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November 26, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Little Big Foot

I was recently asked to review a new app called Little Big Foot. It is a free app, and I watched it on Mummy’s iPad.

It is a gentle story about Little Big Foot leaving home and exploring the big city.

A lovely voice reads the story to you, whilst you look at the pictures, which are very pastel type colours for most of the story. Gentle music plays in the background.

I turned the pages by clicking in the corner, and I liked doing that! I liked being like a ‘big boy’ next to my brother!

Mummy found that you can turn the music on and off, as well as the words at the bottom of the screen, and the voice. I like Mummy reading it to me, with the music on and the voice and the words on the screen off.

little big foot

It is a nice idea having a picture book on Mummy’s iPad, that will grow with me, as when I am older, i will be able to read it for myself.

The app is for tots under 5 years old, but at just 2, I think I may be a little bit young, I did lose interest after a while, although it did keep me quiet and still for a little time!

This lovely app is FREE! and well worth downloading. You can do so here.

House of Fraser Pyjama Party

November 25, 2014 by Ickle Pickle | 8 Comments

The lovely House of Fraser have recently sent me the most gorgeous Pyjamas and Dressing Gown, as well as a copy of the fab Despicable Me 2.

My Pyjamas are Grumpy Monsters in the city, they are soft and comfy and covered in little monsters. They are £21 and the sizes are 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. I had the 2 years, and I am just two. They fit great, but there is not much growing room.

My dressing gown is the Monster Hooded one, this is my first dressing gown, and I LOVE it! It is super-duper soft and snuggly. The hood is amazing with a monster face on it! It is also £21 and available in sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5 years. I had the 2 years and it fits me perfectly, roomy and room to grow, but not too big.

house of fraser pyjamas


house of fraser pyjama party


house of fraser dressing gown


I had a brilliant time watching the film with my family, in my new pyjamas and dressing gown. Now the weather has got colder, I wear them every night – Mummy does wash them of course, and they wash really well.

I am all set for this winter, I will be very snuggly and warm. Thank you House of Fraser :)


WooHoo Points

Top quality

Super soft and comfy

Super cute!

Waaaah Points 

The pyjama sizing is a bit tight – go for the next size up

Top price, but worth it for the cute factor!


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November 24, 2014
by Ickle Pickle
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Living Room Update

Mummy is wanting to update our living room, some things she likes, and are staying, but there are some new things she would like too. Our living room has to be a toddler friendly room for me, and my toys, but also be a lovely room for Mummy to relax, and enjoy with the rest of our family.

Our settees, Mummy loves. They are brown leather, and perfect for us. They don’t show the dirt and are easy to wipe and keep clean. They are five years old, but still look as good as new. Leather settees are something that actually look better the older they  get.

console tables

Mummy would love new carpet, a nice soft one. She has seen a lovely one at Online Carpets - living in West Wales there are not many carpet shops so it is nice to find an on line carpet company. She is also thinking of maybe having wooden flooring and getting a huge, fluffy rug like this one from The Rug Seller I would like that, a nice fluffy rug to lie on! Mummy is not sure if the wooden floor would feel a bit cold though, but it would be easy to clean.

living room

Mummy would also love new curtains, ours are quite dark, and a bit too long. These are perfect from Curtains and Blinds They would make the room seem much bigger.

Another thing Mummy would really like, is a console table at CookesFurniture, somewhere to safely put hot drinks, with a couple of draws maybe too, to keep keys and things like that safe. 

Something else Mummy loves are cushions, and this one from Etsy is gorgeous. I love pulling the cushions off the settees, and sitting on them on the floor!

I hope that Mummy gets her new living room, I think it would look great. Maybe Father Christmas might help!

