University FREE Printable Checklist & Tips

University FREE Checklist & Tips


Pickle says….Three years ago we were busy planning for biggest sister MiMi to head off to Uni. She had been offered a place in Bristol following her A Level results. Mummy and MiMi had been to visit the campus, but not the accommodation, so had no idea what to expect. Here are some tips from Mummy to help you:

University FREE Printable Checklist & Tips

1. Check for financial help, bursaries, grants etc. there is so much help available. Your LEA will be able to help, as some are dependent on where you live.

2. Check for Facebook groups for the university and accommodation. Type in ‘YOUR UNI Freshers 2017’ in a Facebook search , and then another for your accommodation name. You should find the groups. PLEASE be sensible regarding safety – never give out personal info etc. but MiMi connected with a couple of her flat mates before she arrived, which helped with her nerves.

3. I would advise sharing the ‘halls’ or uni student accommodation for the first year – (they mean the same thing!) They are usually flats accommodating around 6 students. If your child has a boy/girlfriend, encourage them to live in different flats so they can each foster new friendships, and to provide support if the unthinkable happens and they split up.

first time at uni

4. Start buying a few non-perishable items now and look our for any special offers. We have a free downloadable printable University Checklist list of essentials for you – you can laminate it, and cross off as you go 🙂 It is plain and simple, so it won’t use all your printer ink!

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5. Buy a nice basket to make a Good Luck hamper – fill it with all the supplies – the basket can then be used as a laundry basket.

6. They will probably be allocated a room number before they arrive. This usually cannot be changed.

7. Must haves that are not included are a full length mirror, a clothes airer, clothes hangers and speakers.

8. You will have to pay a deposit of around £250.

MiMi says ‘Your room will be really bare so take posters, throws, fairy lights etc. to make it homely and cover the walls. (Be careful how you put them up, you cannot mark the walls).’

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We hope you find our University FREE checklist and tips helpful. Good Luck!

(Post updated 29 August 2017)


  1. Some great tips for those going off to university! I remember when I went! Was nerve racking initially
    Foz recently posted…Project 365 – Days 179 to 185My Profile

  2. Great tips – it seems ages away for us, but I’m sure it will sneak up on us before we know it!
    Sarah Ebner recently posted…Dos and Don’ts when going to Wimbledon: our trip to the tennisMy Profile

  3. This is perfect for us. Teen has a year to go, but I know it will fly by. I’m thinking of starting a bottom draw so it won’t come as so much of an expense xx
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…5 Tips For Starting A Freelance CareerMy Profile

  4. Fab tips. Eek, I have 8 years before this happens (if it happens). It is such a transition for all of you.
    Jen aka Muminthemadhouse recently posted…10 Tips for encouraging family mealtimesMy Profile

  5. Great tips, my oldest will be starting uni next year so I’ll save this until then 🙂
    Sonia recently posted…Gro-Clock GiveawayMy Profile

  6. Great tips !! My son is starting 6 th form thus year x
    Ninjacat recently posted…When Did you Read That Last Bedtime Story ?My Profile

  7. I love lists! There is always something you can overlook unless you are organised so this list will be very useful for parents who are seeing their chicks fly the nest!
    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill recently posted…How to Make Quick & Easy BuntingMy Profile

  8. What some great tips! There must be so much to remember when you are getting ready for uni!
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Win with Hello KittyMy Profile

  9. I remember how bare and depressing my uni room was when I started, I definitely second the posters and fairy lights, and fun duvets too.
    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure recently posted…Sleeping Like a Baby – Even in SummerMy Profile

  10. Great list and tips! I never went away to uni so I wouldn’t know where to start! I’d not gave thought about checking Facebook!
    Joanne recently posted…Preparing Your Child For Starting SchoolMy Profile

  11. Brilliant advice Kaz! Best of luck to your girl xx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Just when things couldn’t get any worse, they got MUCH betterMy Profile

  12. We’ll be needing this list next year, depending on offers and results of course. I’ve been going to Uni open days with my daughter over the last few months and I’ve been struck by how much better the accommodation is than when I was a student.
    Mums do travel recently posted…Family days out: Hever Castle, KentMy Profile

  13. This is a brilliant checklist, covers every necessity! Will pass this down to any family member once they start University. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

  14. Excellent tips there. I’ll pass it onto friends who are packing their offspring off soon. Thank you. #myfavouritepost

  15. This is so so handy to have, it is amazing how many things you need when off to Uni x
    Rachel recently posted…LookFantastic Beauty Box – JulyMy Profile

  16. I wish Facebook was around back in the day, when I was off to University. We just had to turn up and hope for the best! This is a very useful list for those heading off towards the best few years of their lives 🙂
    Mum’s Hideout recently posted…Smallprint Abu DhabiMy Profile

  17. How times have changed – there was definitely no Facebook when I went to uni, I didn’t even have an email address til my last year. It sounds like the dark ages! I can’t imagine the time coming for my little one to go to university, but it probably will, and times will have changed a lot again by then. Thanks for hosting #MyFavouritePost
    Ruth @Mummy and the Mexicans recently posted…Making mistakesMy Profile

  18. How useful, thanks. We still have a while yet but time goes by in a whirl. Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Dear So and So – I’m 1 in a Million!My Profile

  19. I have not been to uni and my elder two went straight into work, but the next one wants to go so these tips will come in handy
    Kara recently posted…Plain Lazy for Men, Women and ChildrenMy Profile

  20. Fab tips, and I imagine the checklists will be a good tool. Thanks for hosting #myfavouritepost
    Random Musings recently posted…Why I Blog AnonymouslyMy Profile

  21. Wish I had read this two years ago when my step-daughter went to Uni. She didn’t go up with much but when she came back in the Summer she had a house full! #MyFavouritePost
    Harry’s Honest Mummy recently posted…Magic Moments – 05/07/2015My Profile

  22. Won’t be needing these just yet, but super tips all the same x
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…A Brewers Fayre Birthday PartyMy Profile

  23. Fabulous list. I will pass this on x
    mama syder recently posted…Active Family Adventure With BerghausMy Profile

  24. What a big transition for you all. A great list for anyone with kids heading off to uni 🙂
    Charly Dove recently posted…What’s The Story? | 13th July 2015My Profile

  25. This is a really wonderful help list, it must be hard when your child takes the next step to independence.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Cooking with Coori at Food at 52My Profile

  26. Great list. I’ve got a few years yet but lists like this are always handy when the time comes

  27. My eldest is just starting his last year in upper 6th and we have this ahead of us next year, what a great selection of ideas for people like me who really have no idea whats ahead

  28. Great tips Going to save this for 3 years time … hopefully. It brings back many memories for me from 30 odd years ago. I used to love the poster sales in the Union where you could buy massive posters of bands etc really cheaply. I wonder do they still do that. Such an exciting time for her.

  29. Always great to have lists
    My neice will find this so useful

  30. Brilliant tips, super useful for anyone starting uni x
    Dena Jayne recently posted…Four Masks From Elizabeth Grant*.My Profile

  31. This is a really handy list! My nan & other family members always put together a little hamper of goodies when any of my cousins go to uni!
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  32. Facebook came after my uni days, what a bummer….

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