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December 19, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Diet: How it can influence your fertility



Mummy has been lucky enough to have four of us with no problems at all, but if you are trying for a baby and it is taking a little longer than you thought it would,  then have a look at this…
fertility diet photo

Lifestyle and diet can have a huge effect on fertility; therefore it’s important for both partners to consume a well-balanced diet prior to conception. Not only is a healthy diet crucial to fertility, but for the pregnancy that follows too. Read on to find out more.
You are what you eat
This well-known saying has some truth in it when it comes to pregnancy. How? What you eat affects everything in your body, from your blood to your cells, to your hormones. It is thought that you should allow three months to a year for dietary changes to take root so if you’re planning on having a baby, be sure to consume all the nutrients you need to conceive well in advance. Don’t worry if you’ve left it to last minute, it’s better late than never.
Alcohol is an enemy
Whilst it’s nice to enjoy the occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer, it’s not worth having ‘just the one’ drink when you’re pregnant as alcohol can harm a developing fetus, so why even risk having the odd drink when trying to conceive? Alcohol is unlikely to harm your chances of conceiving; however it’s wise to remain teetotal between ovulation and menstruation, just in case. Although it’s questionable that alcohol has an effect on fertility, some studies do display a slight link between drinking and difficulty in conceiving.
Caffeine could cut chances
Whether caffeine can affect fertility is a mystery, but why take the risk when there’s no absolute certainty that it doesn’t affect fertility. Whilst experts say that low to moderation caffeine consumption won’t prevent you from getting pregnant, if you’re struggling to conceive or are undergoing IVF treatment then you may want to avoid caffeine completely. Caffeine can hinder your body’s ability to absorb iron and calcium and if you’re trying to get pregnant, you need all the nutrients you can get.
An overload of refined carbs is no good
Refined carbohydrates including white bread, white pasta, and white rice may not directly lower your chances of getting pregnant but they will leave your body feeling short-changed. How? The refining process strips key nutrients from grains. These nutrients, which include antioxidants, B vitamins, and iron, are void in refined carbs and it is these nutrients that boost fertility. When trying to conceive, you should pack your diet with as many nutrient-rich foods as possible, so stay clear of refined carbs and embrace whole grains.

Eat your five a day
Fruits and vegetables are not only steeped in vitamins and minerals, they’re also overflowing with micronutrients that fight against free radicals. So what are free radicals? Harmful molecules that sneak into the body and can damage the ova, sperm, and reproductive organs. Be sure to eat plenty of Fruit and vegetables; the more vivid the hue, the more nutrient-packed the produce.
So there you have it, now you know how diet can influence your fertility. If you’re struggling to conceive, it’s worth looking at fertility treatments. The Bridge Centre is one of the UK’s leading fertility clinics, providing IVF and fertility treatments, as well as diagnosis and support.


December 16, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Milestones now I am two!

As you must know by now, I turned 2 on 12 October, and technically I am now 26 months old!

kai december 14

Here is what I am up to now!

*I am in size 6 nappies, potty training will commence after Christmas!

* I have my ‘big bed’ all ready – I will try it out over Christmas, I am not too sure about it!

*I had my Two Year check  couple of weeks ago, and I am an ‘advanced child’ (Health Visitors words) I draw little faces with eyes, nose and a mouth, which, is what 3 year olds are supposed to do!

kai drawing collage


I have been talking for months, everyone who hears me cannot believe how much I talk. I also sing! My favourites songs are:

When Santa got stuck up the chimney!

Firework by Katy Perry

Heal the World

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Merry Christmas Everyone by Slade

The Shakin Stevens Christmas song (we’re not sure what it is called!)

I love Peppa Pig, The Octnauts, animals (Baa is back on my list, but I now call him sheep!)

My favourite colour is black.

My favourite food is pasta and chocolate.

I eat cheese, fromage frais, cheesy pasta but I still drink a 6oz in the morning and 8oz at night Lactofree Milk.

I still have Weetabix or Ready Brek for breakfast, but love croissants, crumpets and choc au pain too!

On 5 November I went to my first Bonfire Night. I didn’t like the bangs.

