February 1, 2017
by Ickle Pickle

Happy 3rd Blogaversary to us!

We just cannot believe it, our blog is three years old today! Three years ago, Mummy wrote our very first blog post and started this amazing journey.

April 11, 2016
by Ickle Pickle

Pickle at Three and a Half Years old

It has been a while since we shared an update all about me with you! I am three and a half years old tomorrow, so this is the perfect time to tell you how I am (and what I am) … Continue reading

July 31, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

To Blog or not to Blog?

July has been a tricky month. The school holidays have come around so fast, and whilst Mummy loves having everyone at home, and no school run, she also knew that it would be tricky for her to work as much … Continue reading

May 25, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Am I ready for Playgroup?

I was two and a half on 12 May, and since Christmas really, Mummy has been thinking about me starting playgroup. Mummy and I go most Mondays to a mother and toddler play session at my local play centre, Mummy … Continue reading

May 14, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Pickle is 31 Months Old!

I know, I know, 31 months isn’t a proper age really, but it must be, because on the 12th, earlier this week, I turned 31 months old. Aaarrgghhh! That means I am officially closer to being 3 than I am … Continue reading

March 4, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

Blog Update

My blog was 13 months old on 1 March! We started posting monthly updates to record how it is growing, then stopped because everything got so busy! This is where we are now. We know that compared to many blogs, … Continue reading

January 27, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

My First Blog Post EVER!

This Sunday, 1st February, my blog is 1 Year Old! We can’t quite believe it! This pictures are of me – from the day I was born up to my first birthday. This is the first blog post  I wrote, … Continue reading

January 13, 2015
by Ickle Pickle

27 Months Old!

Doesn’t it sound cute when you say my age in months! 27 Months Old!  I am still so little and young, even though I am quite tall and I talk so well. Anyway, here is a quick monthly update. My … Continue reading