FREE Cultural Places to visit in London

FREE Cultural Places to visit in London


Culture can be referred to as the way of life for different groups of different people. And it’s important to teach your children about world cultures to help them appreciate the differences in people, their traditions and the way they do things. Keeping it fun and interesting will help to evoke their passion for learning! London is rich in culture, art, museums, landmarks and exhibitions – it’s the perfect destination for a cultural excursion with the family…

FREE Cultural Places to visit in London

Holland Park & Kyoto Garden 
Originally built to celebrate the 1992 Japan Festival; Kyoto Garden is a place of pure beauty. Right in the heart of Holland Park’s 22 acres, it is a tranquil, peaceful scene, perfect for reflection and relaxation. It’s also home to famous peacocks, a pond full of colourful koi carp and a tiered rock waterfall.
Kyoto Garden is the ultimate representative for the beauty of nature; almost every Japanese garden is symbolic of the natural landscape. This is an awe- inspiring insight into Japanese culture – the gardens reflect philosophical ideas and avoid artificial ornamentation.

Regent’s Canal Path
If it’s a fine day, take a stroll along the Regent’s Canal Path to Hackney. Here, you can admire the beautiful canal boats of Little Venice. Children love this serene scene, and you can take this as an opportunity to deliver an insight into the real Venice – few cities are quite as instantly recognisable.
Music plays an important part in Venetian history, and the people their hold this aspect of their culture in high regard. Mozart had significant ties with the city and it was also home to the world’s first public opera house. You could take the kids to see a West End musical in London, and remind them of the
Venetians’ love for music. The Merchant of Venice also attracted a lot of people to the city, so, should you be off to see a show, you can use Little Venice to introduce the kids to this classic Shakespearean play.

London’s many markets
London is home to several markets, all of which are free to explore! There are a ton of antiques on offer, stretching back centuries. And the rainbows of colour in the exotic, multicultural fabrics at boutique stalls are sure to grab the kids’ attention.
This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce the kids to new cuisines. Camden Market is home to hundreds of different food stalls, from Lebanese to Hungarian; what types of food would you find on a typical menu in Greece? How does German food taste? The Moroccan falafels that attracted huge attention in Shepherds Bush are also a must try! Plus, there are so many fantastic hotels in Shepherds Bush, it can make for the ideal place to stay while you’re in the city.

British Museum 
The British Museum offer scavenger hunts to kids and it’s a fantastic activity to get them to examine what is in front of them. The museum has a range of galleries including Roman Britain, Mexico, Ancient Iraq, Japan, Africa, Medieval Europe and much more. The arts and crafts and counting games on offer certainly help to keep it fun, though the artefacts on show are interesting enough all on their own!
The Islamic room will also offer a fascinating insight into different religions and how they have developed from the seventh century to the present day, stretching from West Africa through to Southeast Asia, and into Europe.

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  1. What some great ideas of places to visit in London which are free. It’s amazing how many places you can go there without having to spend much. The markets are always fun to look around.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…The Perfect Gift for Wildlife Lovers from BoxwildMy Profile

  2. I love London and there are so many free days out you can have, you have listed some great ideas x

  3. These are some really good ideas. We live in London and are always looking out for places that are free to visit as a family.

  4. We’re actually considering heading into London in the Easter holidays so will definitely check some of these out if we do go

  5. Kyoto garden looks amazing. London sure has some beautiful site you can enjoy for free. Love browsing the markets.

  6. This a great guide, especially when London can be so expensive. The British museum is fantastic.

  7. I’ve only really been to London once and when I was there I visited Camden Market, it really is amazing how many different types of food there are. Such a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

  8. I’ve done all of these visits myself and really enjoyed them! It’s so important to get out and about, exploring different cultures.

  9. We love London for all the amazing family friendly free place it has – love Regents Park and Hyfe Park and all the museums

    Laura x

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