I went to my first Toddler session with Mummy at Heatherton on 24 November.
I sang on the way –the song ‘A,B,C,D,E,F,G……H,I,J,K…L,M,N,O,P…..almost all the way through to the end.
I have been teething a lot, I still only have eight teeth – but the big ones are just under my gums. I have bottom front two, top front two, two at the back, on the top both sides, and two at the back, on the bottom, both sides. The top two either side of my front two are early through..
New recent foods are satsumas, baked cherries, tuna (I liked it this time, I had it months ago and didn’t like it!)
Some of the things I say are…
My mouth hurts (when I am teething)
I need the toilet – I am bursting!
My life is….complicated!
Don’t ignore me
Don’t you ever talk to me like that!

Because I talk so well, and am quite tall now, it is easy to forget that I am just 2!


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December 15, 2014
by Ickle Pickle
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A new bathroom from Santa?

I love our little house, it is cosy, comfy, warm and I love living here. My bro, sis and I had our bedrooms revamped in the Summer, but one room that could really do with a complete refurb is our bathroom. It is, well, compact, but big enough for us. I just wish Santa could bring us a new one….

bella bathrooms

Look at all the fab bathroom furniture we could have …

bella bathroom

How fab is the purple cabinet? Whilst Mummy would love a walk in shower, we haven’t the room, so we would love a new shower door and accessories too. There are so many to choose from.  The one thing Mummy would love is a vanity unit, to hide all our ‘stuff’ in! It would immediately de-clutter our bathroom and make it look bigger. There is a huge choice, and brilliant prices at Bella Bathrooms, with Price Match and free delivery on certain items, Mummy will definitely be taking another look if Santa doesn’t manage to bring us a new bathroom!

You can see that we need it!

December 14, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

CenterParcs Eve Box

We have had a huge treat, Mummy has made up a Christmas CenterParcs Eve Box!

centerparcs box

She was going to make up  a Christmas Eve one, but decided that we will make so much use of everything on our holiday, so renamed it, and gave it to us early!

Me and my bro had fab new pyjamas and new bobble hats, and my sisters had new onesies and a nail art set. We also had some games. some glowsticks and mini sparklers for when we go to see the fireworks at CenterParcs, and some chocolate too.


Mummy chose two Christmas DVD’s for us to watch as well. We were all so excited – especially as MeeMee came home on Saturday and is coming with us – yay!


So now we are all set for our most favourite holiday of the year! We are all packed, and ready to go! Look out for our posts this week :)


mummy daddy me

December 13, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Elf Escapades – Settling In

Hello there, welcome back to week 4 of our seasonal Linky!

Before we start we want to share some very serious advice, we’ve seen 3 separate facebook posts this week showing elf’s who have been hanging from lights and caught fire! Luckily nobody so far has been hurt but we wanted to be sure to spread the message to be very careful when planning your elf escapades! Stay safe and have fun.

As you know this linky is all about the tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Now if you haven’t heard of this tradition that’s taking the world by storm ( have you been living under a rock) let us enlighten you. Traditionally ‘Buddy’ is a Elf sent by Santa from the North Pole to watch over your children and report back to the big fella in red.
This idea originated from a book But while the house is sleeping he gets into all sorts of mischief. Now depending on your level of dedication this could involve, making breakfast and cakes or dancing with the other toys – well those Elves are here now – and have had a full week of ‘playtime’.

This week it’s all about the fun/mischief/good deeds – please share your Elf Escapades with us and show us the Elfantics they have been getting up to. Don’t forget to leave a comment for your hosts Clare, Ickle Pickle and Karen.

Please also try to comment on a few other posts if you can – you never know you may get some ideas for your Elf for next week.

Elf Escapades

December 13, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Our week with our guests!

elf on the shelf

elf on the shelf

elf on the shelf


kai christmas 2014

Well we have had a great week with Cookie and Rudolph, who have been having lots of fun!

We have had a really busy week, Lea was 15 on Wednesday and Luke went to the Harry Potter Experience in London, Mummy had to get up at 5.15am to take him to catch the bus!

I have been teething terribly, and not sleeping very well, and have been waking up crying in pain in the night. Mummy has popped me in bed with her, so she hasn’t sept very well either. We are all tired this week, so have been running late in the mornings. So, we haven’t got as many photos as we’d like.

But, I hope you like the ones we did take!

Elf Escapades

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Cleaning up for Christmas!

December 12, 2014 by Ickle Pickle | 10 Comments

We (well, Mummy) have been SO excited this week. Why? New decorations? No! New toys? No! New vacuum cleaners? YES!? Wait, what? Yes, you read right – new vacuum cleaners!

