Why and How to Choose A Real Christmas Tree


Mummy says…. Last year we had our first real Christmas Tree in years – and Pickle’s first ever real one. It was a stunner – nothing quite looks or smells like a real Christmas Tree. It can be tricky to know which tree to buy though, and how to look after it. I have some top tips to help you…

Why and How to Choose A Real Christmas Tree

First of all, which tree should you go for? These are three of the most popular, widely available varieties:

Norway Spruce:

Wonderful shape and lots of branches.

Lovely ‘Christmassy’ smell.

The perfect classic looking Christmas Tree.

Nordmann Fir:

Soft foliage and a nice even shape.

Glossy dark green needles.

Perfect for families with young children as needles are soft.

These are bigger trees needing more room. A 6ft tall tree will need around a 5ft wide space.

Lodgepole Pine:

Lovely and bushy with long needles.

The branches point upwards and have a real pine scent.

These trees have the best needle retention of all – perfect for longer celebrations!

Now you have picked your perfect real Christmas Tree, here are some tips to look after it and keep it looking it’s best:

  1. Buy a tree as freshly cut as possible from a local nursery or garden centre. Or cut your own if at all possible.
  2. Cut off at least 2.5 cm off the bottom of the trunk.
  3. Place your tree in a proper tree stand with water in the base.
  4. Stand your tree away from radiators and fires, dry and cool if possible.
  5. Water your tree regularly to keep the bottom of the trunk covered.

And did you know that real trees use 10 times fewer materials and less energy than artificial trees and they are completely biodegradable. For more information, pop over to www.nationalresourceswales.gov.uk

So do you have a real Christmas Tree?


  1. We never had a real tree growing up- i think purely because of the mess. I guess i am just used to faux trees now. I think i also like the shape of them better.

  2. I’ve had a norway spruce this year, it’s been so easy to manage!

  3. I’ve never have had a real tree before, it’s my goal next year! I think next year I’d go for Nordmann Fir, thanks for the guide! X
    Olivia recently posted…The best ways to cure a hangover during the holiday period! ADMy Profile

  4. I’ve never had a real Christmas tree, always opting for a good quality fake one but one year I’m sure I will x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Five Things – Week 95My Profile

  5. Do you know what I have never had a real Christmas tree but I can imagine that when I have my own place I would love to have a real tree of my own!

  6. I love the smell of a real tree but we’ve had an artificial one for a few years now.

  7. My Grandad had a real tree that lived in the garden all year and got bought back in every Christmas – it was huge though!

    C x

  8. Ohhh I envy you so much! I’ve always wanted a real Christmas tree. To be honest I never really thought about how to look after it, so I’m glad I saw this ahead of next year.

  9. I didn’t even know there were actually different names for them. I just always thought they were all Xmas trees lol! We got a real one this year and our little one enjoyed the process of choosing one.

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