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How to Travel on a Budget


Mummy says…Wouldn’t you love to travel the world without breaking the bank? (Who wouldn’t!)  I love travelling and have some great tips that can help you travel on a budget anywhere, while saving huge amounts on commuting and living costs…

budget travel, travelling, top tips to travel

1. Rent Out Your Home (Partially)

If you are planning for a long trip, it might be a good idea to rent out a part of your home and make money while you travel. If you are worried about storage capacity to accommodate your belongings, you can always rent a storage facility cheaply and have your belongings moved there while you travel. This is a good idea to fund your travel expenses without spending a lot. This tip is from Denver storage units who operate a number of storage facilities. You can search for your local storage facility online.

2. Hostels vs. Hotels

The best way to travel on a budget is to eat, sleep, get around and basically live like locals. We often tend
to spend extravagantly while we’re traveling. Of course luxury hotel bed sheets, towels and facilities  are a treat but you don’t need to end up spending all your money on accommodation.

The first step to live like the locals is to stay in hostels, instead of booking a 5 star hotel room. Apart
from saving you money, it lets you experience the local culture as well. What you get to experience by staying in a hostel is definitely going to be worth it.  My eldest daughter found this when recently travelling around South East Asia.

Many hostels provide you with meals too, saving you even more on food. This means your spending on accommodation and food is minimal.

3. Book Ahead

I know that you can only book your hotels, trains and flight tickets once your holiday time is approved, but
this can negatively affect your budget, especially when you’re trying to travel on limited funds. So what can you do?

You can find amazing deals from travel agents online, saving you up to as much as three quarters of the brochure price. You can find these deals way in advance, or if you’re in luck, last minute. Keep looking for such deals at all times, but it is always wise to book tickets ahead of time as they usually end up cheaper.

To avoid guessing how much the meals in your trip might cost you, you can look at all inclusive packages and dining plans which can be great value.

4. Free Walking Tours

Travel costs within a city can take up a large amount of your budget. So why not limit them by taking free walking tours that you can easily find from your hostel or hotel, any travel agent, or simply by Googling the city walking tour map for your travel destination.

If there are no official walking tours you can always get a walking map and set off to explore yourself on foot.

5. Travel Off-Season

One of the best money-saving tips is to travel off season. You may believe that travelling during the peak season is the best thing, but you can make substantial savings by travelling off peak. How great to avoid jam packed flights and high priced accommodations and dining costs!

However, before you plan your off season trip, ensure that your travel destination has one! Going in extreme harsh weathers is not a good idea, as you may barely get to go out and enjoy your stay. Travelling off season can save you a lot of money on accommodation, activities and even commuting costs. The best part about travelling off season is no crowds!


travel on a budget

So you can experience the actual beauty of your travel destination without spending a small fortune.

Happy Travelling! Can you share any more tips to travel on a budget with me?


  1. These are amazing tips. Holiday costs can soon mount up and I think tourist passes are a great idea if you want to visit a few attractions
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…4 Awesome Places To Visit By Ferry From The UKMy Profile

  2. This is one of the hardest things to do, but yes I agree, if you book way in advance. You can get some really good deals. My wife is known amongst her friends as the bargain Queen. She always manages to find a good deal or two, especially when it comes to traveling and hotels etc.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  3. I so wish we could still travel off season but our daughter’s school terms now dictate our holiday times. So frustrating!!!
    AMY – All about a Mummy recently posted…Rock-a-Bye Baby: Ensuring Your Little One Gets the Best Night’s Sleep PossibleMy Profile

  4. We always try and book in advance to save the pennies!

  5. Fabulous tips! I have often thought about renting my house out when we go away – definitely need to look out for that. We try to save money by going out of season a little – when the kids are at school. We are lucky because Swedish school holidays are different to English so we make the most of that!

  6. The best tip is visiting off season…merchants are so glad to have your business that they will lower a lot of prices in some unexpected ways.

  7. Oh these really are fantastic tips. I’m not too great at the whole last minute thing though. I prefer to plan well in advance. I also wouldn’t rent out my home either… it’s just not for me.

  8. Booking ahead and staying at hostels rather than hotels can save so much money – when I went travelling we always stayed at hostels and they were so much cheaper x
    Amy recently posted…The Best Advent Calendars of 2017My Profile

  9. Love your tips here. My tip is to book as early as possible and shop around to get the best deals.

  10. Great advice! I spent 5 weeks in Austria, thankfully my company was paying for the accommodation, but I was determined to get a place with a kitchen so that I could cook for myself. I knew eating in restaurants every night would have been incredibly expensive

  11. Great tips. We always make use of free local walking tours (tipping generously of course) and love getting a local insight into a location or the history of a place. I like staying in air bnbs when we travel and we have really lucked out with the ones we’ve stayed in.

  12. These are great ideas, I love booking ahead and choosing between hotels and hostels which saves me money
    Anosa recently posted…Konifer Wooden WatchesMy Profile

  13. Great tips! Travelling off season is the only way we can afford to travel, it’s actually cheaper to pay the fine from school and go in term time!
    five little doves recently posted…PJ Masks Headquarters play setMy Profile

  14. When I was younger I always used to stay at hostels (I’d pay a little bit more for a private room with its own bathroom). Even now, I prefer to book budget hotels with good ratings and keep my money for sightseeing and shopping. Another trick I have is to always search online for discount vouchers to see if I can get money off any local tours, etc.

  15. All great ideas especially travelling out of season. Travel on a budget can defo be achieved. It just takes some planning
    Kerry Norris recently posted…The Kit and Kin Blogger EventMy Profile

  16. We always do a mixture of accommodation. We stayed in a cheap hostel in Copenhagen and it was one of the nicer places we stayed during our eurotrip. Travelling at night between places on night trains can be a great way of saving money too!

  17. These are great tips. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive to go on holiday during school holidays x
    Victoria Marden recently posted…Autumnal Mummy Outfit | OOTDMy Profile

  18. Fantastic travel tips! I tend to book air b&bs and hostels to save ££.

  19. Need to pass these ideas onto my neice -hopefully she’ll manage to travel more on her shoestring budget

  20. Some lovely ideas, we try to book out of season, we usually have cottage holidays with our three children, we find free days out like beaches nature reserves etc as well as a local theme park we also enjoy exploring the towns and historic places xxx

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