Mummy is reviewing the amazing, incredible 6151F Vax Vacuum Cleaner – or The Daddy as it is called. And it is. The Daddy.

It is a brilliant machine that vacuums carpets and hard floors, washes carpets, and sucks up spills too! It is the PERFECT machine for our house. Mummy managed with a half useless little cylinder that blocked and over heated so quickly.

vax carpet cleaner

Mummy has made two vlogs of the unboxing of The Daddy. Here is the first one…


The Daddy uses bags, and Mummy is now convinced 100% that vacuums with bags are so much better than bagless. The suction is amazing, and so much less work than the other one. There are tools for everything, for the edges of the carpets, stairs, furniture – everything!

vax carpet cleaner

You can also use The Daddy as a carpet cleaner, by adding the water tank, and the tubes and head for the washing of carpets.

We will be bringing you a review in the New Year about using this machine as a carpet washer, but we wanted to share with you now just what a great vacuum cleaner this is.

You can see the full details about The Daddy at the Vax website, currently there is £50 discount making it £119.99

Look out for our other reviews and vlogs about this fab cleaner coming soon!

We were sent this carpet cleaner to review, but all comments and words are ours!

Woohoo Points

The BEST vacuum cleaner we have had

Powerful, multi-function

Lots of tools

Vacuums carpets and hard floors PLUS is a carpet cleaner

Waaaah Points

Big and heavy to store, but it is SO worth it!

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We're going on an adventure

December 12, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

How To Make A Robin Cake Topper With Ready To Roll Icing

Looking for a fun and festive cake topper for your Christmas bakes this year? Try a rockin’ robin made from ready to roll icing.

How To Make A Robin Cake Topper With Ready To Roll Icing

robin cake toppers

Are you looking for a fun way to liven up your Christmas cake? Why not try your hand at a robin cake topper made from ready to roll icing. They’re easy to make and a fab festive touch to any cake.

Ingredients For Your Ready To Roll Icing Robin

To make these cute robin toppers you’ll need the following:

  • Red ready to roll icing
  • Brown ready to roll icing
  • White ready to roll icing
  • Yellow ready to roll icing
  • White royal icing

Making Your Robin Cake Topper

Before you begin making your robin, boil some water and put it into a bowl to cool. You’ll be using this to fix the parts of the robin together. Dust your work surface with icing sugar to ensure your icing doesn’t stick.

  1. Take your brown ready to roll icing and knead it until pliable. Break off a portion and roll it into a ball. This is the body for your robin.
  2. Take another small piece of brown icing and divide it into two.
  3. Roll each piece into a ball and then flatten on your work surface into a wing shape.
  4. Brush some cooled boiled water onto each wing and fix them to the body. Hold each in place until it sets.
  5. Next, take some red ready to roll icing and work it in your hands and on the work surface until pliable.
  6. Pinch off a small amount and roll it into a ball then flatten it into a circle. This is the red breast. Glue it to the body using some water.
  7. Now make the hat. Take a piece of red icing and roll it into a ball. Then using your finger and thumb gently roll it into a cone shape at one end. Bend the cone over until it rests against the body of the hat.
  8. Get your white ready to roll icing and roll a small ball for the bobble. Stipple the surface with a fine, wire brush to give it a woolly texture.
  9. Roll another small ball of white icing and flatten it into a disc. Stipple the edges to create the base of the hat.
  10. Glue the bobble and base to the hat using water then fix the hat in place to the robin’s body.
  11. Create a beak by taking a very small amount of yellow ready to roll icing and gluing it onto the front of the robin’s body, just above its red breast.
  12. Finally, add two small dots of white royal icing for eyes.

These robin cake toppers will look so cute and festive on top of a Christmas cake or even on individual cupcakes.

Ready to roll icing is such a versatile product, so make the most out of it this Christmas!  

December 11, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Christmas so far

This will be my third Christmas, and I would like to share with you my Christmas’s so far.

My first Christmas, in 2012, I was 9 weeks old.




My second Christmas in 2013 I was 14 months old. My very first tooth was spotted on Christmas Eve! Mummy lost some photos on her phone, and unfortunately they were of Christmas 2013 :(


christmas 2013


christmas 2013


This is me, this year so far. I am SO very excited for Christmas, look out for my photos of my Christmas Holiday next week to Centerparcs and over Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!

christmas 2014

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