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September 20, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Project 365 Week 38 14-20 September 2014



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Another great week here!

Sunday – our 4th local IronMan was held in our county. This is the second one I have seen! It is very exciting, we went into Tenby to catch the last of the cyclists coming in, and the marathon runners at different stages.

This has been another week of gorgeous, hot sunshine – every day was 20 degrees + On Monday and Tuesday the sun was so sparkly on the sea, it was beautiful. We have our beaches back now, after most of the holiday makers have gone home.

On Wednesday, Mummy had to go to the doctors because her back is still hurting her a lot. Nana stayed with me, in the waiting room.

On Thursday we went to our nearest big town with Nana, and Mummy took this photo in M&S baby changing room! I had the same photo taken here when I was very little.

On Friday, Mummy had another business meeting with Lucy, I chilled and watched Monsters Inc (for a change!)

Saturday, it was a bit cloudier, we went shopping, and Mummy grabbed a selfie with me :)

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September 19, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Happy 23 Months old

Mummy has been getting emails reminding her that I am coming up to 2 Years old!
almost 2 edited

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On 12 September I was 23 months old.

This is the last time that mummy can say my age in months, and she is feeling a bit sad about it.

I am nearly 2! A proper toddler!

Today, Mummy and I went around Debenhams and Mummy got sad because seeing all the baby clothes reminded her that two years ago she was doing last minute shopping for baby clothes for me.

She knew I was a little boy, from our 20 week scan. I am Mummy’s very last baby, but, because I was a little surprise for mummy, she really does know how lucky she is – how lucky we all are – that I arrived safe, healthy and am growing into a great little boy!

Since turning 23 months, when people ask Mummy how old I am, she feels she has to say ‘he’s two next month,’ which, of course, I am! So she actually stopped saying my age in months when I was 22 months!

Image (5)

I am so very good at talking. I now say 5-6 word sentences. I know the names of everything. I know the names of pop stars and songs. Much to Lea’s delight, I ask her to play Katy Perry!

If I hear Mummy saying she is going somewhere, I say ‘Kai come too.’ When I’m ready to go, I say ‘Go, Mumma, go!.’ I say ‘go back to house’ or ‘go back to guke’ (I call my big brother Guke – I can’t quite say Luke!)

If mummy asks if I can do something, I say ‘course I can.’

I say ‘Watch Peppa Pig on television,’ and ‘Watch Mikey on Mumma’s iPad,.’

I LOVE Monsters Inc and Monsters University

I LOVE Toy Story 1 and 3, but not 2

I still love Peppa, and George and my favourite of all is Daddy Pig

I carry round Mikey from Luke’s Disney Infinity game EVERYWHERE as well as Daddy Pig

Last week, I went to my first musical Little Melodies toddler group – and loved it!

Nana and Grandad just came back from Switzerland and have bought me a BIG cuddly Daddy Pig and a little cuddly camel!

I have, only a couple of times, run off when Mummy has put me down, I think it is really funny, and giggle and giggle. Mummy doen’t seem to find it quite as funny!

I have started screaming – loudly at times – if I don’t get my own way, or have to do something I really do not want to do!

Mummy says …..

I cannot believe that you are coming up to 2! I do feel a sadness in my heart, because I have loved every single minute of your life, seeing you grow and develop, watching you learn, copy, and absorb everything all around you. You are so very clever, I can’t keep up with your speech and words, every day you say something new. Of course I am so very happy that you are growing and developing as you should, I am literally honoured to be your Mummy. I receive comments every day from people about how gorgeous you are, how cute you are, what a good boy and how well behaved and happy you are.

This makes my heart sing with joy. You are so loving, you cuddle me, kiss me, hug me, and the feeling of your little arms around my neck, or your little head against mine, is the best feeling in the world.

I say it all the time, but you are SO loved. You light up everywhere that you go. You touch the hearts of everyone that you meet. What will you be, I wonder. What will you do?

I could cry, I love you so much. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, to you, my beautiful boy.

May you always walk in peace

Love you more than you will ever know

Mummy x x x

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September 15, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Ella’s Kitchen Toddler Takeover

One of Mummy’s (and mine) favourite brands of food is Ella’s Kitchen.

