April 24, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

What a new puppy needs

My puppy Bella would like to tell you about her first night in our home, 8 weeks ago!

‘Hello. My name is Arabella, I am nearly 8 weeks old. I am very tiny, and have just
moved into my new home.

arabella 1


This lovely family came to see me and my brothers and sisters
one day, and although there had been lots of other people coming to see us, I had a
funny feeling as soon as they walked in, that I would be going to live with them.
There was a nice lady, two older children and a little boy – not as young as me, but I
knew he was very young too. I liked their smell, and went over to them. They picked me
up and were all so excited to see me. They cuddled me, and I cuddled them. Dare I hope
that these were my new family?

new puppy
The lady chatted and chatted to Sue- who was the lovely lady who I lived with now, I had
such a good feeling. The little boy, although busy was so cute and gentle. He looked at
us, and gently touched us, but he was so kind and lovely.
Then they had to go. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I wasn’t going with them. Oh
The next couple of days saw quite a few more people coming to see us, and some of my
siblings went to their new homes. I tried to be my cutest, I wanted a new home too – but
I couldn’t stop thinking about that family. No one else seemed – or smelt quite right to
It was Friday three days later, and Sue was bathing me. I’m sure I heard her say I was
going to my new home and family. I was a bit confused – going to who? Oh well, maybe
I heard wrong.
I was fast asleep on the sofa, when I heard some voices. I looked up – and there was the
family – my family! Oh my goodness, they had come back for me! I couldn’t believe it! I
lay there, pretending to be asleep, listening to see if I was right. I was! They had a special
carrier to take me home in, they gently put me in it, there was a soft towel inside. I
started to panic a bit. Where were we going. I had never been out of the house, never
without my mummy and siblings. I felt quite panicked now.

new puppy
The lady picked up the carrier and I felt really funny inside. We went outside, it felt so
much colder then I was out into a funny silver box thing with wheels. All the time the
family were talking to me, so I did feel sort of safe, if a bit panicky. There was a big
noise, a bit roar-y. Then we started to move! Oh my goodness! We were moving. I
peeped out of the carrier – no one seemed bothered, so I guess we were meant to. It
was a bit bumpy, and twisty, but soon it was smoother and not as twisty.
I had been whimpering a little bit, but it actually felt ok now – almost soothing. I relaxed a
little bit, the lady was asking all the time ‘is she ok?’ And I realised she was asking about
me. I liked her voice. I liked all these people. They smelt ok. They felt ok. I closed my eyes
– but my ears were still open!
It did seem quite a long time, then we stopped. I was carried out of the silver box (I think
I heard the girl say it was a car?) and we went into a house. A new house. My new
home. I peered around through the bars of the carrier. My nose was going mad with all
the new smells. The girl put the carrier down, and opened the door. Very slowly I put my
head out. Four faces were looking back at me. Where was my mummy? My brothers and
sisters? Everything was new. And strange. The little boy started running around, happy
to see me. I did have a feeling in my tummy that everything was going to be ok.
The girl gently picked me up from the carrier and cuddled me. I relaxed again. She put
me down and I sniffed around. I saw a mat thingy like there was at the other house, and
I had a wee on it. Oh my, the family went mad – so excited! It was only a little wee! The
girl and boy were putting up a big cage, I watched them.
We went through to another room, with soft carpet, I looked for the mat and could see
one by the door. I MUST remember to use it! I had lots of cuddles, and a little drink, I
wasn’t hungry. There were some new toys for me, it was all so different. I felt happy
though. I did keep hearing a new word – Bella. I didn’t know what it meant, but I think
they were saying it to me.

new puppy
Later, the lady carried me to the cage which now had a bed and blankets in, my toys
and a puppy mat. She gently popped me inside. Talking softly, she left me, and I felt
scared. What if it wasn’t ok here? Again, I wanted my mummy and brothers and sisters.
I was alone. I felt so small and so alone. I whimpered and whined. A few minutes later,
the lady and the girl came back in, and the girl took me out and cuddled me. After a few
minutes, she put me back. I felt better. They left the light on for me, and left me again. I
did whimper, hoping they would come back to me, but then I realised they weren’t.

I listened, it was all quiet. I settled down, I guess it must be night time. Time to sleep.
I wondered what would happen tomorrow – is this my home now, or would I be going
somewhere else? I drifted off asleep, dreaming of cuddles and nice smells………

I am  16 weeks old now and we are all getting used to each other!

My new family got me everything I needed, and were kindly sent some goodies from the lovely people over at PetShop.co.uk




I needed…

1. A bed. Somewhere I can call mine, and have a bit of peace!

2. A bowl for water and another one for my food.

3. A collar and lead, ready for when I can go out for a walk.

4. Some toys – make sure they are safe for me.

5. Puppy pads – these are great – instead of newspaper for me to pee and poop on indoors.

6. Quality food. I am on dried food, and I love Huntland Dog Food.

7. Dog treats for a reward – when I pee and poop on the pad (or now, outside). I love Eukanuba biscuits.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to sharing my adventures with you :)

new puppy


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April 23, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Travel with Kids #3

