Win £75 via PayPal Open Worldwide

Win £75 via PayPal Open Worldwide

Win £75 via PayPal


We have another, fantastic competition for you, to Win a £75 via PayPal with us and fellow blogger friends  Zena’s Suitcase, and Sally Akins We love giving a little something back to our readers and are so pleased to have another competition for you….

Win £75 via PayPal Open Worldwide
We are holding this competition to celebrate anything you like! You can win £75 via PayPal and spend the money on whatever you want! With Christmas around the corner, it would be a great boost to your funds wouldn’t it?

Simply answer the question in the comments ‘What would you spend the money on?’ You can come back and gain more entries every day too.

The competition ends at midnight on 15 December 2017 so you have loads of time to enter.

The competition is open to entries Worldwide too!

So, what are you waiting for? Simply answer the question, and see below for other entry options.

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  1. I would buy some waterproof trousers to play golf in.

  2. I would put it towards gifts for Christmas

  3. I’d put it towards a DAB radio.

  4. I would spend it on Christmas presents for my nephews first Christmas

  5. Probably Christmas presents.

  6. Some wet weather gear for the winter

  7. My daughters 2nd birthday in November

  8. Some decent shoes. It won’t stop raining, mine are leaking and I’ll get trenchfoot at this rate!

  9. I would buy a new rug for my living room :)

  10. Presents for Christmas x

  11. I would buy something electrical with it.

  12. id buy some extra christmas goodies and maybe put the rest towards a new tree :)

  13. I would buy a new purse with it xxx

  14. Christmas presents – or maybe put it towards the Christmas food shop :o)

  15. I would buy my husband a better lawn mower as I find watching him mowing the lawn with his old one quite exhuasting :-)

  16. Put it towards Xmas gifts calendars

  17. Christmas presents

  18. I’d spend it on a Kindle for my mum, to make up for the recent closure of her local library.

  19. I’d buy a new camera

  20. Has to be a nice present for my brilliant partner

  21. A nice polo shirt

  22. id buy some new trainers for the gym, sooo needed

  23. I know it’s a bit dull but I wouldn’t spend it on anything – i would put it in our savings account – one day we will own our house but got to save hard to get there !

  24. Hi! I’d save it for next holidays. Thank you!
    Marta recently posted…Big Draw: Fiesta del Dibujo 2017My Profile

  25. Would put it towards the Christmas presents!

  26. Christmas gifts for the family xx

  27. lego for my boys x

  28. I’d put it towards having some really lovely food at Christmas :)

  29. I would buy my carer a warm winter coat

  30. I’d put the money towards a new phone, this one is scarily cracked & slow

  31. Buy extra christmas presents this year

  32. i would buy a new winter coat

  33. A Christmas present for my mum such as perfume

  34. An anniversary meal with my husband

  35. I would treat myself to some Emma Bridgewater pottery and some Christmas treats for my family

  36. I would buy some new accessories for our kitchen we are renovating at the moment

  37. I would buy a new rug for our hallway! We’ve only moved into our first home so have so much to get and do to make it more homely!

  38. I’d put it towards some lego for my little one :)

  39. Some treats for my family. Cushions for my living room is also on the list.

  40. I’d love to get some new winter boots

  41. We are struggling a little so i would put it in the christmas food fund x

  42. I’d finish my Christmas shopping.

  43. i’d put it towards christmas presents for my loved ones

  44. I would put it towards christmas shopping

  45. I would spend it to stock up on essentials including pet food.

  46. A waffle iron.

  47. christmas presents

  48. Christmas presents for the kids

  49. I would take my parents to dinner.

  50. I would put it towards a pottery course. Always been fascinated by ceramics and think it would be a good distraction from work. Also i would then have a supply of gifts for my family!

  51. It would help towards the massive cost of Christmas!

  52. I would pay for my 2nd hand wedding dress to be altered

  53. I would put it towards bills.

  54. I’d put it towards xmas

  55. New clothes – my son is outgrowing all of his!!

  56. I would get some toys for my Twins, they will be 2 in November. Thank you.

  57. I’d put it towards Christmas presents for the children

  58. I’d spend it on some nice home decor and maybe a few treats for Christmas!

  59. I’d put it towards Christmas presents

  60. It’s my little niece’s birthday in a couple of weeks, I would use the money to buy her a couple of extra special little gifts to make her day extra special

  61. The shoes my partner wants for Christmas

  62. A cordless drill for some upcoming DIY.

  63. I would buy my daughter some crafting things for Christmas.

  64. I’d put it towards a brand new mattress.

  65. some new home furnishings

  66. I would buy some new warm winter boots.

  67. A trip to London :)

  68. A nice new pair of running shoes!

  69. I would put it towards xmas

  70. the christmas food shop

  71. I would buy more books as I read a lot.

  72. some college exam books

  73. Christmas presents! Would have to be!

  74. I would save it for Christmas as it gets so expensive even if you try hard not to go overboard!

  75. xbox one games

  76. A spa day to destress. I’ve got loads of annual leave days left but can’t afford to do anything with them.

  77. I would put it towards Christmas presents.

  78. xmas presents i think!

