My big arrival


Two years ago, Mummy and I were preparing for my arrival.

You think it’s all about the Mummy, but it is actually a very big deal for me too!

I was big, filling all of Mummy’s available room in her tummy! Her bump was HUGE! Glorious, beautiful and HUGE! Mummy joked that her bump would go around corners before she did!

It is very hard to believe that I am nearly 2.

Mummy says…..

‘I kept a diary throughout my pregnancy, detailing how I felt, how you felt inside me, and I cannot believe it was two years ago.

I LOVED being pregnant with you. All my pregnancies and births were good (MeeMee’s was very scary mind,) but yours was extra special. Why?……’

Thursday 11 October

Mummy arrived at hospital at 9.45pm ish.

Mummy says ‘There was a lovely student midwife – Nicole – who met us and took us to a room. She monitored me, I stood up / sat on the edge of the bed. The babys heartbeat was fine – I was having regular pains the same as before, but minutes apart. (5 or less – some a little closer than others). They weren’t really showing on the monitor – I wondered why and what they were. Anwen, another midwife came in and suggested an examination to see what was what. Nicole examined me internally, and then asked Anwen to.



Thank God something was happening! I WAS having contractions. Anwen said I’d been in latent labour, because baby’s head was down, but slightly to one side and his chin was slightly up. He needed to move slightly to enable the contractions to fully work. She assured me he would move and suggested a ‘sweep’ which helps release prostaglandin and may be enough to move his head into the correct position. She said I could otherwise be in latent labour for ages longer. I agreed, the sweep was ok, a bit uncomfortable.

They moved me to a room next door with a bath and suggested I had a bath. Anwen said she was happy for me to deliver in the room rather than go to the labour suite. I walked into the other room – A4 – and saw a trolley outside with the delivery stuff on it! I was SOOOOOOO excited. SOOOOOO nervous. SOOOOOO ready to meet my baby son 🙂

Once in there, the contractions really set in and they put a Tens machine on me. It was 11.45pm ish.

I lasted about 10 minutes before I asked for gas and air. I couldn’t bear the pain any more. With the gas and air I felt more comfortable and although the pains were very strong and deep, I could manage. I felt better and relaxed into ‘The Zone’ I said to S, I can do this – I can manage the pain.

I remember getting into my nighty, and the midwives saying how beautiful my bump was!

Everything became blurry and surreal. I asked for relaxation CD on and throughout – from the first really strong pains – I practised the deepest breathing – 3,2,1 – relax, and I envisaged golden light breathing into my womb.

I had also visualised my cervix as a flower opening for a couple of days.

I breathed so deep and strong all the way through.

I had an urge to climb onto the bed and have the back of the bed upright. I leaned against this on my knees. I felt in control, and comfortable.
I went with each contraction, really tuned into my body. I was very ‘present’ but also in my own bubble. I had a strong contraction and my waters burst! I was kneeling in a pool of water. The midwife didn’t think they’d all gone, as there want much on the bed, but, they were gushing off the bed on the other side!! I had the strongest urge to push! It surprised me, and I was shocked that I felt it so soon. Anwen said she needed to examine me, but I’d have to turn around. I said no way! I felt I could not move, I had to totally trust my body. Anwen said if I got the urge to lush again, to go with it, and push. The contractions changed, and the overwhelming urge to push, my body taking over and just doing it. I’d forgotten the deep red-hot burning sensation, and I was thinking ‘oh god I forgot about this!’ And I had to push ‘past’ that – but not too forcefully, which is what I had done with Lea and Luke. I could really feel his head against me, gently pushing to come out. The midwife said ‘now pant’ and I said ‘like this? And did it!’
The next contraction, I was so in control, and panted and his head crowned, I could feel it. I felt so calm, and couldn’t believe he was nearly here.
‘One more push!’ I heard. I did, and out came his shoulders and body. HE WAS HERE! The relief when he cried was overwhelming! I couldn’t believe it! I heard him cry – straight away – I remember Luke taking what seemed like forever to cry.
I could hear S cutting the cord, and the midwives saying they’ll Kay him next to me – I was still on my knees, waiting for the placenta to be delivered. That happened OK, and after examination, I only needed 3 stitches! I looked down at my baby boy, (whilst still on my knees) and I kept asking over and over again ‘is he OK? Is he OK? Is he OK?’ I could NOT believe he was here. Safe, complete, perfect. The relief I felt was indescribable.’

kai after birth

Ickle Pickle at 8 minutes old!

I was on such a high, Anwen turned to Nicole and said ‘that was a text book birth!’ It was her first birth, and they couldn’t believe how in control I was throughout – nor could !

They asked if I wanted a drink, or toast, and I realised I was STARVING! So I had coffee and toast 20 minutes after giving birth. I couldn’t believe it, the birth was like ones I had seen on the TV! I was so grateful and thankful to have had the chance to give birth again, and experience it like this.

So, at 2.11am on 12 October 2012 Ickle Pickle entered into the world weighing 8lb 7.5 oz

His arrival completed me, my family and my life. I felt truly, that the missing piece of my jigsaw was here!


  1. what a beautiful story, and a perfect birth! You should be very proud of your mummy 🙂 xx

  2. Awww I do love a birth story. Bet you’re excited about the 2nd birthday! #magicmoments

  3. Such a beautiful post and wonderful to have that sense of fulfillment and completeness in your life, God knows why I had to go to 6 to feel the same! #MagicMoments

  4. Awww it all goes by so quickly doesn’t it. So lovely to read such a positive story x

  5. Lovely birth story! #magicmoments

  6. What a lovely post, it sounds like an amazing experience. Unfortunately I will never experience birth like this but I have a prince and a princess who decided to make their own special entrance ;0) #MagicMoments

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  8. What an amazing birth story; I love hearing about women’s births! Crazy to think he will be 4 in October!

  9. I love a positive birth story and sounds like a fabulous experience – nothing beats a cuppa and toast afterwards does it!
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