A Family Christmas


I love Christmas, seeing all my family, having get togethers and spending lots of time snuggled up at home. We always have a family Christmas, we never go anywhere on Christmas Day, we have family come to visit us, and love opening our presents, having a delicious Christmas Dinner, and watching lots of fab TV.

There are some things that we could do with to help our Christmas go a little smoother this year, don’t get me wrong the most important part of Christmas is being with our family, but we can wish can’t we!?

a family christmas

We love our house, but it is a bit small, with not much room to spare! So when we have family for Christmas Dinner, it is a bit of a squash. Mummy would love a big new dining table, Danetti have some perfect ones. An extending one would be even better.

As we watch a lot of Christmas movies from now to Christmas, a lovely shiny new TV would be great. A lovely shiny 3D TV or Smart TV would keep big bro and sis happy too.

We could always do with more beds – bro and sis love having sleepovers, and MeeMee (and L) will be home at Christmas, so a really good, top quality air bed would be fab. And lots of fun 🙂

Mummy has always wanted a proper special Christmas Dinner Set – she has admired the Portmerion The Holly & The Ivy set for years.

a family christmas

Our Christmas Tree is on its last legs – it has lights built in, and most don’t work now, so a new one would be great. Mummy can’t decide whether to have a real one – the smell is so Christmassy, or buy a new artificial one.

What would help to make a family Christmas perfect for you?



  1. I love christmas too. I am so excited for this year but totally need more time to buy pressies x
    Miss Kitty Kaos recently posted…Cheeky Primark HaulMy Profile

  2. We have a very small lounge too, so we cannot fit family round a table, so a perfect christmas for us would be a small extension to our lounge. Otherwise though, just spending time with my family, and seeing my son happy and hopefully his eyes light up, that is really all the magic I need.

    Do you have any christmas traditions? We are still working on ours, so not quite figured them out yet.
    Katrina Chambers recently posted…The Secret Life of MY 4 year oldMy Profile

  3. I’d love for my mum and sisters to come back from Australia and spend Christmas at home. They’ve lived there 7 years now and have never come back at christmas x
    Kerry norris recently posted…A letter from Santa’s post officeMy Profile

  4. My house is too small for a real christmas tree, plus I don’t drive. If you have the room and transport have a real tree! I love Christmas and I do tend to go a little overboard with the decorations inside the house 🙂 x
    Claire recently posted…Delicious smoked salmon roll appetizersMy Profile

  5. We are having a real Christmas tree this year for the first time – can’t wait.
    Erica Price recently posted…Making His Cub Scout PromiseMy Profile

  6. Aw I love christmas! I have my christmas bedding that I can’t wait to get on my bed haha! We don’t have a real christmas tree so i have a christmas tree smelling candle instead to make up for it 🙂 x
    Sophie recently posted…Beauty | Benefit Advent Calendar 2015My Profile

  7. It will be just me and the mister this year, first time ever at home just the two of us which I am looking forward too x
    Rachel recently posted…Birchbox x Skinny DipMy Profile

  8. We had a big family christmas last year but sadly my older two won’t be with me this year, but we have fun with the little ones
    Kara recently posted…Dinovember is here!!My Profile

  9. Up until the point I moved to Ireland we always had real Christmas trees but we only put it up on 23rd December. Here we put it up as early as the beginning of December. It would have died by Christmas.
    Our kitchen is quite spacious but I do like to have a utility room store the washing horse to be honest. It would make the place look a lot tidier.
    Janine recently posted…Christmas Gift Guide for a 3 Year OldMy Profile

  10. Christmas is my favourite time of the year – I just love it!
    We are getting a new Christmas tree, as we have had ours for 10 years now, but the one I want is a bit too big. I would love a real one, but my cats would bring it down within seconds haha
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Blackberry Matcha Smoothie by DanniiMy Profile

  11. love christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year. What makes it perfect for me is being able to spend a good 2 weeks solid together with no work or school.
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Our Perfect Night InMy Profile

  12. We are lucky to have enough room for the family, I would love a new christmas tree though and would love a real one, as never had one before
    StressedMum recently posted…Snapfish Coaster ReviewMy Profile

  13. Just having my son home from uni. I miss him so much 🙂
    Hope you get what you wish for!
    mellissa williams recently posted…Top Things To Do In Palma, MallorcaMy Profile

  14. I love Christmas too. The whole shopping gets me in the mood.
    Stella recently posted…Beauty Muse: Christina MilianMy Profile

  15. I definitely need a bigger room and table, I love to have family over and we all squash in somehow but it would be nice to have more comfort x
    Cathy Glynn recently posted…Couples Gift Guide for ChristmasMy Profile

  16. Some more room would be great here lol – we seem to be running out (though I’m not sure Santa can bring us that hehe). x

  17. I used to love Christmas when I was younger but now it just seems like any other day. But then my memories of the last few Christmases have been bad, heres hoping this year is better and that you could all the items on your wishlist x

  18. I love Christmas! I prefer a real tree to an artificial one as they don’t need to be stored after the festive period. I collect Spode crockery and it always comes out on 1st December.

  19. I love Christmas and the best part of it (besides presents) is that I get to spend it with my family and friends!
    Andreea Samoila recently posted…7 must have things when you go on holidayMy Profile

  20. I love, love LOVE Christmas. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! 😀 I’m with you on the staying at home for Christmas Day. MIL comes over for Christmas Day, and on Boxing Day we go to my parents.
    A perfect Christmas day would be great TV, overdosing on good food, and lots of family fun and laughter. 🙂
    wendy recently posted…Should fireworks be banned? No, leave them alone.My Profile

  21. I love Christmas and I am getting so excited about the traditions we can make. I love real Christmas trees but we have avoided them whilst Boo is small. Maybe next year!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…Why do I hate toddler groups?My Profile

  22. I would love to have an unlimited budget to spend on decorations, lights and tableware! I love Christmas, it’s magical 🙂

  23. Ask anyone if you have spare tesco rewards and go and get a new tree, they have trees there…I got a great one for just £5 a few years back…although yours still looks like it has loads of time yet.
    Christmas is fun with a family… Hummm and stressful all at the same time lol!
    Renna recently posted…The Black Farmer – Easy Roast in the Bag Pork LoinMy Profile

  24. My parents are coming to us for Christmas dinner this year and I can’t wait! x

  25. The tree looks so pretty. We don’t have room for a tree, that and our cats would probably pull it to bits haha!
    Zara Lipstixx recently posted…Save on MakeupMy Profile

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