3 Tips for a New Parent Blogger

3 Tips for a New Parent Blogger


Mummy says…Maybe it’s to have a space to vent, a space to share new ideas and parenting strategies, a way to find and support fellow mums, or maybe it’s to help earn some additional income – whatever the reason, you may have decided to start a parenting blog…

3 Tips for a New Parent Blogger

Writing for the internet isn’t all fun and games. It can be a brutal world out there, whether it be due to the rude comments someone may make in response to a post, or the crazy hard competition you’ll have to get your blog “out there.”
If you’re new to the parent bloggers world, I have these three tips to help you survive and enjoy the blog ride:
1. Love what you write about

As blogging is a creative outlet, there isn’t any point in writing if you have no “creative” to give. You have to be passionate about what you’re writing about, otherwise, it will show in your posts.
Blogging is excellent for getting a chance to talk about whatever you like. Some mums even have more than one blog to showcase their different interests. The engagement with different topics is part of what makes blogging fun and being able to switch topics when one is less interesting to you is perfect for keeping the creativity flowing.
Also, take some time to recharge with non-blogging activities so that you have material to blog about. Your followers will want to know what you’ve been up to, so do something! This way you’ll have new content to share and discuss.
Also, realise that there are multiple phases of blogging. There’s excitement, disappointment, things like shiny object syndrome and fear of missing out. It’s easy to get distracted when blogging, and it’s easy to let the worry of missing out on something because you’re too busy blogging take over. It’s also easy to become disappointed when you’e very interested in something, but your followers don’t seem to share your
Take these stages in stride. As a new parent blogger, there is a lot to learn and enjoy about blogging.
2. Look into advertising

Although blogging has been promoted as a way to make money from home, you should realise that sometimes you may need to spend money before you can make money.
Look into things like advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), drivers of traffic to your
blog such as Pinterest, and affiliate advertising. Letting people know your blog exists is how you’ll earn followers, readers, and eventually, money. Using social media to self-promote or at least share your blog is a great way to advertise for little to no additional cost.
If you do decide to work with ads, make sure they aren’t interfering with your audience.
Your readers are much of the reason you have a blog, and you don’t want to ruin the blogger-reader relationship with over-marketing!
While advertising can do wonders for your blog and help you to start making money, sometimes it can be hard to spare funding for said advertising. Searching for a provider of the best online loans can help you source funding to advertise your blog and get you where you want to be.
3. Take time for you

Because blogging relies on your creativity, you have to make sure you’re taking steps to foster and maintain it.
When blogging isn’t as enjoyable as it usually is, it is a signal that it’s time for a break to recharge. You can either take a break altogether, blog less frequently, or perhaps employ some guest posters, so you don’t leave your followers hanging.
If you don’t have anything for right now, be patient and take a step back. There’s no harm in taking a break, so long as it doesn’t become a permanent thing. If you feel that you’re falling by the wayside, don’t be afraid to change it up. Perhaps managing more than one blog sounds like too much on an already full plate of being a mum. If your current content isn’t getting the response you wanted, and you just aren’t keeping interest personally, remember it’s your blog, so change it!
Also, remember not to berate yourself or play the comparison game. Every blogger and new mum are going to be at different stages. You might be having an off day while someone else is doing wonderfully. There are so many individual factors that affect each of us, and playing the comparison game is a sure way to become discouraged about your blog. Taking time for you means taking time to breathe, and not become overwhelmed with the amount of work you’re trying to take on.
Balancing being mum and work is challenging, but many a new parent blogger have found blogging to be a fulfilling activity. It’s a channel for creativity and a potentially profitable job that lets mums stay connected.


  1. Great tips! I definitely agree 100% with the first one. I was slowly growing tired of my old blog (Workoutwithdi), so I rebranded to include more things. I am much happier with my blog now.

  2. Love these tips! My blog is festival focused rather than parenting but the only reason I’ve kept it up this long is because I genuinely love writing about the subject!
    Jessi recently posted…Burnt Soul – Company SpotlightMy Profile

  3. These are great tips for those looking into parent blogging. It is so important to love what you write about

  4. I also tell new bloggers – self-host from the start. It’s worth the outlay for less hassle down the line, doubly so if you’re serious.

  5. I definitely think people should write about what they love, it really shows when people don’t care about what they’re writing about. xxx

  6. I think these are great tips and not just for parent bloggers but for all bloggers in general, I love these.

  7. I can’t imagine ever having the time or energy to run more than one blog. I honestly don’t know how some bloggers do it. I think you REALLY have to enjoy this to do it full time.

  8. I agree with all those tips, when I changed my blog direction it was hard at times to decide if I was going in the right direction but I’m glad I did open up to Mia on the blog as she is a huge part of my life now

  9. Great tips! I agree with every single one of them. Blogging has gotten harder lately, due to so many more bloggers now! Has it become trendy, I wonder!

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