BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise

BABY born Surprise Bathtub Set Giveaway


When my big sister was little, she absolutely LOVED BABY born dolls and had several of them. BABY born has changed a little and we have the latest BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise set to show you – and you could win one for yourself!…

BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise

‘BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise (RRP £34.99) brings the fun of bath time and water play to the BABY born range. The full-sized doll comes wrapped in a hooded turquoise towel, inside her own pink bathtub, which will help children reveal more than 20 amazing surprises!

Splash a few drops of water onto the towel and discover what eye colour she has by gently wiping her eyelids. Then put baby into the bath and pour water over her head to watch her new hair colour show! Feed your Bathtub Surprise baby with water from her bottle and watch as her nappy changes to reveal a cute pattern, or a charm appears, which can be attached to the bracelet included. Plus, dissolve the duck in water to reveal a t-shirt for your doll! There’re so many exciting surprises to discover with BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise.’

BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise

The set comes with the doll, hooded towel, bathtub, bottle, nappy, T-Shirt and bracelet. No batteries are needed, all you need is some water!

BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise

You can win your very own BABY born Surprise Bathtub Surprise set worth £34.99- to enter, just answer the question below. You can also gain more entries for free via Rafflecopter below.

QUESTION – What was your favourite toy as a child?

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  1. i loved my sylvanian families x

  2. My favourite toy as a kid was my inflatable E.T. he was life-size and my best friend!

  3. Tiny tears doll that did a wee in the potty 🙂

  4. I loved my Baby Talk doll.

  5. I loved my Care Bears and had a new one given to me every time I was in hospital for being brave which I was a lot when I was young as I had Gromits every 6 months x
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  6. The Furby was my favourite!

  7. Prolly pocket we’re my favourite

  8. My dolls house

  9. i loved my care bears x

  10. Sindy dolls

  11. my dolls!

  12. A rag doll my mum made me.

  13. My Lego collection and my My Little Ponies. Still got them now 🙂 x

  14. I loved my Polly pocket sets as a child

  15. I love my mouse trap game

  16. I had a Tiny Tears doll, where i went the doll went as well

  17. I love my My Little Ponies!

  18. I loved my lego

  19. A doll my father bought me

  20. An emu puppet the same size as me, I terrorised everyone just like Rod Hull!

  21. A dolls’ house

  22. My Fisherprice Kitchen

  23. I loved to dress up my fashion dolls!

  24. i loved my polly pockets x

  25. It was a ragdoll, which I took everywhere, and I still have although a bit more raggy now

  26. I loved my Etch a Sketch – a budding Van Gough !!

  27. My yellow teapot house!

  28. I loved an second hand red painted metal tipper truck. I spent hours playing with it in the sandpit.

  29. I loved an second hand red painted metal tipper truck. I spent hours playing with it in the sandpit. I always wonder what happened to it.

  30. My favourite toy was a trike with an extra seat on the back, I took my little brother everywhere on it.

  31. My favourite toy was my Barbies and Barbie house

  32. Polly pocket

  33. I had a doll that I named Sally that I took everywhere with me!

  34. My my little ponies and castle.

  35. It was my lego, I loved it, wish I still had it!

  36. I used to love my Keepers, they were toys with shells that you could put things in. I am showing my age now haha

  37. My Polly Pocket

  38. I used to love my Barbie dolls x
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  39. My compendium games set

  40. My etch-a-sketch!

  41. I loved my Baby Born doll! She went with me everywhere and I loved buying nappies for her!

  42. A Baby Talk doll that talked, cried and moved. Was quite a big deal back then I suppose!

  43. I had a play school red boot that I liked to play with so much.

  44. I loved my playmobil

  45. My optimus prime transformer

  46. My dolls pram and my hardback books that I used to make houses with for my dolls!

  47. I loved my polly pockets -I wish I actually still had it

  48. I loved my big yellow teapot. It was amazing, I only wish I’d saved it for my little lady!!

  49. my cindy doll – the ballet one!

  50. I loved my girls world styling head, I loved playing with her hair and putting lipstick on her x

  51. My Barbies

  52. Sindy and barbie dolls.

  53. My Julip horses! My grandad made me an incredible stable for them, which I loved (still have)

  54. a teddie called big ted

  55. Barbie dolls.. had such a collection

  56. My favourite toy was my polly pockets that I have now passed down to my daughter who loves them too

  57. I adored my plush Pink Panther

  58. My Polly Pockets x

  59. would have to be my viewmaster and slides

  60. Has to be lego

  61. i loved my barbi dolls

  62. I had a teddy bear I called Sooty. I loved him so much that whenever he got dirty I would take all the stuffing out of him, wash the cover and re-stuff him. Each time I seemed to put less stuffing back in so he ended up about an eighth of his original size.

  63. My favourite Toy was my tiny tears doll and I still have it.

  64. Our box of Lego

  65. I loved Barbie x

  66. I loved the Rubix Cube as a kid.

  67. Sindy doll

  68. I loved my Caroline’s Home doll’s house xx

  69. Polly pockets were my fave toy as a child

  70. I had a red ride-along pedal car

  71. I was all about the original My Little Ponys, I had over 100!

  72. My musical teddy bear.

  73. My teddy bear

  74. I loved my pink and white teddy

  75. My pound puppy, I had the dalmation and it went everywhere with me

  76. I loved a ‘coffee making machine’ I had. It was quite a fancy one with drippign water and would try and make real, adult coffee if only it was real!

  77. I loved my Tiny Tears doll as a child, my 5 year old niece Olivia would love this fabulous prize

  78. Barbie dolls!

  79. My tiny tears doll!

  80. I loved my teddy bear called tommy

  81. I loved my Sindy doll. But I was more interested in books than toys

  82. Polly Pockets were my favourite toys as a child.

  83. My favourite toy as a child was my tressy doll

  84. Cabbage patch doll x

  85. I really liked my Gameboy
    Love a bit of Mario

  86. I loved my Barbie dolls.

  87. my favourite was my tiny tears doll

  88. A toy kitchen absolutely loved it

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