March 3, 2015
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My Favourite Place #6

Our linky hosted by me, Ickle Pickle and the lovely Zena from Zenas Suitcase is here again! Last week we had a fab number of you linking up, sharing the most amazing places with us!
This linky  #MyFavouritePlace is for you to link up any post, old or new, about your favourite place, anywhere in the world, or somewhere you would love to visit.
The linky is open every Tuesday morning at 7am until the following Monday evening at 7pm so you have plenty of time to link up!
Please follow these rules for this linky :)
1. Please link back to us, your hosts with a text link or the badge below to show your readers where the linky is hosted.
2. Please comment on mine and Zena’s posts each week, and at least 3 other posts to help the success of the linky.
3. Follow Ickle Pickle and Zena on Twitter, tag us and use the #MyFavouritePlace for us to RT.
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March 2, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Toddlers List for Bluestone

We are so looking forward to visiting Bluestone Wales again next week, it really is a fantastic place. Having been before, I now know what you mustn’t forget to bring! Here is list of what every toddler and baby visiting Bluestone needs!

bluestone wales

1. If you are still in a travel cot, you will need whatever bedding you usually have. All big beds are made up ready to sleep in, but there is no travel cot bedding.

2. If you use little tot cutlery you will need to bring it.

3. A note from my sister – there is no hair dryer so don’t forget yours!

4. Your swimming stuff – including towels to take to the Blue Lagoon.

5. Your wellies and waterproof coat / suit. It rains here. A lot! Which means only one thing – lots of muddy puddles!

Remember –

1. Towels are provided, but not swimming ones

2. There are a highchair, travel cot and stair gate in the lodge

3. Doggies cannot come (Sorry Bella!)

4. There is WiFi in every lodge!

5. Customer Services can message you via the TV with Park updates such as weather warnings or a change in opening hours, so watch for the little envelope on the screen

All this is included too!

Unlimited Blue Lagoon Entry (9am – 5pm daily)
Unlimited Adventure Centre Entry (10am – 6pm Daily)
(Includes Mini Golf, Ball Pool, Tunnels, Slides, Bouncy Castle)
Circus Zone under 5 free play time (Not available during Kingdom of the Elves)
Outdoor Play Area in Village
Wifi in lodges. Internet access port in Cottages and Studios (cables can be purchased on-site)
(suitable for general Internet browsing, some services and sites may be restricted)
Pembrokeshire Fresh Air
Free Range Fun
Nature Trails


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February 28, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Project 365 #9/52


Sunday – we had our Pancake Day today, as we were travelling back from Bristol last Tuesday. Yum! We were home mostly to be with Arabella.

Monday – Mother & Toddler at Heatherton, yay! We went home after to be with Arabella who is settling in well. She is so funny!


Tuesday – my day at Nanas while Mummy works. This is always the day Mummy forgets to take a photo! Cue me fast asleep photo!

Wednesday – LOVING my pup! We went to Milford Marina for a walk, it was such a lovely sunny day. Then, yep back to Bella!


Thursday – We went to see Susie, one of Mummys best friends, then cam home to Bella. She can run up the stairs, but can’t come down! (By the night, she could!)

Friday – We met Cath, another one of Mummys best friends, whose mum is in hospital having had a brain hemorrhage. Mummy was very sad for Cath – and her mum. At night, I fell out of Mummy’s bed, so Luke came in with me to keep me safe!


Saturday – met up with Nana and Grandad, and in the afternoon went to the local St Davids Market, Food and Craft fair. It was nice, and Mummy was going to get a #saundersfootselfie but it rained so hard and long that we didn’t! This is me, rocking my George Pig pyjamas and wellies!!
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February 27, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Are you worried about online bullying?

We have been supporting some campaigns to raise awareness about keeping children safe online, and Mummy agrees that most parents are extremely worried about online bullying and what their children can access online.

Us children are now using technology such as tablets and mobile phones from a young age. (I do have an iPad, but obviously I don’t go online!) As part of ongoing research a voucher code website​ has spoken to parents to find out their concerns over children using technology as part of their everyday lives. This has also featured on Tech Lounge. DSC_0603

The website wanted to find out how worried parents were about the technology in their children’s lives and see how worried they were about parenting issues which could come up. My Voucher Codes asked: “How would you rate the following parenting issues related to technology?” Rated from Not at all Worried, to Concerned, to Extremely Worried.

The results are –

  • Online bullying – 58% Extremely Worried
  • Accessing adult content  – 49% Extremely Worried
  • Sharing inappropriate images – 49% Extremely Worried
  • Grooming – 48% Concerned
  • Access to extremism – 44% Concerned
  • Addiction to social media – 57% Concerned
  • Effects on Education – 66% Concerned
  • Privacy – 55% Concerned
  • Effect on long term health – 49% Concerned
  • Running up huge bills. – 65% Not at all Worried


So how can you protect your children from these problems?

You can set parental controls on your internet hub to prevent anyone accessing unsuitable content.

You have to trust your children too, to tell you if anything is happening online that shouldn’t be.

It is also important to keep an eye on what your children are doing online and on social media as well as who is contacting them.

The internet is a wonderful amazing place though, where we can all learn so much, it’s just important to be aware of online safety.

Are you worried about your children being online? What do you do help keep them safe?


February 27, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Top Toddler Tips for having a new puppy

As you probably know, we have a new puppy, Arabella, who is 8 weeks old now. We have two cats too, but they are outside most of the time, I don’t really see them. So this is the first pet that I am spending a lot of time with. We are already best mates!


