When is the best time to travel to Edinburgh?

When is the best time to travel to Edinburgh?


Edinburgh is renowned for its prestigious status as Scotland’s capital. This city hosts the annual Edinburgh Festival that showcases a variety of artistic talents, splendid street performances and rib-cracking comedy routines. Edinburgh is also home to beautiful attractions such as Arthur’s Seat and The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Both local and international tourists alike can enjoy a brilliant range of high-end restaurants, eye-catching architecture plus a vibrant Edinburgh nightlife.

When is the best time to travel to Edinburgh?

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Here are the 6 best times you should travel to Edinburgh:


  • When it’s least crowded


Every year, more than 4 million tourists visit Edinburgh to attend the various festivities held within the city all year long. Edinburg is popular for its monumental buildings, most notably the Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish Parliament Building. One of the best times to visit this beautiful city is during the least crowded months. Most people visit Edinburgh in January, July and September. However, the tourist population plummets from October and hits a record low during December. Ideally, December is the most ideal month to visit Edinburgh if you want to avoid crowds.


  • When your favourite events are taking place


Edinburgh is immensely popular with tourists, especially from March to August. During these peak touring months, visitors flock the city to attend exciting festivities such as the Scottish Motorcycle Show, the World Whisky Day and the Edinburgh Art Festival. If you enjoy such activities, it’s important to have a calendar that indicates all the events happening in Edinburgh throughout the year. That calendar will help you to plan out your Edinburgh tour accordingly. Fun festivities are bound to attract a plethora of visitors to Edinburgh, prompting a sharp increase in hotel booking prices. Therefore, ensure you book your hotel reservations early in advance to avoid getting overcharged.


  • When the weather is warm


Edinburgh is situated on the north-east coast of the United Kingdom. Temperatures there can get as chilly as 33.80F during the winter months of January and February. However, summers are usually warm but temperatures never get intensely hot. On average, the highs usually reach 190C (660F) during the months of July and August – these are the warmest months to visit Edinburgh. If you’re looking to catch a tan while enjoying the scintillating Edinburgh beaches, you should certainly visit the city around summertime.


  • When you are interested in sightseeing


Edinburgh has a variety of beautiful landmarks and natural attractions that provide a remarkable touring experience. These include the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Royal Botanic Garden and Edinburgh’s Science Center. If you’re interested in viewing these attractions, then you should time your Edinburgh visit between the months of May and September. During this period, daylight hours are longer and the weather is relatively pleasant for sightseeing. There are also fewer tourists to distract you during those months. If you love viewing nature up-close, you should certainly check out the Craiglockhart Nature Park as well as other popular parks in Edinburgh.


  • When you want to shop


Edinburgh is home to some unique shopping places such as the Stockbridge Market and the Diagon House. You can get incredible deals, discounts and bargains when you shop immediately after the holidays. Another perfect time to shop in Edinburgh is during the city’s biggest shopping day that takes place annually. Early summer and late spring are also amazing periods to shop in this culture-rich city. Before going for your shopping spree in Edinburgh, ensure that you have a succinct list of everything you require and where exactly to get it.


  • When the family wants a vacation


A break from normal routine can have wholesome benefits for the entire family. After all, a change is as good as a rest. Today, Edinburgh is one of the best family destinations around the world. There are numerous sites to visit and things to do in this wondrous city. Delightfully, a trip to Edinburgh won’t cost you an arm and a leg since hotel rates and travel packages are quite affordable. It’s not surprising to learn that Edinburgh is the second-best destination for overseas tourists in the United Kingdom.

To get the best experience from your Edinburgh trip, visit the city when it’s least crowded and the weather is pleasant. You should also consider your reason for the trip before heading out.

Have you visited Edinburgh?


  1. I love Edinburgh – Mid December is quite fun because there’s a great Christmas Market through till the New Year. I’d avoid August unless you WANT to be part of the festival – it’s one big street party for the whole month

  2. I am thinking about going up to Edinburgh in the May half term with the kids. It’s somewhere I have always wanted to go but never gotten around to it.

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