How to Plan for Dog-Friendly Travel

How to Plan for Dog-Friendly Travel


Any holiday is always a welcome idea if you have the budget -after all, you have worked hard to earn it. You may want to take your furry friend with you, however, you may not know how to go about it. It will help if you prepare early to avoid any inconveniences during your getaway…

How to Plan for Dog-Friendly Travel

Here is a guide to help you find out how to make the necessary preparations

1)            Reserve A Place

Before you set out on your journey, checking your pet is allowed with a hotel is critical. It can be disheartening to reach your destination and find that the hotel you booked does not allow pets. Worse still is to go and find one that does but does not have proper provision for your pet.

You need to find places that are ideal for holidays with dogs before you set off travelling. A good option is one that offers cottages that are animal friendly. At the same time, it should provide you with the comforts you want. You and your pet want the best holiday possible after all!

When looking for a hotel, check out first if they can accommodate your dog or not. Some do, but they may have restrictions on the kind of breed you have. Check out the number of pets they allow and if you have to pay any extra.

2)            Talk To Your Vet

There may be vaccinations that your pet needs before travelling. Your pet may also suffer from various health issues related to travel. It is important you see a vet before your trip with your furry friend.

You will find out if your pet can go with you or not. You can also get remedies for illnesses such as diarrhea, restlessness, and carsickness and ask the vet to microchip your pet if it doesn’t have one yet.

You may find yourself in a crowd in an unfamiliar place and lose sight of your pet. A microchipped pet is easier to find than one without. 

3)            Get Your Pet Stuff Ready

Just like you, your pet needs various items for the journey. You will need to carry food, treats, any medication, plus any vitamins and supplements they are taking. Drinking water from home is also necessary.

Water and food bowls help you make it easy for your pet to feed. A bed for your pet to lie on and some toys to play with will be handy too. It is a good idea to have a picture of the pet in case it gets lost during the journey.

A first aid kit is a necessity as your pet may get injured during a walk, and you may be far away from a vet. Proof of all vaccinations that your vet administered is essential and any medical records. A leash, waste bag, a towel, and any other item you feel your pet needs should be in the bag.

4)            Be Mindful Of Others

Once you decide to take your pet on vacation, remember that not everyone loves cats or dogs. As such, keeping your furry friend on a lead will help to avoid scaring other people. When your friend litters, you need to clean up the mess and not leave it there. Follow any rules in places you visit so you can both have the best holiday!

I do hope these tips for dog-friendly travel help if you are planning a holiday with your furry pal!


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