Happy 21st Birthday

Happy 21st Birthday


Mummy says…. Today, 16 July 2017, my eldest daughter celebrates her 21st Birthday. It has been a very emotional day for me, as she is literally the other side of the world in Thailand. I am writing this letter to wish her a Happy 21st Birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday

It doesn’t seem a minute since MiMi (Pickle has called her this since he could first talk!) turned 18 and not long ago that she was born.

MiMi entered the world by emergency c-section, after being two weeks past her original due date, and a full 24 hours of me being induced.

I was so relieved that she was here, safe and healthy. She was 7lb something (I am ashamed to say that I get the ounces mixed up between my three older children, as they were all 7lb something! Oooops!)

Happy 21st Birthday

MiMi, Lea, M (cousin) and Luke 2003

Anyway, here is my letter to MiMi:

Dearest, darling MiMi

You are the most incredible, beautiful human being and I am so proud to be your mum.

We are so very alike, and I know we can clash, but I love you more than you could ever know. You are my first born. My eldest daughter. The love of my life.

I have watched you bloom and grow over the last three years, since I wrote about you turning 18. You have just finished Uni, and have a 2:1 Degree in English Literature and Journalism. You clever, wonderful girl. A few months ago you were struggling, and I don’t think either of us thought you would see Uni through. But you did! You ploughed on, you worked super hard, and you did it!

You haven’t had the easiest few years – but I am SO proud of you and how you have kept going.

You have been travelling for the second time this year since early May, and we are all missing you so much. We talk about you all the time, and Pickle is saying every day how much he misses you.

We pick you up on Thursday from the airport – yay! I am counting the hours until I see you again. We will celebrate your birthday with the family, and I will cherish you being back with us for a while. We then have Camp Bestival to look forward to – you are coming with us this year, yay!

There is so much more I could say – but you know that as I say it to you all the time.

I love you MiMi, more than you will ever know. You light up the room when you walk in. You bring joy to everyone you meet, and the world is a more beautiful place for having you in it.

I hope you have had an awesome day celebrating your 21st birthday, I wish you were here – but then I am so happy to see you enjoying your travels and having the most amazing time.

Happy 21st Birthday my darling girl,

See you Thursday when I fear I may just squash you with hugs!

Mum x x x


  1. HAPPY birthday

    Hope all your dreams come true

  2. A big happy birthday to your daughter. I hope she had a lovely day.

    Ami xxx

  3. Happy birthday MiMi and congratulations for being a mum for 21 years! I hope you have a happy reunion on Thursday!
    Musings of a tired mummy…zzz… recently posted…Minky pegsMy Profile

  4. Happy Birthday MiMI hope you had a lovely time in Thailand.
    This is a really lovely letter.

  5. Happy 21st birthday to your daughter, its scary how quick they grow up, my son is 13 in September and it only seems like yesterday he was a newborn in my arms, my daughters are 5 next month and 4 months old and its flying by with them too xxx

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