Safe Places to Travel to When Pregnant

5 Safe Places to Travel to When Pregnant


Mummy says… Choosing where to travel when pregnant presents issues you may not have thought have before. Some mothers-to- be will prefer to stay close to home; others will be happy to venture further afield, as long as they can have a comfortable holiday away from the stress of everyday life. No matter where you decide to visit, always ask your doctor for advice. Here are 5 safe places you could travel to when pregnant…

Safe Places to Travel to When Pregnant

1. Santorini, Greece
There are lots of picturesque places to choose from in Greece, with Santorini at the top of the list for its stunning sunsets — regarded as some of the best in the world — and the views across the caldera. There are plenty of beaches, but Kamári and Kouloúmbos are both worth a visit, with waterfronts to stroll along and clean waters to swim in.
You won’t have to go far to find food, with classic tavernas serving traditional Greek food dotted all around the island. Worried about what you can eat? The most popular cheeses, feta and halloumi, are pasteurised and therefore safe to consume if you’re pregnant. For more guidance, visit the NHS website, where you’ll find lists of foods you can and cannot eat.

2. Sedona, US
A spa break presents the ideal opportunity to relax, hide away from the world, and be waited
on hand and foot, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at the L’Auberge de Sedona in Arizona, US. Their spa offers a maternity massage for mothers-to- be who are past their first trimester and there’s even a babymoon package, which includes credit towards food and spa treatments, and a baby journal for your little one.

3. Lincoln, UK
If flying is out of the question (or you just don’t feel like getting on a plane) then why not take
a staycation in the UK? Lincoln is a thriving city with lots to see, but it’s close enough to the
countryside that you can still enjoy everything it has to offer, including gentle walks — the area in Lincolnshire is notably flat, which makes it much easier (and safer) to navigate when pregnant. (Not sure which rural spot to visit? The Lincolnshire Wolds are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Learn more about why it’s been awarded this distinction here.)

4. Gran Canaria, Spain
Boasting clean beaches and sunny weather, this Spanish island is the perfect choice for sunseekers (just don’t forget to wear SPF). The island also happens to be one of the best places in Europe to go stargazing, so head over to one of the observatories for a romantic night out.
And don’t worry if you want to fit in some exploring too — Gran Canaria has plenty of culture, including the Museo Néstor, where you’ll find exhibitions and galleries dedicated to the late local artist Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre, and the Botanical Gardens, home to 600 unique plants.

5. Cornwall, UK
Holidaysafe rave about the health benefits of a seaside getaway in their pregnancy travel guide, with heightened relaxation being number one on the list. And where better to enjoy the British seaside than Cornwall? The fresh air, scenery, and Cornish cream teas are an irresistible recipe for stress relief, which is especially important during pregnancy. Happy mum = happy baby.

Are there any other safe places to travel to when pregnant that you know of?



  1. Cornwell is a beautiful place to visit. It offers so many things and quite clam place to unwind.

  2. I second a lot of these, we actually live in the nottinghamshire / lincolnshire boarder and so spent a lot of my pregnancy walking around Lincoln, it’s very picturesque.

  3. I’m a big fan of Staycations and love Cornwall for a holiday in this country! So many stunning beaches to visit there 🙂
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  4. These are great suggestions. If I’m honest though, I’ve never liked the idea of flying when pregnant! But I’d love to visit Lincoln, and Cornwall is an amazing place for a holiday!

  5. I’ve wanted to visit Cornwall for the longest time, sounds super relaxing! Also gotta love be beach, Ive never thought of going to Lincoln before. It’s too far away from where I live x

  6. Great post. I love Cornwall. I went to Weymouth while heavily pregnant, that was fun! 😀

  7. We travelled to Washington DC and New York City when I was pregnant. My husband wouldn’t let me eat any street food though, lol.

  8. Cornwall is SUCH a beautiful place. I’m a huge fan of holidaying in the UK and I’d love to go back to Cornwall next time I’m pregnant!

  9. I preferred to play it safe and stay in the UK as I was an older mum. Never been to Lincoln though.

  10. This is a fab idea for a post! Sop many options – I think Cornwall is a great choice and has so much to see do x

  11. Oh this is such a helpful list and they are all such beautiful places!

  12. Great list! I love Cornwall, although I would prefer some sunshine I think and Greece is one of my favourite places!

  13. I have been to Spain and to Cyprus when I was pregnant. Being further away from the UK medical system did make me nervous but it was all ok.

  14. This is a really useful list! I was always so nervous to travel when pregnant. Totally agree about Sedona! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Santorini is top of travel bucket list, I am hoping to visit next year for my honeymoon. I never travelled when pregnant as I had high-risk pregnancies so I stayed close to home. x
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  16. I haven’t been to Cornwall since I was a child, but I do remember it being very quiet and tranquil!

  17. I’d say you can go to most places when pregnant, if you feel comfortable and you’re not too far gone to fly.

  18. How do you survive a long flight at 7 months pregnant? What do you suggest? My wife and I are going to a last trip before the baby comes.
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