Tips to help alleviate Homesickness

Tips to help alleviate Homesickness


Mummy says…Being a long way away from family is difficult, and feeling home sick is something that you can feel at any age. I know just how difficult distance can be as my daughter Lea went to University in London last September and we are both struggling. I have some tips which hopefully will help you to alleviate homesickness, whether you have just gone to university and are missing your family, or whether you are traveling the world with business and haven’t seen your children in a month….

Tips to help alleviate Homesickness

Jewellery and presents

It may seem a little materialistic, but having special items that were given to you by the people that you love will certainly start helping you to feel better. 

Imagine you are cosying up for bed, hundreds or thousands of miles away from your family. You miss them, especially your daughter. But you had bought one another matching bracelets before you left to pursue work abroad. You look down at your bracelet and are comforted in knowing that your daughter is wearing the same bracelet back home. Knowing that when she looks at it she thinks of you too.

Jewellery and presents can be a truly lovely way to give both you and your family a constant reminder that you are thinking of one another. From rings, halved friendship bracelets and necklaces to birth stones and anklets, you can find great comfort in the little mementos that contain meaning. So use a H Samuel discount code and invest in a little memento for you and your family members. They are sure to keep you and your family close, even when you are miles apart.

Facetime and phone calls

We are so lucky to live in an age where contacting one another, even from the other side of the world, can be done easily and instantly. If you are really missing your family then call them! Pop them on Facetime and chill out with them for the evening. My eldest daughter, Mimi’s boyfriend is currently in Edinburgh – hundreds of miles from her. Last weekend he ordered her dinner delivered to her home, and across Facetime they had dinner together then watched a movie. It wasn’t quite the same as being together, but it was certainly the next best thing

Keep busy and have fun

It can be really tricky to keep yourself from wallowing when you are far away from your family and missing them. Sometimes we do just need to cuddle up in bed with a big pot of ice cream. But make sure that you don’t spend too much time doing this! Try to stay a little busy with different enjoyable tasks. Whether it is work, exercise, meeting up with friends, or reading a good old book, keeping busy will help to keep your mind occupied.

Photos and Fun

If you are missing your family then a great way to feel a little more close to them again is by getting some photos up! This is especially effective if you are a student who has just left home for the first time. Filling your new room with photos of you and your family will help you to feel close to them as well as putting some familiarity into your surroundings. Get some nice frames or a proper photo board and really take the time to create something special. My Favourite Voucher Codes stock a range of voucher codes for online retailers, so saving money on photo frames and printing services is really easy too!

Plan in your next visit

Sometimes all it takes to fight off that homesickness is knowing that you will see your family again soon! Someone who is aware of, and working towards their next family reunion is a lot less likely to suffer from homesickness. So start looking through your diary and arranging dates. You could always invite your family up to see you too!

Keep a journal

Writing is known to be truly therapeutic. Many people find that writing a journal or a daily diary is a really great way to help you process, understand and find solutions to the way that you are feeling. Try keeping a daily log of your thought and feelings, I have been looking at mood trackers where you can create a colour code for how you are are feeling and make a note daily. Keeping a log like this will help you to alleviate and better understand your feelings.

Go back home

This may seem a little counter intuitive, but if you are really missing home then maybe you need to consider going back again. Going back to your family or moving closer to them is not a sign of weakness. And just knowing that you can always move home, or nearer to home can make you feel better able to cope.

There are so many things that you can do in order to help ease the feeling of missing your family. Whether you are away on business, visiting sick relatives for a prolonged period of time, or whether you are a student who has moved away from home for the first time, these tips should help to the homesickness that you may be feeling. Ultimately, you can always go home again, but try these tips to alleviate homesickness and give yourself time.

  You will see your family again before you know it, so hold tight!


  1. The first few months of uni I struggled because my missed home so much but before I knew it I had settled in with regular calls to my mum and weekly visits

  2. All so useful – surprising how much it can affect us all

  3. There are lots of great tips here – I remember when I left home for the first time it was really hard to begin with. There were a lot of tears and I so wish there had been FaceTime back then 🙂

  4. I have two sisters that live abroad, and think that FaceTime has been a real saviour – it makes such a difference

  5. These are great tips, I know my Mum missed me so much when I went to Uni. At least now there is facetime and free wi-fi calls so it is easier to stay in touch. Mich x
    michelle twin mum recently posted…When you have Nine Stone to Lose….My Profile

  6. Really useful tips! Being homesick can affect anyone, wherever you are. My sister is soon going to be moving far away and I know I’m going to miss her so much!

  7. We are actually fortunate to have technology nowadays that can help us communicate and connect with our loved ones immediately to avoid homesickness. These are awesome tips!

  8. Some great tips, I think we miss Kian more than he misses us though lOL

  9. Great post. Time also helps massively I find too, when I first moved away from my parents it was very hard but the more time went on and the more I was settled in my own space the easier it was

  10. Homesickness is really nasty sometimes… I do agree with Jewellery and presents! Small cuddly toys can be useful x

  11. It can be a struggle at first,but it does get easier xx

  12. This is something I am dreading, the advice you have given gives me comfort, our little birds need to fly the nest, and when they can successfully, we have done our job as parents.

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