What Jeans are ideal for your Body Shape

What Jeans are ideal for your Body Shape


There is that one pair of jeans that we love to wear almost all the time because they fit us so well. These
jeans may be your guide to buying other jeans, as the measurements are spot on. However, if that is not an option, you can measure yourself to get the ideal size. In this guide, I will show you just how to do that….

What Jeans are ideal for your Body Shape

How Can You Take Your Measurements

Taking your measurements for a pair of jeans is simpler than you think –  all you need is your inseam size,
waist size, and length, starting from the groin area to the waistband. Another factor you could consider is the back pocket placement. Your jeans may come in the following styles: button fly, lace-ups, or zip. Include loops if you intend to use a belt.
For the summer season, you could choose sky-blue denim to complement other items in your summer wardrobe. If you are looking for a work-friendly pair of jeans to wear or jeans for the autumn and winter then black and dark blue are perfect options. You can also check out other jean designs and colours apart from the classics including those with animal prints,  or bottle greens and wine reds which are popular.

What Denim Type Matches My Body Shape?

Depending on your body shape, you should select an ideal denim type. If you have a pear shape, finding a pair of contoured-shaped jeans would be perfect, as it will help you deal with the problem of them fitting your hips and waist. Avoid straight denim and stick to those with additional curve options, as your hips and thighs will have the greatest width.
Another option would be to alter the jeans. Depending on your physique, you can make changes to any part of
the denim. For jean hemming, it is vital to keep the jean’s length in mind to avoid the denim becoming short.
Make sure you check out the washing instructions first. Each cloth has a unique setting. High-end jeans for women are preferably washed cold.


An ideal pair of jeans should mould your body, but also retain its stretch. With this type of fabric, it
can help to flatten your tummy and highlight your thighs and hips. There are so many options to select from, ranging from the contemporary designs to the classics – find the one that complements you the most. Check out tons of jeans from different brands. Also look out for cuts, shapes, sizes, hues, and washes. You can spice up your wardrobe by adding a pair of jeans that differs from the rest. Some styles worth considering include mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, dungarees, and high-waist jeans. When selecting a pair, make sure that they have no excessive space in the groin area. Trends are cool, but do not rely on them. High-waist jean may be the latest trend but they may not suit your body shape. I hope this has helped you choose what jeans are ideal for your body shape.

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