Project 365 Week 17 20 – 26 April 2014 Poorly Ickle me :(


I have been quite poorly this week. It began on Sunday when I started having a little cough, and I felt a bit funny in my head. I did manage to try some dairy free chocolate buttons though, before I started feeling quite poorly.
When I went to bed, I was feeling poorly, hot, and my head felt all fuzzy. I didn’t sleep very well, I couldn’t get comfortable, and different parts of me hurt. I kept crying out, and mummy kept coming to me, soothing me, trying to make me comfortable.

Mummy started giving me medicine on Monday, and I felt better when I had it. We went to one of my favourite places Folly Farm, and I had a lovely day, the weather was warm and sunny, and I saw all my favourite animals and had a great time. Best of all was that I met George Pig! And saw Peppa, though I thought she was Mummy Pig because of the colour of her dress, but Lea said it wasn’t Mummy Pig because she wears mascara! Mummy was pleased, because she thought I was better. I still had a cough and a cold though.  
We went out for tea as it was so lovely and warm, but I didn’t feel like eating much.
I slept ok, mummy gave me more medicine.
I wasn’t too bad on Tuesday, mummy went to work in the morning and in the afternoon we met Nana. I was taking my medicine like a good boy. But Tuesday night, I felt so poorly, I didn’t want any medicine. I wouldn’t take it. Mummy managed to give me a little in a syringe, but it was quite stressful. For mummy and me. I was very upset. I was awake at 2.30 am crying, feeling awful, I was so hot, and felt so poorly. I was saying all kinds of funny things too, mummy says I was a bit delirious. I had a drink of water but I felt terrible. I did manage to go back to sleep eventually.

 Wednesday, I wouldn’t even have my weetabix, which I have every morning, and love. Mummy rang the doctors and took me there. The doctor said I have a virus. She put a funny thing in my ears, and in my mouth. It was horrible, I wasn’t very happy at all. Then I had to strip off! And the doctor put a cold thing on my chest and my back. All in all I was very grumpy. The doctor said mummy was doing everything right and to carry on. She said I just had to wait until it passed. Mummy took me for some lovely toast, hoping I’d eat some, which I did. I did not want medicine though. And I was very sleepy, poorly, quiet, floppy, mummy was quite worried. We met Granny Jane, and she said I had to take my medicine. I’m not sure why, but I let her give it to me. Within 20 minutes I felt so much better. We went for a walk, the weather had brightened up and it was nice, I slept again. I was much brighter after my sleep and mummy hoped the worst was over. We went home and I had some fruit for tea. I am not eating my usual vegetables or chicken or fish, I just don’t feel like it. I did have medicine at bedtime, but mummy and Lea had to pin me down to give it to me! 

Thursday I had my medicine, we were up early because I has an appointment at the dietician, that’s another story. I felt ok, not too bad, but my nose would just not stop running. And it was green now 🙁 sorry about telling you that! I had paracetamol at lunch time like a good boy. It was another lovely warm day and we went to Seaside Village for a little walk and a drink. Kath in my favourite cafe was really sorry that I was poorly, and she gave me a teacake to take home and toast, because they are my favourite, and even though I am poorly, I still ate some! As we left Seaside Village late afternoon, I started feeling really unwell. I felt so hot, and poorly, and I just sat in my car seat and drifted in and out of sleep. We got home, and I had a fruit pot for tea, then mummy gave me medicine at 6pm. My temperature was 38.8 I sat on mummy’s knee, and I was very floppy, and hot and I couldn’t stop my eyes rolling. I was shaking a bit, and my heart was beating very fast. I was breathing lightly too. Mummy was worried, and rang the doctor. It was 6.30pm and my temperature had not come down. The doctors had closed, and the only place mummy could take me was A&E at our main hospital. She rang daddy, who met us there. We took everything I might need too, in case I had to stay overnight. I was very quiet in the car, and although I was very pale, my eyes and cheeks were bright red and I was still burning hot.

In A&E, mummy told the lady all about me, and we went to wait in the children’s waiting room, which was quite nice. It was really cool in there, and  I started to feel a bit better. A nurse came out after nearly an hour and took my temperature, which was now 37.8. Mummy and daddy were very relieved. I was feeing much cooler, and better. We then saw the doctor, who checked me over, and she too said that I had a virus. She was a very young doctor, and didn’t check me as well as the first doctor yesterday.

We drove home, and I went straight to bed, but I woke at 12.30am very hot and delirious again. Mummy gave me some medicine, and cuddled me and gave me a drink of water. I fell back to sleep after a little while. I was very restless, I just couldn’t get comfortable. I woke again at 6am, and was very hot again. Mummy gave me more medicine, and a drink, and put me into bed with her. We fell asleep until mummy woke at 8.30am and I slept until 9.45am! 

Friday – I have felt a bit better today, having regular medicine, but although I ate my breakfast, I didn’t really want anything else all day. Mummy and Lea took me back to Folly Farm, hoping the animals would cheer me up, and I did like it there, but I still felt poorly. I didn’t even want much of my fruit pot or banana at lunch, but I did drink plenty of water, and I had a welsh cake in the afternoon! I was very upset going to bed, and kept waking up all though the night. I couldn’t get comfortable again, I was burning hot, restless, Mummy rang the out of hours doctor at 12.45am and was going to take me to the treatment centre at the hospital, but I fell asleep.  Even in mummy’s bed, I woke almost every hour, crying in pain but it was very windy and raining so mummy didn’t really want to take me out. Mummy gave me as much medicine as I could have. It was the worst night of my life so far 🙁

I woke Saturday morning at 6.45am  hot, upset, and really poorly. Mummy gave me medicine and rang the doctor again, who said to take me to our little hospital in the town. She rang daddy too who came straight over and bathed me and gave me breakfast whilst mummy got ready. We went and met the doctor who did everything to me again that the first doctor did, but, he told mummy that I had bronchilitis and an ear infection! No wonder I feel so poorly. I was given antibiotics, which mummy started giving me straight away. I was still up and down during the day, hot, grumpy, in pain, but hopefully now I will start to get better, and have a better nights sleep.

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  1. Awwww no little Ickle Pickle, I hope you start to feel better real soon and that pesky Bug disappears 🙂 #Project365

  2. The zoo looks great fun, not so to feeling poorly.

  3. Hope you are feeling much better now. Folly farm looked fun x

  4. goodness me!! I do hope your feeling so so much better soon!

  5. Aww, sorry you have been poorly and I hope that you’re feelinge better. Hurrah for meeting George and Peppa Pig though x

  6. Oh you have been through the wars and I bet Mummy is exhausted too. Hope you are on the mend now #365

  7. Aww I hope the little pickle is better soon!! #365

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