When Mummy was weaning me, she wanted only 100% natural ingredients for me, and mostly made my meals for me herself. As I got a little bit older, sometimes it was handy to have a back up, something just as good for me, 100% natural and organic, that was easy to use, to take with us on journeys, or days out.

Ella’s Kitchen range is perfect and yummy too!

In handy pouches, which do not have to be refrigerated, they are a great complete meal for little babies, or a fab snack for me now, as a toddler.

We found Ella’s Kitchen fantastic, as I am lactose intolerant, they have a wide range of dairy-free foods and snacks,(79 at the last count!) and when we went on holiday to Menorca this summer, Mummy was so relieved to see Ella’s Kitchen in the shops!

Ella's Kitchen pouches


As well as the pouches, which are great for giving me a healthy blast of 100% organic fruit and vegetables, there is a great range of snacks, meals and smoothies too.


“Tomorrow, (Tuesday 16 September) Ella’s Kitchen open their first ever Little Speakers’ Corner for tiny toddler debates. Talkative toddlers will be voicing their opinions on everything from sibling rivalry quibbles, to their favourite lunch time nibbles, with the launch of the first ever ‘little’ Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.

A tiny toddler-friendly version of the iconic Hyde Park debating spot, Little Speakers’ Corner has been launched by Ella’s Kitchen to give passionate little ones the chance to be heard. By letting them take over Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner, Ella’s Kitchen is inspiring toddlers to stand up for good snacks and say a big NO in protest to unhealthy, bad nibbles.

Children will be able to stand proud on their toy boxes (instead of soap boxes), and shout about what really matters to them. They will be starting a revolution by little ones, for little ones, through which they will inspire fellow toddlers across the UK to revolt and start an important mini movement.

ellas kitchen toybox

Children’s TV presenter Jen Pringle from Milkshake will be on hand to excite our little revolutionaries to stomp around with mini protest placards, wave their revolutionary flags, and speak out loud on tiny megaphones to demand attention in Hyde Park.

The BIG Snacking Revolution was formed to celebrate the launch of the new Ella’s Kitchen organic snacking range which features ten deeelicious + healthy snacks for toddlers, offering little ones best in class nutrition with no compromise on taste.

Paul Lindley, Founder of Ella’s Kitchen and Ella’s dad comments:

“At Ella’s Kitchen, we are always inspired by all the funny, silly and insightful things little ones have to say. They have such endless curiosity and incredible imaginations; we love hearing their thoughts and they have a big part to play in everything we do. So we can’t wait to hear what they say at Little Speakers Corner.  We’ll be sure to take note!”

Ella’s Kitchen’s Little Speakers’ Corner opens to the public for one day only today at 11, at the Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner entrance, and is free of charge for parents and little ones to participate in.”

If you are nearby, go along with your tot! I wish we lived nearer, we would definitely go along, as I think all baby and toddler food should be healthy and 100% natural.

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September 14, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Project 365 Week 37 7-13 September 2014






What a week!

Oh, and Mummy has found a new photo app so is playing around with our photos!

Mummy and Amy packed the car on Sunday night, for Amy’s new life in Bristol.

On Monday, Mummy drove Amy there, helped her settle in, then had to drive home on her own. It is about 2 and a half hours away, longer with a stop.

On Tuesday, we went to see Mummy’s best friend, and she bought Mummy these sunflowers to cheer her up!

On Wednesday, we met up with Mummy’s other best friend from college. She wanted to keep busy this week, with MeeMee going, and Nana and Grandad being away. (And Granny Jane too!)

On Thursday we went to my first musical toddler session, and I loved it!

On Friday I was 23 months old! We had a lazy day, but Mummy had a meeting first, and has got a new job managing the Social Media accounts for Lucy’s business. Mummy is soooo happy!

On Saturday, MeeMee face timed us (we have most days), it was so lovely to see her! She is partying hard, and loving her new life!

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September 13, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

My first toddler session

On Thursday, it was such a beautiful day – as it has been all week. I went for breakfast with Mummy, then we went for a lovely walk around the harbour. We watched the waves, which were quite choppy, and then we watched some men putting a boat into the harbour. There was a lot of shouting and pushing, and we thought they were going to drive their car fully into the water, it was soooo funny!

Mummy took some great selfies of us!


After our lovely walk Mummy took me to the village hall for my first Little Melodies music, singing and dancing session!

