Car Care Tips for Safe Family Travel

Car Care Tips for Safe Family Travel


We live in a beautiful place in South West Wales, and we love travelling too. A car is absolutely essential for us. Our old Zafira died recently and thank goodness we were able to get a newer one. Mummy had to check everything was OK with our new car, and has some car care tips for safe family travel to share with you.

Car Care Tips for Safe Family Travel

Her top tips are:

  1. Check when your car’s MOT is due. Time flies and it is so easy to forget. Some garages will remind you by post, email or text when the date is coming up.
  2. Have your car regularly serviced -ours should be carried out every 10,000 miles. You can book car servicing in London & other areas from car service companies such as DAT TYRES with absolutely FREE online booking.
  3. Check your car tyres tread regularly. Get into the habit of checking say the last Sunday in the month, and pop a reminder into your phone.
  4. The same with the engine oil level, especially with older cars. Make sure you check after the car has been an a short run, but wait ten minutes for the oil level to settle.
  5. Air tyre pressure should be regularly checked and topped up of necessary. Most petrol stations have an air machine you can use. You usually have to pay for it though.
  6. Your monthly check should include all your car light bulbs too. The only way you may know if one is out is if your friendly local policeman stops you!
  7. Check and keep up to date some sort of breakdown cover. Prices vary hugely so shop around online. Put the phone number and policy number into your phone straight away.
  8. Check your child’s car seats and boosters are the right ones and that they are fitted properly.
  9. Always make sure every passenger has their seat belt on, every single time. Mummy’s friend’s son was almost killed in a car accident near his home because he didn’t have a seat belt on.
  10. If you plan on driving abroad check if there are any additional safety requirements. We know that France has.

We hope you find these car care tips for safe family travel useful, do you have any to add?

Thank you for reading!

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car care tips for safe family travel
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  1. Great safety tips, I think you’ve got everything covered here. Breakdown cover is a must have! x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Essential Items Which I Took On My Hawaiian Trek America TourMy Profile

  2. Fab tips! I am lucky to have married a mechanic, so hubby looks after that side of things.
    I always double check the kids seats before we start off anywhere, better to be safe than sorry x

  3. Great tips to keep us all moving in safety

  4. This is actually really important and something many people don’t give a thought to. We always check the day before a long journey.

  5. Very good set of tips. I’m pretty good at checking tyres and changing bulbs immediately but not always my oil levels. And I never drive off if someone hasn’t belted up!
    Cath – BattleMum recently posted…Dragon Hunting at Tretower Castle near CrickhowellMy Profile

  6. Brilliant tips! Everything you can do to keep you and your family safe should be done, right? 🙂 (not that I could do much of these, I’m useless)

  7. Checking the child seats is so important – and I will pull over as soon as is safe if our 4yo decides to try and escape his harness.

  8. Great tips! Looks like you have everything covered.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…Tail & TroubleMy Profile

  9. Thanks for useful tips:)

  10. We live in South Wales, we to are very cautious as we use our car a lot and have three beautiful children and you can never be to careful xxx

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