6 Ways to Chill Out

6 Ways to Chill Out


Mummy says…You’ve probably been there at one time or another. It’s Sunday afternoon, and, rarely, you’re alone at home. The children are out, the washing and ironing are done and here’s nothing to do; there’s nowhere to go. Maybe you’ve had a busy week so far, and you just want to get away from it all.
But, could you use that sliver of free time you have to chill out?…

6 Ways to Chill Out

Rather than sleep the day away, here are 6 ways to chill out:

Try a game you haven’t had the chance to play yet

Assuming you have a smartphone, why not try a fun mobile game you haven’t had the chance to play yet? Developers often intentionally design mobile games to be time- killers. From Candy Crush and Temple Run to Fruit Ninja, there’s a wealth of fun and addictive mobile games to pass the time with.
Puzzle games are a favourite for many. Puzzle games are also an especially great time-killer. They’re not only fun to play, but they become harder and harder over time.
There’s probably nothing that can get you more addicted than a challenge.
If you don’t have a preferred game to play, explore! Try out different ones and see which one you like.

Watch that movie everybody’s been raving about

Don’t you just hate it when seemingly everybody you know has seen a movie and you haven’t? Maybe you didn’t have the time, or you just weren’t interested. But now all of your friends have seen it and are raving about it non-stop. Why not just give into the peer pressure and see what all of the fuss is about? For just a few pounds, you’ll have a fun way to kill an hour or two. And now you can maybe join in whenever your friends start talking about the movie again!

Binge-watch that TV series you haven’t had time to get into yet

Netflix is truly awesome and has changed the way I watch TV with an awesome new show coings out every other week. Even if you’re a binge watcher, the episodes are bound to pile up.
But, now you’ve suddenly got some free time on your hands! Why not take the opportunity to binge-watch the last dozen or so episodes that you’ve missed? Grab a snack or two, lay back on the couch and relax!

Get adventurous, take risks

Can gambling be a healthy hobby? There are some people out there who will say yes, and there’s also plenty of people who will say no.
However, a hobby is all about having fun, enjoying yourself and being entertained. If
you’re able to gamble responsibly and focus on the fun and entertainment, then  gambling can be a perfectly healthy hobby. It is all about being responsible and never gambling more than you can afford to lose. I have had a dabble in a couple of casino’s on board cruise ships and have had so much fun! I figured that £20 was a fair amount to pay for some entertainment and fun, and I never bet any more than that.
It can be exciting and entertaining. If you live in New Zealand, for example, there is a wealth of New Zealand online casinos for you to try. Casino review websites like Casino i Norge are also a convenient way of finding the best possible experience for you.
Before you play here, however, you should make sure that you can play responsibly.
Getting into gambling with a relaxed attitude is often key to keeping it fun and healthy.

Try a challenging recipe

Have you ever seen a delicious-looking recipe online or in a book that you wanted to try yourself? A challenging recipe is not only an opportunity to make yourself a delicious meal. It’s also a chance to learn and practice your cooking. Oh, and let’s not forget – to show off your creation. A challenging recipe can cost you an hour and a half of preparation. Not only are you passing the time, however, but you’re preparing yourself dinner too. And, best of all, once you’re done, you’ll be left with a real sense of accomplishment.

Paint a picture

You may not be great at painting or drawing. But, you don’t have to be! Draw a picture
just for yourself. Nobody will judge your drawing ability. Maybe find a good photograph you took with your phone and try to copy it with pencil and paper.
This one isn’t just one of many ways to chill out. It’s a wonderful creative outlet. Drawing or painting can also soothe your nerves if you’re feeling anxious about work or an upcoming event.

Do you have any ways to chill out that you can add?

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