I have only been to a mother and baby group once, quite a long time ago, before I could walk, or even crawl. I sat with Mummy, and I did enjoy it, but we never quite managed to go again!

Mummy has wanted to take me to some sort of toddler group now that MeeMee is settled in Uni, and Lea and Luke are back in school. I love singing, music and dancing, so this was perfect.

We went in, I was in my pushchair, and straight away I said ‘Walk Mummy, walk’. I just wanted to get out and run over to the other children!

Mummy got me out, and I was off! I couldn’t believe how many babies and children there were. Little babies in their Mummy’s arms, sitting babies, crawling babies and toddlers like me.

There was a huge coloured circle thing on the floor, which the lady called a parachute.  All the Mummy’s grabbed the edges and lifted it up, and the lady played the Hello song from Mr Tumble. I LOVED it. I was dancing around, Mummy was trying to call me over to her, but I just wanted to dance around, and suss everyone out!

Guess what happened then!? The lady tipped hundreds of plastic balls onto the parachute and all the Mummy’s lifted, and shook, and waved the parachute so that all the balls jumped everywhere! Oh my gosh, it was soooo much fun!


There were lots of other songs, we sang Old MacDonald, and the lady gave out lots and lots of different animals, which we held up when we sang. We had lots of musical instruments out, then later, Teddy Bears. We sang Rock-a-bye-a-bear from The Wiggles – which I have never even heard of, but Mummy said Lea and Luke used to love them!

After every activity, we had to tidy up, and I loved helping the lady! She gave me a little fox sticker, and put it on my top. I moved it onto my dribble bib. Then onto my cheek. The onto my head, where it stayed!

We had a biscuit, and a drink, and the Mummy’s had a coffee. Mummy couldn’t see me, and was hurrying around to find me, but I was sat quietly next to two other children and their Mummy’s eating my biscuit!

I heard Mummy talking to a couple of Mummy’s that she knew, and she told them that she was so happy that I went off and enjoyed the session, but that she also felt a bit sad that I didn’t seem to need her! Mummy was expecting me to stay right by her side, until I felt a it more sure. But, I knew Mummy was there, and that she could see me all the time. So, off I went, and I had the best time!

Afterwards, Mummy and I met a friend, and we went for another walk with her, and I fell asleep for over an hour!

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September 12, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

What is lactose intolerance?

I am lactose or dairy intolerant. Mummy knew I was dairy or lactose intolerant from when I was a few days old. Luke, my big brother, was too. Most babies grow out of it, and it can be the sugar, or protein in cows milk that we have trouble with. I don’t really understand it all, but mummy wanted to remove dairy completely from my diet. The doctor listened to Mummy this time, with Luke it took over 5 months of the doctors and health visitor telling mummy he had colic, before they agreed it was something more. It was very difficult to know which one I was, lactose intolerance is an intolerance of the sugar in cows milk, dairy intolerance is when you are unable to tolerate the protein in cows milk. When I was 19 months old, mummy was sure I was lactose intolerant. Either of these are totally different to being allergic to cows milk.

As a new baby, there are no tests that can diagnose either of these. The easiest thing to do was to remove cows milk formula from my diet. But what was I going to have now? And, for those of you thinking, well, why didn’t mummy breast feed me, lactose and protein is present in breast milk in very similar quantities to formula.

What were my symptoms?

I cried, and cried, and cried. Nothing would soothe me. Mummy even had me to A&E one night when I was only 11 days old. I had severe tummy pains, wind and bloating. I would go stiff with pain, then pass a little wind. My tummy was hard and bloated. The only option was to put me on a very special formula. The next day Mummy took me to the Doctors and we tried one called Nutramigen, which the doctor recommended, but, I was still poorly with this one :(

Other symptoms can be more severe, including being sick and sick, and blood in your poo. Luke nor I ever had symptoms this severe, thank goodness, but that made it more tricky for mummy to convince the Doctor, especially with Luke.

A week later, we were back to the Doctors, I was 20 days old. A new doctor at our surgery who was very up to date with the latest products, told mummy to put me on Neocate. This formula contains absolutely no trace of anything of cows milk. There is nothing in it that could upset my tummy. So, I started with Neocate.

