Spring is Here! Win £75 via PayPal

Spring is Here! Win £75 via PayPal


We have another, more awesome competition for you, this time you have the chance to Win £75 via PayPal with ourselves, Zena’s Suitcase and The Diary of a Jewellery Lover.


Spring is Here! Win £75 via PayPal

We are holding another competition to celebrate Spring and the lovely weather! You can win £75 via PayPal and spend the money on whatever you want! You may have a birthday celebration, a wedding or holiday coming up or you might just want to treat yourself or your family.

Simply answer the question in the comments ‘What would you spend the money on?’ You can come back and gain more entries every day too.

The competition ends at midnight on 31 May 2017 so you have plenty of time to enter.

The competition is open to Worldwide entries.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply answer the question, and see below for other entry options.

Good Luck!
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  1. It would probably go on entertaining the kids over the Summer hols! Such an expensive time for days out etc!

  2. Thanks! I would get some new garden toys for my Son and Daughter, and probably a nice bottle of something for my wife and I to drink while we are out there enjoying the sun!

  3. would love to get some summer clothes for the children, ready for all the hot weather we will have :O

  4. Video games as my collection is lacking a little!

  5. I’d spend it on birthday presents for my son

  6. on my three doggies

  7. i would buy my daughter uniform with it for September x

  8. I would buy a new bike for my daughter.

  9. I would spend the money on things for my little one due in October! xx

  10. It would go on paint as we redecorate the bedrooms.

  11. I’m starting a new job soon so I might treat myself to a few new bits for my work wardrobe

  12. This would be great to help towards getting our garden up together ready to enojoy the summer :)

  13. A trip to London

  14. Some sandals for the summer

  15. We’re doing up the kitchen so maybe a nice print

  16. Since we’re into April showers I’d get some decent waterproofs!

  17. lots of birthdays coming up

  18. I really want some good quality glass paints and brushes, also a new glass etcher

  19. I would get some new toys and new bedding.

  20. Some Lego! Or a birthday meal
    Musings of a tired mummy…zzz… recently posted…Birth number 2My Profile

  21. I think I would put it in my savings, for a trip I want to take with my sister this summer.

  22. Pet Food

  23. something for my wedding.

  24. Some new sandals.

  25. I’d put it towards a dressing table, we finally have room for one and i’d love to sit and do my hair at a table with a mirror rather than in the hall mirror on tip toes so i can see lol x

  26. I would use the money to buy food from Iceland food costs are going up all the time this would be great to stock the cupboards up :) x

  27. A new suitcase for my holiday

  28. I would treat myself to some new books and maybe a DVD boxset as well.

  29. new clothes for my holiday

  30. some new bottles for my newborn

  31. A new pair of shoes for work xx

  32. It would have to go to the “buy a new car when this one dies” fund! Takes the word ‘fun’ out of ‘fund’ if you ask me 😉
    Helen x

  33. Hmm, I’d probably spend it on clothes and home accessories :)

  34. I would buy my doggie a new bed!!

  35. I’d spend it on treats for the kids

  36. I would buy a new helmet for my little girl and a dog bed for my dog to stop him stealing the bed!

  37. I’d put it towards a flight to somewhere hot!

  38. I would spend it on my grandchildren, maybe a trip to the zoo with lunch out, ice creams etc.

  39. I would buy my little girl a baby ballet outfit

  40. I’d get my Mum some flowers sent & some for my Nannie too.

  41. a treat for the kids

  42. I need some summer clothes, especially shorts.

  43. I’d spend it on new clothes for the spring/summer

  44. I would treat my Mum to a special Birthday present :)

  45. I’d spend it on my granddaughters

  46. It would be going straight towards the holiday of the year, which I am desperately saving for. Currently a third of the way there, a trip to Disneyworld in Florida for my little man’s 4th birthday! So, want to take him. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  47. a new bike

  48. Spending money while I’m following the Iron Maiden tour.

  49. I would put it towards a day out to Legoland.

  50. Some new summer sandals

  51. A meal out

  52. I would spend it on Summer clothes for my son

  53. I think I’d put the money towards a new BBQ. With a baby due in July it would be great to have everyone round and spend some time out in the garden rather than cooped up in the house. Need to make the most of any great weather we have!