Hello and welcome back  to #travelwithkids, a brand new linky brought to you by the lovely Jen at Smiles & Trials and myself. This linky is for anyone who enjoys family-friendly travelling from days out to road trips to city breaks.
We are very excited to find out about new places to visit all over the UK and beyond and aim to create a rich archive full of interesting finds. To join in, simply link up a post using the Inlinkz tool at the foot of this post; it doesn’t have to be a new post, it just has to fit the #travelwithkids theme.
It would be lovely if you used our #travelwithkids badge, which can be found below, but this is not essential. The linky will go live every Wednesday at midnight and run until 8pm on Sundays. We will leave comments on all posts as well as sharing on Twitter. Enjoy!
This week I want to tell you about a fantastic beach, less than ten minutes from where I live. It is called Freshwater East. It is signposted off the main coast road at Lamphey (between Tenby and Pembroke).
We go there most days to give Bella, our puppy, a run. Some beaches in the summer months ban dogs, but not this one. It is a wide beach, with a stream flowing into it as you join the sand.
Children love playing in this water, it is very shallow.
There are great sand dunes too, which shelter the beach, making it a little sun trap. (There was someone in a bikini on the beach yesterday!)
There are public toilets they’re a bit grotty, but most are) but no baby changing station.
There is a large car park, and separate Disabled Car Park. There is a charge to park, and the machines do not give change.
In the busiest times, there is an Ice Cream Van.
Although there is a Caravan Club site and  holiday village here too, there is no cafe much to Mummy’s dismay!)
This is a great quieter beach, popular with doggie walkers and families too. It is big enough for everyone to enjoy, and well worth a visit.
The Little Life of Ickle Pickle

April 22, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

My First Night in my Big Bed

Sunday night was a Very Big Night for me!

I spent my first night, in my big boys bed in my own bedroom (well I am sharing with Luke).

Mummy sold my cot, and I watched Lea and Luke take it down Sunday and the lady picked it up Sunday evening.

I wondered where it was going – I had slept in it, in Mummy’s room since I was 10 weeks old.

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April 21, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Mummy LOVES coffee!

Mummy loves many things – most of all me and my brother and sisters!

A BIG other love of hers is coffee!

She doesn’t go out dancing, she doesn’t smoke, she doesn’t drink (well, and odd glass of wine), she isn’t that fussed on chocolate or cake, but she LOVES coffee!

cappuccino, latte, delonghi, house of fraser

Her favourite is Cappuccino or Latte, but they vary so much in cafes. Some are too frothy, too strong, too milky or not hot enough. Oh yes, Mummy is quite an expert!

She often dreams of having her own machine at home, figuring that she could make herself the perfect cup!

House of Fraser have a fab range of high quality coffee makers, and some are on sale too. With over 50 different machines, Mummy is in coffee heaven! There are coffee makers from under £75 to over £1000, so there is sure to be one to make Mummy’s perfect cup!

And there is! She loves the look of this Delonghi Coffee Maker (The Motivo Espresso Red ECC220R)

houseoffraser coffee machine-cropped


It was these words that caught Mummy’s eye ‘Cappuccino System Traditional Frother – mixes steam, air and milk, producing a rich, creamy froth for a great cappuccino’! It even has a cup warmer!

She thought that a machine like this would be very expensive, but it is only £129! What a great price for a machine that uses either ESE pods or ground coffee from coffee beans (the real deal for Mummy!)

This is definitely going on to Mummy’s wish list.

Standard UK Delivery is FREE over £50 or you may be able to pick it up from a store near you.

Are you a coffee drinker! Or more of a tea person?

This is a collaborated post but all words are mine :)


April 21, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

#My Favourite Post

Our brand new linky hosted by me, Ickle Pickle and the lovely Zena from Zenas Suitcase is here! It has evolved from our #MyFavouritePlace linky, to this new one.
This linky  #MyFavouritePost is for you to link up any post, old or new, about anything, a review, competition, sponsored post or just a post that you want to share because you love it!
The linky is open every Tuesday morning at 7am until the Friday evening at 7pm so you have plenty of time to link up!
Please follow these rules for this linky :)
1. Please add the badge below to your post, so that other bloggers are aware of the linky too.
2. Please comment on mine and Zena’s posts each week, and a couple of other posts to help the success of the linky.
3. Follow Ickle Pickle and Zena on Twitter, tag us and use the #MyFavouritePost for us to RT.
Leave a comment if you like, to say hi!

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April 19, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

A New Royal Baby

A new Royal Baby is due very soon – a new little Prince or Princess, a brother or sister for Prince George. Although they are very special, in most ways they are just the same as you and me.

For example, did you know that Prince George left hospital in a Britax Baby Safe Infant Carrier?

It is very exciting, but it can be scary too – introducing your other child(ren) to the new baby, no matter what family you belong too!

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April 18, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Another busy week

Sunday – MeeMee went back to Bristol with Oz. We will miss them. Nana and Grandad took Mummy and me out for lunch. It went all rainy when we took Bella to the beach, so Lea and I waited in the car and Mummy took her.

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April 17, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

The Dinosaur Park, Tenby

As part of our Easter Holiday fun, we were invited to review The Dinosaur Park, Tenby. It is a couple of miles outside Tenby, on the B4318 to Carew.

Mummy and the others (big bro, 12 and big sisters 15 and 18) have been before, but not for quite a few years, and I have never been.

We were very excited to go and have a family day out together. And I LOVE Dinosaurs!

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