10 Things Mums should know about University


Mummy says….. ‘MeeMee, Pickle’s eldest sister is going into her second year of Uni and I thought I would share with you 5 things that mums should know about University. I have learnt these things over the last year, and if you are facing your child going to Uni for the first time, they may help.’

1. After the initial moving in, she will not want you near her accommodation. You are just not cool enough. Until moving out day that is.

2. No matter how excited she is, and eager to start her new life, she WILL get homesick. After a few days or, more than likely, a few weeks. Reassure her. Talk to her. Listen to her. It is normal. Do NOT go rushing up there.

3. Be prepared for periods of non-contact longer you have known before. You will learn that there is nothing wrong, she is just busy partying / shopping / sleeping – oh, and I almost forgot – possibly studying!

4. When she does answer the phone to you, it will be a rushed ‘I can’t really talk because it is dinner time / I have just come in / I am just going out. It is NOT you – there is just no ‘right’ time to call a very busy Uni student.

5. Don’t be shocked when you learn that the £9,000 a year fees only provide around 6 – 16 (if you are lucky!) hours of actual lectures a week.

6. Or when you need a small loan to buy the required books for the course.

7. Practice your totally unshocked face (and voice) for when she lets slip that one of her flat mates / friends / peers is addicted to prescribed drugs or takes legal highs or worse.

8. Resist the huge urge to yell ‘Well you better not be!’ She is your child. You have guided her this far. She knows right from wrong.

9. Let go. You gave her wings, now you have to let her fly. She is an adult now. She has adult lessons to learn. Let her learn them.

10. Take a deep breath when she spends her first grant / loan payment on MAC make up and clothes. Remember Number 9!

10 Things Mums should know about University

And make sure ….

1. You tell her you love her at least once a day. By text or email if need be.

2. She knows that you are always there for her. Always. No matter what.

3. You try – as much as you possibly can – to answer any calls from her. She has made time in her busy schedule to call you. The least you can do is drop everything to answer the call 😉

4. She knows that home is still her home.

5, She knows she can call you at any time to ask or talk about anything. Whatever she opens up to talk about, let her talk without jumping in and asking questions. She will then open up more to you.

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  1. Oh god, this made me well up. I can’t imagine being at this stage with my children, but then again, I remember not being able to imagine them as juniors in primary school and here we are! A lovely post, with great advice. Thank you for sharing x
    Kate ✚ recently posted…Corners of Meryn’s roomMy Profile

  2. A lovely post with some fab, honest advice. I think a lot of those points are such a shock for parents. It’s a very expensive time!! x
    kerry norris recently posted…A meltdown at Antenatal clinicMy Profile

  3. Lovely post. I never went to Uni so never put my mam through that, but I can imagine that most of those points would have been valid for me/my mam if I had gone.
    Leanne Cornelius recently posted…Teething EssentialsMy Profile

  4. The money thing … it’s a shocker, isn’t it? I did English Lit and you’re right about the cost of the books – luckily in Swansea they had a thriving second hand book shop where I managed to get most of them cheap as chips (more money for cider!).
    linda hobbis recently posted…Review: Brewers Fayre, Barry Island – A Real Family AffairMy Profile

  5. Awww, I can’t even imagine my three going off to uni yet! I’m only just over Miss E going off to school last year. Looking back at my own time at uni though, yep, this about sums it up. Makes me feel really bad on my own parents now! x
    Cardiff Mummy Says – Cathryn recently posted…This week we’re eating… home-made baked beansMy Profile

  6. Awww! Number 9 made me well up!
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Using Credit Cards WiselyMy Profile

  7. Great post. It must be so hard. I remember once I settled and was happy, I would ring home less. Oops. Great advice. It sounds like you’re doing a great job xxx
    Claire recently posted…Sensory Play at Haven HolidaysMy Profile

  8. Awww some great advice here. I can’t even imagine Boo going to school nevermind Uni but reading this brought back memories of when I went to Uni =)
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…Monthly Bucket List SeptemberMy Profile

  9. I love this. It will be us next year and I know my son will never call. He’ll be off on his merry sweet way and I will be crying into my pillow 🙁
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Getting Families Active With SoreenMy Profile

  10. I don’t have to worry about uni for at lest another 14 years at least but I like this post and it also scares me about what’s to come!
    Shareen HD recently posted…A Moment For HonestyMy Profile

  11. This post is amazing and so so true! I can’t say I know the perspective of a parent but I was definitely like this as a student. Though, I used to have 40 hours a week of lectures, so at least my tuition was worth it! haha xxx
    Sarah recently posted…Cont;nue – September 2015My Profile

  12. Oh no I don’t know if I’ll be able to act like a cool mum when my lady goes off to university, its a long way off now but I wonder how different things will be in the future for her!
    Eimear recently posted…Second child syndromeMy Profile

  13. I LOVE number eight and nine. They really warmed my heart. I hope one day that I’ll have the courage to trust I’ve raised my little one right. Gosh, what a privilege to have raised her that far that she’s going to second year. well done.
    Muuka recently posted…The first rung of school has been climbed – Hooray!My Profile

  14. oh my I can’t believe the costs, Mine boy just started school and that was hard so I can’t imagine how hard it is when they head off to Uni, buy your right, we have to let them experience things we can’t teach them
    SANDRA recently posted…CAMPO VIEJO TAPAS TRAILMy Profile

  15. Great blog post and even better advice. I never did go to Uni but I work with college students at work and when I hear about the costs… You sound like a great mum and it is nice to know even though your mum might not be close, she is always in your corner.

  16. This list is so accurate. yes I’m afraid all of student loans or grants are spent in topshop, I’ll put my hands up to that! X
    Alex recently posted…Swimming with KonfidenceMy Profile

  17. I am so glad the university days are a long long way away for me. I think I’m going to struggle with just nursery.

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