  79. I’d go out with my family for a meal – happy days

  80. I would put it towards some furniture for my home :)

  81. I would buy a new food mixer – I have been inspired to try baking after watching #GBBO

  82. i will buy gifts for my family

  83. Some novels.

  84. I would buy some nesting dies for my crafting hobby, they can be expensive so this would be a wonderful treat for myself

  85. I’d buy a delicious bottle of scotch. Nothing quite like it.

  86. My daughter has one of those canvas wardrobes but it is on the verge of collapse so I’d put it towards a new wooden one.

  87. bits for christmas

  88. Would buy an Amazon Echo for my daughter.

  89. Christmas present’s my son wants new gaming headphones

  90. Christmas presents for my boys

  91. I’d spend it on my childrens christmas

  92. I’d spend it on Christmas presents :)

  93. A meal out with my partner

  94. Im getting a rabbit in the new year so i’d put it towards bits for it x

  95. I would spend it in the after Christmas sales as I shall be working long shifts at the hospital from next to 28 December so it would be great to put my feet up in 29 December and see just how far this fan prize could go.

  96. Something nice for my daughter’s birthday .Thank you for the chance

  97. it would help with xmas and my daughters 18th birthday

  98. I would have a day trip to London and take in a concert

  99. I’d put it towards a much needed new laptop

  100. i would give it to my daughter to help with uni

  101. I would spend it on party shoes for my children

  102. This would go towards xbox games for my son :)

  103. I would put it towards a new fridge freezer

  104. Put it towards Christmas

  105. I would put the money towards Christmas.

  106. My daughter wants to go to Chester Zoo, so I would buy a family ticket, thank you x

  107. Christmas presents

  108. I would use it to but some gcse revision books for my daughter

  109. I would probably put it towards Christmas presents

  110. I’d buy some jigsaws for my mum.

  111. Myself for a change maybe towards a nice pamper day

  112. I would be totally selfish for a change & buy myself some Channel no 5

  113. I would spend the money on a new passport so I could go and see the world! (Or at least visit Europe).

  114. I’d keep it for holiday spending money!

  115. A new portable hard drive for my computer

  116. i would buy some xmas presents

  117. A selection of books for Christmas presents for the family

  118. Christmas food probably, lovely to be able to get ready well in advance.

  119. I’d buy a new tablet!

  120. Probably put towards Christmas gifts

  121. a new coat

  122. A special day out for Xmas like a panto.

  123. I think I’d pay for a really nice meal out for all of us!

  124. Some snorkel gear for my upcoming Mexico holiday

  125. i would buy some books for my daughter

  126. xmas presents

  127. I’ve got my eye on a lovely Troop messenger bag.

  128. Christmas presents for sure.

  129. A bottle of perfume for Mum, for Christmas.

  130. i woul d put it towards xmas pressies

  131. A new hairdryer, been without one for 6 months.

  132. A new winter coat

  133. Some toys for my little boy for Christmas :)

  134. I would put it towards christmas

  135. I would spend it on movies!

  136. I’d spend it on Christmas presents for the family

  137. I would use it towards this kitchen bin… god I’m getting old

  138. I would purchase a Mobile phone from Ebay! Something for myself!

  139. If I was lucky enough to win the paypal money then I would buy a baby monitor, or put it towards one. I had an angel care one I ch was great with my daughter but i now I wish for another one for her baby brother as she will be moving into her own bedroom after Christmas
    Thankyouvery much for the kind offer, good luck everyone fingers crossed tightly

  140. I would spend the money on a birthday gift for my mom.

  141. I would use it towards my son’s school expenses.

  142. It would go towards my Christmas present fund!

  143. id love this to spend on my Christmas dinner food so I could get lots of lovely treats we wouldn’t have otherwise

  144. christmas presents for my daughter

  145. Christmas presents for the children! It would come in very handy!

  146. I would get some Avengers toys for the children

  147. I would use it to stock up on makeup and skincare!

  148. christmas presents for my little man :)