Here are my top toddler tips for having a new puppy….

1. She is NOT a cute cuddly toy. She is real. She can bite and scratch me.

2. I cannot give her my toys. Too small and she could choke. Too big and she will chew them leaving teeth marks!

3. There are times I have to leave her alone. When she is eating and when she needs a nap.

4. I should never be left alone with Arabella. Mummy never, ever leaves us alone together, as cute as Arabella is, and as gentle as I am, we should never be left alone together, just in case.

4. I have to sit up in my highchair when eating – even a snack, unless Arabella is in her cage, she might try and get my food and nip me.

5. I have to wash my hands after playing with her.

6. I can’t pick her up, only if Mummy or my big sister is there to help me hold her.

Arabella is lots of fun and makes me giggle. We are best friends, and are learning about each other. As long as Mummy teaches me to respect Arabella, (which she is) we will get along just fine and have many happy years together!


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February 26, 2015
by Ickle Pickle
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Karcher Window Vac

Mummy is always looking for gadgets to help make her life easier – to free up her time so she can spend it with me! So she was very excited to be sent the Window Vac from Karcher.

She has seen the adverts for it on the TV so was really keen to see how it works.

As well as an instruction booklet, there are really clear, easy to follow  instructions on the box…

karcher window vac

You get everything you need in the box, the vac itself, charger, spray bottle with micro fibre head and enough cleaning solution to fill the 250m spray bottle (when you add water to it).

karcher window vac

There is very little to put together, you just clip the vac head onto the vac, and clip the micro fibre head to the spray bottle. It is very easy and quick to get it ready. TIP You need to charge the vac fully before use, so make sure you do before you want to use it.

karcher window vac


The first thing Mummy wanted to try it on was the shower screen.

karcher window vac


It was really hard to show before and after shots of the screen, but Mummy was very pleased with the results. She wet the screen with water, then sprayed the cleaning solution onto the screen, left for a couple of minutes, then wiped the micro fibre head over the screen. Mummy then went over the screen with the Window Vac, which sucked up all the water from the screen, leaving it dry, streak free and clean!

karcher window vac


The Window Vac is the perfect size, not too big to hold comfortably, but big enough to clean easily. The water is emptied away through a little hole that has a rubber plug to undo easily.

Overall, we think the Karcher Window Vac is great, making Mummy’s life a little easier which can only be good!

Look out for another post to follow when Mummy tries the Window Vac on the windows (when the weather is a little better!)

You can read about the full features of this fab little machine, and what else it can do here.

Did you know it can also clean up spills, and you can use it on mirrors, car windows and car bodywork, and more.

The Window Vac W50 is RRP £59.99 and the W60 which is what we were sent, with the spray bottle, micro fibre head etc is £79.99

WooHoo Points

Really easy to use

Rechargeable so no wires or socket needed to use

Really works!

Waaaah Points

A bit pricey but SO good – worth the investment.

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We're going on an adventure

Meet Arabella (Our new puppy)

February 25, 2015 by Ickle Pickle | 10 Comments

On Friday, we picked up our beautiful puppy, and brought her home.

new puppy

I will be writing separately about what you should look out for before you choose a puppy, and what you need, but for now I am just so excited to tell you all about her.

We had a cat carrier that we took with us when we picked her up, she lived about 35 minutes from us.

The family that owned her are so lovely, I like them very much! I was very excited to see the puppies again, and couldn’t really believe that we were bringing one home!

Mummy had asked my brother and sisters to think of a name for her, and they all loved Bella. Mummy wasn’t completely sure, until she was reminded of a song by The Arctic Monkeys called Arabella – Mummy loved it! So, here is little Arabella – yes, we will call her Bella most of the time, but her official name is Arabella!

settling in day 1

We picked her up at about 2pm, and after a chat with Sue and her husband, we set off, not sure at all how Arabella would be. She cried for about half the journey, then settled, and fell asleep! No sickness, or accidents, which is what can happen on a puppies first journey in a car.

We have a lovely large cage for her (or crate as it is also called), and when we got in, Lea and Luke put it up, whilst Mummy and I let Arabella sniff around – we put puppy pads – they are instead of newspaper – for her to wee and poop on.

She is so very small and so cute! I am being very good and gentle with her. Mummy has said that I have to keep my ‘sheetys’ (comforters) up out of her way, and my little toys because we don’t want her choking or biting my things. I also know that she has very sharp little teeth and claws!

She was quite quiet, she did have a little play around, but she slept a lot. She drank water, but didn’t eat much at all. She did wee and poop – on her mats! Her cage is by the back door  in the kitchen, and there is a mat outside, and one in the lounge too. She uses both. She is such a good girl!

I go to bed at about 7pm and Mummy and the others go at 10 pm ish. Mummy popped Arabella in her crate, and made sure she was safe and secure. Here is what happened….

So Arabella had a brilliant first night! She was such a good girl! Look out for my other puppy posts coming soon. Have you ever had a puppy, and how was their first night?

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February 24, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Blog Giveaway #8

Happy Birthday ickle blog!

To celebrate its 1st Birthday, I have loads of fabby prizes to give away. I will be launching a giveaway regularly until they run out! Keep visiting for more details and giveaways.

blog giveaway


My 8th giveway is from the fab people over at who have offered a 4kg bag of Hills Balance Cat Food worth over £32! My cats have tried it and LOVED it, read what they thought here.

Treat your cats! Good Luck!
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