Sharing Your Travel Adventures

Sharing Your Travel Adventures


There’s nothing better than going on a travel adventure, especially one that’s a little longer than normal. But the longer we go, the more we miss the people back home — our friends and family, the ones who we wish were on our adventure with us. The good news is that you don’t have to feel like you’re too far away from them, not in this day and age when it has never been easier to stay in touch with loved ones back home….

Sharing Your Travel Adventures

It used to be that someone who travelled overseas would effectively be saying goodbye to their loved ones until they returned, which in itself wasn’t guaranteed. Be grateful you live in the 21st century. Below, we take a look at a few fun methods for sharing your travel adventures…

Video and Phone Calls

If you ever get too down about the state of the world, just remember that you’re able to do something that would seem incredible to virtually everyone else in history: you can talk to people as if they were standing right next to you. If you’re going overseas, make sure you have inclusive international phone calling as part of your phone package, or you can download Skype or other video calling software. You might be thousands of miles away from one another, but it won’t feel like it. 

Uploading Photos

The people in your life may not have been able to join you on your trip, but they can live through your vicariously, just by viewing your photos and videos. If you’ve got social media accounts, then look at uploading those all-important holiday snaps as you journey around the world (you can limit who sees the photos to your loved ones if you don’t want to annoy those distant friends). If you or your family don’t have Facebook, you can put the photos in the cloud. Take a look at how to use Dropbox on Mac before you go, and then share a link to the folder with your friends and family. Plus, you’ll travel safe in the knowledge that your travel photos are safe, so you’ll have them even if something happens to your device. 

Writing Your Story

Some people express themselves through photos or by talking; others do so by writing. Travelling is a great opportunity to put pen to paper and tell your story. On those long journeys, you can write and publish blog posts relating to your travel stories – or, if that’s too much hard work, then you simply write a long email. It allows you to go into great detail about everything that you’re seeing and doing on your trip. 

Send a Letter

If you’re looking for a more personal way to stay in touch, then why not look at writing a letter or postcard to your friends and family back home? It’s a much more enjoyable experience to receive a handwritten letter rather than an email or text. Plus, you’ll find that they’re more enjoyable to write, as well.

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