Top Tips for Stress Free Flying

Top Tips for Stress Free Flying


Mummy says… I love flying ad recently flew from Gatwick Airport to Geneva, Switzerland. I was flying alone – as in without my children, which is very rare indeed! I got to thinking about travelling and have out together some top tips for stress free flying for you…

Top Tips for Stress Free Flying

  1. Book into the Aspire lounge at Gatwick Airport. It was a cool, peaceful lounge with hot pasta and soup dishes, a range of savoury and sweet snacks and a wide range of hot and cold drinks. It had its own toilets and really was an oasis of calm in a hectic, hot, noisy airport. Check your bank account / credit card as some offer this as a perk and you can have guests too.  It was the perfect relaxing start to my holiday.
  2. Use a Meet n Greet – I used Bubble, booked via FHR. They met me at the departures entrance, took the car and parked it for me – having it ready for my return when I called them after I have landed and collected my luggage. This was SO stress free, I can;t recommend a service like this enough.
  3. Check the weight of your suitcase at the airport. For £1 you can weigh your case at a machine so you know before you try and check your bag in whether you are within your limit. Hand luggage usually has no weight limit (only a strict size limit) so weighing your hold luggage can save the stress of guessing if you are over the limit.
  4. Check in online and print your boarding pass. Some airlines offer an app which you use as your boarding pass, and some airlines charge you if you do not check in online prior to arriving at the airport. I checked my own luggage in at the airport  with EasyJet using an automated system and it was the quickest check in I have had!
  5. Take a suitcase or bag on wheels as your hand luggage (making sure it is within the allowed sizes) – it is so much easier to move around instead of carrying it.
  6. Wait to buy drinks flight side as you will have to dispose of it before going through security.
  7. Head to your departure gate when boarding is announced, but wait until the queue to board has died down before joining to board the plane. You have your seat number so no need to scramble to get on! Be aware though that if the hand luggage lockers are full, you will have to put yours in the hold.
  8. Book a hotel near the airport for the night before you fly if you have a distance to travel to get to the airport. It only takes one accident or incident on the motorway to spark huge delays and soaring stress levels!

Are you jetting off anywhere in 2018? If so, I hope my top tips for stress free flying will help you.


  1. My Mam NEEDS to read this post. I will send her it right away!

  2. Great tips here. I always weigh my suitcase before I leave the house – can’t imagine leaving it until I got to the airport as I often over pack.

  3. I always check in online to save the hassle! And I also don’t understand the rush to board the plane when people have allocated seats. I get sometimes people want to get overhead space but it’s just not worth the hassle of queuing sometimes.

  4. Such good tips! I haven’t been on a plane since I was single digits but i’m definitely bookmarking this for hopeful future trips!

  5. What a fab selection of tips its always best to be prepared as possible for going away and especially for a flight (not like you can rock in when you want ha) we are boating it for our hols this year :0 x
    Lynne Harper recently posted…Healthier Spreads For KidsMy Profile

  6. These tips are really useful especially about the baggage and weighing it. I also carry spare photocopies of my passport and important travel documents.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Spicy Vegetable Soup ~ 5-2 DietMy Profile

  7. OOooh I am loving the sound of the Aspire Lounge and that Meet N Greet sounds great to me – who doesn’t want your luggage collected for you? Top tips!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  8. We are always careful to weigh out suitcases before we leave home because the charges for an overweight bag are ridiculous!!

  9. Great tips. I only get stress when I have my children with me

  10. Always good to keep in mind – can be a nightmare flying with my friend
    Nothing planned for this year

  11. As a family, we stress so much when travelling so these tip for sure are going to come in handy! 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, they are really useful! I always weigh my suitcase before leaving the house to save all the hassle! x
    Carissa |

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