  149. i’d spend it on a weekend away before xmas to legoland

  150. Pet food and hiking socks

  151. I would buy a DAB Radio for the kitchen so i can listen to it while i’m cooking and ironing.

  152. Some new winter boots

  153. I love buying bargains on Ebay

  154. I’d probably try and be sensible and put it towards the rest of my Christmas shopping!

  155. Oh I’d be spending it towards a nice weekend away for my hubby and I. Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Light at the End of the Tunnel – We can Get Help! #aminumber5?My Profile

  156. I would put it towards my Christmas shopping

  157. I would buy something for our new nursery, as we are expecting our first little bundle of joy in the new year x

  158. A new vacuum cleaner, mine has a mind if it’s own and keeps cutting out!

  159. I would put the money towards my holiday to Disneyland

  160. I would treat mum mum to a much deserved night out.

  161. I would treat my family to a great meal at a restaurant.

  162. I would put it towards the last of the Christmas presents I need to buy

  163. I’d spend the money on my grandchildren
    . Who else lol

  164. I would put it towards Christmas presents :-)

  165. I would put in in my savings towards a bed & a mattress

  166. I would put it towards my saving fund for a TOMOS motor scooter that I have been saving for the last two years and maybe with the prize I will have enough to buy it in time to treat myself for Christmas.

  167. I would spend it on the imminent arrival of my first baby!

  168. I would love to put this towards a gift for my parents for them to have a little trip away after a difficult year.

  169. id treat my mummy x

  170. I would get lovely Christmas presents for my family

  171. I’d buy myself a new pair of shoes, that are actually practical for all the running around I do at xmas!!

  172. Some new books to read on the way to work

  173. I would put it towards a bean to cup coffee machine – a little bit of luxury.

  174. I would use this so we could buy our Christmas Dinner and treats especially for Christmas. I’d love us both to have fluffy pj’s and I would love some new cushions.

  175. Christmas pressies for my Mum :) her birthday is on Christmas Day so I always try to get something extra to make up for not having a birthday party

  176. Christmas presents for my kids

  177. I would buy a warm coat for the winter!

  178. id spemd it on books

  179. I would spend the money on presents for my 2 boys

  180. I would buy some Premium Bonds and hope to win a million!

  181. Christmas presents for my children

  182. Christmas presents – the big day looms ever closer!

  183. I would buy some lovely Christmas pressies for my family xx

  184. Lego for my girls! They both love cars :)

  185. A treat for my wife

  186. I’d spend the money on a day out with the family

  187. Probably Christmas and birthday presents for family members.

  188. I would buy some treat for upcoming birthdays

  189. I would buy some new bedding

  190. That would be extra LEGO-money!

  191. I’d probably spend part of it on Cath Kidston goodies and give the rest to family members to spend!! :)

  192. Christmas prezzies at this time of year.

  193. I would put it towards a new espresso machine because mine is on its last legs.

  194. Lego for my sons Christmas presents

  195. i would put it towards christmas

  196. Christmas presents

  197. Definitely christmas pressies!

  198. Some Christmas presents

  199. I would spend the money on clothes and toys for my son!

  200. It would definitely go towards our wedding!

  201. It would probably go towards Christmas – food and possibly gifts

  202. id put it towards my sons birthday <3

  203. Christmas presents

  204. I would spend it on a photoshoot for my baby who is due on 04 Dec :)

  205. I would buy a coat and some rainboots, as well.

  206. Some soft furnishings

  207. i would spend it on grocery

  208. Some supplies for university. I need new stationary

  209. Christmas presents.

  210. I would spend it on board games for the family to enjoy on family game night.

  211. I would spend on presents of course

  212. I would spend it on Christmas

  213. Presents for my kids!

  214. I need some new cosy pyjamas for winter! And some Christmas treats :)

  215. LEGO for my children.they are obsessed with it

  216. Id buy a Christmas yankee candle

  217. Birthday presents for my son and mother.

  218. I’d use it to buy my daughter & son something new to wear for their schools Christmas party

  219. An echo dot

  220. I would spend it on giving my NHS work colleagues a mini Christmas party

  221. Fantastic prize :) it would go towards a joint family present for my munchkins, board games or something we can all enjoy together x

  222. I’d buy some new lighting for the bedroom and a bathroom cabinet. Not super exciting but very necessary right now! ^_^
    Angela Kate Webster | Cosmic Kick recently posted…Life Update: When Anxiety Goes TurboMy Profile

  223. Christmas! It would go towards the food bill as most gifts already bought!

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