November 22, 2014
by Ickle Pickle
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Project 365 Week 47 16-22 November 2014

Another project 365 week in the life of Ickle Pickle!

project 365

Sunday 16-11-14 My fab bedding on my new toddler bed! My first try in it. I am not yet sleeping in it though.

project 365

Monday 17-11-14 My big bro is practising and practising his drawing – he is really good!

project 365

Tuesday 18-11-14 We are enjoying lots of great products to review at the moment – this is one of them!

project 365

Wednesday 19-11-14 Cuddles with my big bro!

project 365

Thursday 20-11-14 My first Christmas Tree close up! I LOVED the baubles!

project 365

Friday 2-11-14 I love pretending to text and call!

project 365

Saturday 22-11-14 The highlight of our week – meeting MeeMee in Cardiff. It was SO good to see her!
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November 22, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Beside the Seaside


This is the village where Mummy grew up, we spend a lot of time here. The view is stunning, it always looks different. This time of the year, it is our village again, no holiday makers, just our little village. We go for a walk along the front, and around the harbour several times a week.

muddy puddle jumping

Here I am, jumping in some puddles with my cousin. I LOVE puddles – especially muddy ones, and I run towards them shouting ‘Muddy Puddles, I’m coming to get you!’ I haven’t been playing outside that much this week, it has got colder, and we have had a lot of rain. I have also been out with Mummy Christmas Shopping, and I’ve had an indoor play week instead! I can’t pass a puddle though without jumping in it!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

November 20, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Now I am two

As a lot of you probably know, I turned 2 last month, on 12 October.

I would like to share with you my day, and my favourite presents.

MeeMee  came home for the weekend (my biggest sister who is 18 and started at Bristol Uni in September). I was so excited to have her home, MeeMee carried me downstairs on the morning of my birthday.

I opened my presents, and was very excited!

Mummy had a family party planned for me at a lovely place called Greenala Barn, where there was lots of space for us all to be together.

2nd birthday

Me and MeeMee, with my Grandad, and with my cousin and Grandad :)

2nd birthday

2nd birthday

2nd birthday

2nd birthday

Me with my Aunty :)

2nd birthday

Granny Jane made my fantastic Peppa Pig cake, and bought the topper with my name on. You could eat it too!

2nd birthday

2nd birthday

All my presents!

My favourite ones are:

1. Peppa Pigs Muddy Puddles House. I LOVE Peppa Pig and all her family and friends.

2.My sand and water table. I sit and have my tea on it, I draw and colour on it, I pop all my little figures in the little cubby holes! I can’t wait for the summer to use it with sand and water!

3. My little Mikey and Sully from Monsters Inc. I love little figures.

4.My Wow tractor and trailer with Jethro the farmer

I had so many presents, and a brilliant day :)

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Also linking up to the fab www.vevivos.com #PoCoLo but I can’t add the badge at the mo!

November 19, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Women’s things

Something I hear a lot about in my house, as does my big brother is ‘women’s things’. Having two big sisters, and obviously my Mummy, it is something we hear A LOT!

My big sister is crying and upset – ‘Oh don’t worry, it’s only women’s things’

My Mummy is shouting a lot! – ‘It’s OK boys, its only women’s things!’

My biggest sister is very grumpy – ‘It’s that time again – you know, women’s things’

My biggest sister is away at University, so its Mummy’s and Lea’s ‘women’s things’ that we hear about now.

I don’t know very much about ‘women’s things’ at all, only that it makes Lea unhappy, grumpy, upset and very cross sometimes. (Mummy too, but this is more about Lea.) I wish I could make it better for them. Well, thank goodness, someone else can help!

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November 17, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Love my new shoes

I was recently sent some fantastic shoes from Happi Joey and I LOVE them! It is so great to see cute, trendy shoes for us boys, it is usually the girls who have them all!

They sent me their Little Tractor leather shoes which are grey with blue. They are made of soft, flexible NAPPA leather, and are for sale at £38.99

collage 2

I love the tractors on the side of the shoes, and I love the colours, they go with everything!

They looked a bit too big at first, but they fit me really well, and are very comfortable. Mummy printed off the measuring guide which was really easy to follow, to get the perfect fit for me. My feet were a size 6 – or a Lion on the measuring guide! How cool!

happi joey shoes

The shoes are excellent quality, and really well made. They are easy to put on, and take off, and feel so soft. The sole comes up around the toe, so it is hard to scuff them!

happi joey shoes

Thank you Happi Joey for these fab shoes, we love them! Mummy would never have bought shoes for me off the Internet before, but would definitely thin about it now.

WooHoo Points

Excellent quality

Loads of fab designs to choose from

Boys shoes just as fab as girls ones.

Waaaah Points

Really, I can’t think of any – only that the price of these is a little higher than many – but they are so cute they are totally worth it!

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