save Money on Your Teen’s Birthday

6 Top Tips to Save Money on Your Teen’s Birthday


As your child gets older, you are likely to notice the cost of their birthday celebrations increasing. If you want to make your teen’s birthday special without breaking the bank, here are some top tips for budget birthday parties and gifts that your teenager will love…

6 Top Tips to Save Money on Your Teen’s Birthday

Use Discount Codes

Although your child will not be begging you for the trendiest plastic toy anymore, presents for teenagers are notoriously expensive, especially if they are interested in gaming or the latest gadgets. If you want to surprise your teen with a new phone or laptop for less, but are reluctant to shop second-hand, you should use discount codes on your online purchases. In particular, Savoo offers Samsung discount codes, which can give you access to a range of deals, from free delivery to hundreds of pounds off your purchase.

Work with Your Teen

It is easy to waste money on your teen’s birthday if you buy them gifts that they do not want. To avoid expensive gifts heading straight for the bin, you should ask your teen to compile a list of one or two items that they want. This will help you to avoid buying them lots of costly gifts that they have no interest in.

Focus on Family and Friends

Now that your teenager is too old to beg you for a disco or themed birthday party, you should scrap the expensive celebrations that you invested in during their childhood. Instead, most teens will be happy with a simple celebration during which they can spend quality time with their family and friends. Arranging a picnic at the park, a sleepover, or a house party can be just as valuable to them as a nice meal at an expensive restaurant or a holiday abroad.

Set a Budget

Before you start planning your teen’s special day, the first thing that you should do is set a budget for their celebrations. This should include the cost of presents, party venues, food, and travel. By establishing what you can afford at an early stage, you will be able to host a celebration without worrying that it is going to drain your finances.

Purchase Gifts Throughout the Year

Buying the right gifts for teenagers can be extremely expensive, and if your teen has their sights set on an expensive games console or a new mobile phone, you should consider purchasing these gifts throughout the year. Although you might not be able to invest in the latest phone model too early, buying some of the gifts that your teen wants throughout the year will ensure that you can spread the cost and reduce the pressure on your finances.

Consider the Value of Experiences

If your teen is not interested in any particular gifts, you should consider gifting them an experience rather than an item. Not only will the memories from this experience last far longer than a mug or a new notepad, but it is also easy to find experiences that match your price range, such as attending a local event or going to a place or attraction that they have always wanted to visit.


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