5 Online Business Ideas for a SAHM

5 Online Business Ideas for a SAHM


Mummy says… I am very lucky to be a stay at home mum – and work from home too. I have always worked for myself since I was 21 in one way or another, and I can’t imagine it any other way. I am a full time blogger now and am always looking out for other online business ideas. I thought I would share some with you…

5 Online Business Ideas for a SAHM

So, looking online I have found some great ideas for online business ideas that are worth looking at. It goes without saying that you must check any company out if you are looking to freelance for them.

  1. Become a Blog Consultant. Have you come across some awesome tips that you could share, or are you a whizz on a specific aspect of blogging? Focusing on just one area that you have had success with will help to establish you as an expert in that.
  2. Become a Social Media manager. Do you love tweeting or are you an Instagram addict? You could help other businesses too. Try ones local to you who are looking to get a better presence online.
  3. Offer transcription services. Or copywriting services if you have the experience.
  4. Start an eBay business – go through your home and sort out anything you no longer need that you can sell.
  5. Work with Amazon – either as a seller in their market place, or by using their affiliate links in  your blog / website.

There are lots of other ideas and tips on this tech solutions website.

Planning ahead is the key to working from home, managing your time and being strict with yourself. Make yourself an office – in a spare room if you are lucky enough to have one, or at least find a corner to claim as your own working space. Keep everything you need for your business in that area, so much time can be wasted looking for something you urgently need.

Have you any other online business ideas for a SAHM? Are you a SAHM? How do you manage? I would love to hear your tips!



  1. The internet really has made a huge difference for SAHMs, there are so many opportunities to work for yourself from home. I agree with you that planning is absolutely vital – especially good time management!

  2. I think the internet has really changed things for mums who stay at home. Twenty years ago we’d all be office based, but the internet has given us so many opportunities. Great post.

  3. Interesting read

    Always love seeing how everyone uses such tools –
    Amazed at the power it yields

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