Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Shopping for Maternity Clothes


Mummy says…You’re pregnant! Congratulations! You will want to keep looking amazing throughout your pregnancy and it can be tricky to find trendy, comfortable maternity clothes (All I seemed to find were stripes!) But fear not, you can find some pieces online, in department stores and even at discount outlets.
Here are some helpful tips for expectant mothers to dress during every season of your pregnancy:

Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Fashionable Footwear for Pregnant Women
Doctors routinely tell pregnant women that they should avoid wearing high heels or any other
footwear that could make them feel unbalanced. Carrying an extra stone or two may make you feel wobbly when walking on stilettos. Also, you don’t want to risk tripping over whilst wearing heels as you could end up putting the baby at risk. The good news is that there are other footwear choices for expectant mothers who want to look great during their pregnancies.

Wear a pair of patterned pregnancy tights with some trendy wedges to make your legs look longer
and stronger. Closed toe flat shoes will make your feet look smaller and more dainty along with
skirts of virtually any length.
Finding Accessories to Complement Your Maternity Wear
You can wear accessorise any outfit to look great  as many  pregnant women will tell you. If you are feeling fed up – especially in the early weeks, treat yourself to some gorgeous jewellery – it will also be a lovely reminder and keepsake of your pregnancy. I remember feeling this way as I hadn’t a proper bump yet, but was exhausted, nauseous and just felt fat. Treat yourself to some gorgeous jewellery – it will also be a lovely reminder and keepsake of your pregnancy.
Maternity Wear Staples 
Every month of your pregnancy your body expands as your baby grows. Choose the type of maternity wear staples that you can wear during your first and third trimesters with ease. Proper maternity jeans were an essential staple for me. You can find them on the high street in several shops with maternity departments and they are really worth paying for.
Tights especially for pregnant women are essential too as they  have extra room in the ‘bump’ region so they will fit well. They provide great support for tired legs too. You need to choose tights which fit correctly and compliment your style. If you’re struggling to find maternity tights that you feel comfortable in, try the pairs supplied by APM Fashion
Buy maternity tops so that your shirt extends well over the top of your trousers as your
stomach grows larger. Keeping a bunch of maternity staples on hand will allow you to change your look, always be comfortable and feel beautiful as you prepare to meet the new addition to your family.
No woman wants to look frumpy during her pregnancy, you should feel like a goddess on earth at this special time. Let me know if you have any other tips to share when shopping for maternity clothes.


  1. I loved wearing maternity clothes there’s so many pretty ones now!

  2. I didn’t quite buy maternity clothes for myself, but one of my friends gave me a few maternity dresses to wear in my last month.

  3. Glad maternity wear has moved on
    It’s certainly a time to bloom

  4. I’m so glad maternity wear is so much more fashionable now; I remember when my mum was pregnant with my youngest sibling and she always complained about the clothes haha!
    shelley recently posted…Designer Dupes – Yes or No?My Profile

  5. I love wearing maternity trousers! They were so comfy!! Basics were so important, then just add in some mix and matches
    Stephanie recently posted…Me and Mine – AugustMy Profile

  6. Great tips. For me it was to have a few essentials and also use accessories to make things look good

  7. Great tips, I found it really hard to find stuff I liked but maternity leggings were a bit of a lifesaver!
    Kate Williams recently posted…One month of packed lunch ideasMy Profile

  8. I didn’t buy designated maternity clothes for my two pregnancies instead I wore stretchy bodycon dresses or shirts and lots of leggings! Flats is also a must- my Nike air trainers served me a lot.

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