My crying and tummy pains did ease, and mummy noticed I was happier and in much less pain. Mummy knew though that I had a very sensitive tummy, and that she would have to be careful weaning me.
I was on Neocate until I was almost 20 months old, usually, a baby moves to cows milk at around one year old. Mummy didn’t want to introduce dairy too soon. Mummy found Lactofree, a great product that is cows milk, but with the lactose removed. This means I get all the goodness, but no upset tummy! Mummy weaned me off Neocate and onto Lactofree very slowly, replacing an ounce at a time over a few weeks. It worked, and my tummy didn’t hurt at all!

At 18 months, Mummy started by introducing baby biscuits which had a tiny bit of milk in them. I then tried a little cooked cheese, in macaroni cheese, and my tummy was ok :)

milk plan

Now, at 23 months old, I can tolerate, and like, most dairy foods. I can eat cheese, a maximum of two small fromage frais yoghurt’s a day, cheese spread and cheesy pasta,  but Mummy won’t give me cows milk as a drink, because she feels it would be too much for me. Luke, now 12, can drink cows milk, but until he was about 9, rich dairy ice cream and some other dairy foods would still upset his tummy. Mummy was given a dairy reintroduction plan which was a  good guide, but, again, Mummy went on her instinct too.

Mummy was concerned about me getting enough calcium, and the dietician gave us these great tips:

Hovis Best Of Both bread contains NO milk, but has added calcium

Ready Brek (Tesco Hot Oats is exactly the same) has NO milk (mix with your formula) but has added calcium

You should always check with your doctor or Health Visitor if you think your baby may be intolerant to cows milk, and take their advice, but, you should also trust your instinct if you think it may be more than colic.

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September 10, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Mummy visited an Online Bingo Village

Mummy told me there is something fascinating in the world of Bingo, not only is there a fun place to play, but there are lovely people to chat with too. As my big sister headed off to Bristol University this week, Mummy was wondering how to keep herself busy, as she would miss her terribly.

Mummy got me lots of my toys to play with, and sat me next to her in the front room. I sat playing, and watching Mummy, as she checked out this Bingo site.

Mummy explained to me that it is like the little seaside villages we see here in Wales. As Mummy filled in her registration form she looked happy, it was good to see Mummy smile, since dropping MeeMee off, Mummy wasn’t smiling much. I am glad that she is feeling happier.


Mummy told me that she was feeling happy because she got £10 free to try this fun online bingo site. Mummy then showed me something which made me giggle! There on the lapotop screen were big kangaroos and cute doggies. MeeMee rang Mummy, and I heard Mummy telling her all about what a great site it was. She said there is a combination of bingo and slots and how Mummy loved hitting the spin button racing against the time. Mummy then gave me high five because Mummy won on her first game!

Mummy went on to play other games, and I was glad that Mummy had beginners luck! MeeMee told Mummy that she expected presents next time she is home, because she was winning! Mummy told MeeMee it is such a fun bingo site with amazing online games. She told her that all her favourite bingo games such as 75 ball Bingo and 90 ball bingo are all available here.

You can play too, visit this link, to play these amazing online bingo games. Don’t forget to check out Supergems, one of Mummy’s favourite games. GameVillage Bingo is Mummy’s favourite bingo site so far, and she’s going to tell all her friends. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but Mummy also likes the Village Idiot, Wally! who is a fun character from GameVillage Bingo that I like too.

This is a collaborated post, please play sensibly and do not play with more than you can afford to lose.

September 9, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Fab Kids First Aid Kit

We were sent a fab little kids first aid kit to review recently by Steroplast, it is a great complete first aid kit in a handy travel bag.



The bag opens out fully to reveal two zip pockets where all the stuff is kept. There is a handle on the bag, a loop and a belt loop too, so you can choose how to carry it.


Inside there is everything for a minor emergency, including a bandage, two eyewash / wound wash pods, one pair of gloves, one dressing, one roll of microporous tape, nine fab funky kids plasters, one sling (triangular bandage), and two alcohol free wipes that won’t sting!


It’s perfect for keeping in a changing bag, rucksack on days out, or in the car as well as for taking on holiday.

As much as I hope I don’t need this kit, nor my brother or sister, it is always good to have, especially a neat little one like this.

You can buy this kit from as little as £2.99 online.

Woohoo Points

Small, well packed

Brilliant price

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