    Thank you for the competition :)

  54. Birthday presents for my son and daughter as they are both in May

  55. I would love to put it towards things we need towards our home, as everything is falling apart! =-o

  56. I’d give it to my daughter, a medical student.

  57. I would use it to put the deposit down on our honeymoon as currently we haven’t been able to go on one with the wedding costs, it would make my fiance’s year if we could do this.

  58. My eldest wants to go to summer camp, so we would spend it on her so she can learn some survival skills this summer.

  59. some new clothes for my hols

  60. Lots of novels.

  61. I would put the money towards my travels to Spain this summer!
    Thank you!

  62. I’d love to get some bits and bobs for my summer holiday

  63. I’d spent the money in treating myself to a spa day, haven’t had any me time since my baby was born 11 months ago!

  64. I’d treat the family to something nice, mayne afternoon tea somewhere fancy

  65. I would put it towards decorating my flat

  66. I would treat my mama

  67. I would spend it on taking the kids out for the day

  68. Most likely it would go towards decorating supplies

  69. I’d love to put it towards getting a BBQ so we can celebrate this summer!



  72. I would buy my daughter some holiday clothes!

  73. Some nice new bits for the house! perhaps a few nice lamps :)

  74. I’d put it toward a new work suit.

  75. id treat me and my daughter to some books!

  76. I would buy some bits for days out with my three children :)

  77. I’d love some bits and pieces for the garden, it needs an overhaul!

  78. Cotton material to make some summer dresses with

  79. My best friend is expecting her first in a few weeks, would love to get her something really nice.

  80. Theatre tickets

  81. I could do with some new shorts.

  82. I’d put it towards a new watch.

  83. I’d put it towards some lego for my little one :)

  84. Family meal

  85. I’d spend it on some new work clothes for myself as I’m not very smart!

  86. I would spent £75 towards my business (advertise) so I can help more equestrians built a force-free relationship with their horse.

  87. My daughter would love to upgrade her guinea pig called Leonard’s hutch 😀

  88. A pointins holiday

  89. I’d put it towards a short break in the UK

  90. Ebay

  91. We could do with a new paddling pool for the garden. A super-dooper big one!

  92. I’d buy a new laptop for my son to take to university

  93. I would put it towards some new bedding

  94. Clothes for my summer holiday

  95. some new saucepans

  96. I would love to put it towards a play house for the garden for my son

  97. Hmm… tricky decision! I never usually buy anything for myself, preferring to treat my boy or save up for our holidays/christmas etc but for this reason I only have one pair of jeans left and they’ve now developed a massive rip across one knee! So i think I’d have to put the money towards some new clothes, please!

  98. new garden toys, we have moved into our 1st house with decent garden for the children and i’m hoping to make it an awesome space all for them

  99. A weekend trip

  100. A barometer for the house

  101. I’d put it toward re-decorating the living room. Its a job that is way overdue.

  102. I’d like to buy some new clothes – I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes since last summer!

  103. New clothes for my ever-growing children!

  104. I’d treat the family to a meal out for my birthday

  105. i need to buy some new work clothes.

  106. Some paint and wallpaper to redecorate with.

  107. I’d treat my daughter to a couple of new outfits :) xx

  108. My partner’s birthday is in June, I bet she would love to spend it on fitness stuff. She particularly loves weight training, so always wants more weights or shakes.

  109. We’ve been sleeping on the floor for about 8 months now so it would most definitely go towards a bed

  110. I would buy some new craft bits for the kids. In storm Doris our felt on our aged blew off and leaked. I had all our crafty bits in there and they got ruined!

  111. A family day trip to the aquarium

  112. it will go towards a little pool for our back yard so the kids can keep cool this summer

  113. I would save it- I am saving for an apple watch.

  114. I’d buy some new bedding

  115. I’d love to treat my mum she’s been so good to me so this would be amazing and we’d have a fab day out x

  116. Boring I know but I’d spend on a grocery shop

  117. I would take my kids on a fun day out in London over may half term!

  118. books i think! wow!

  119. I’d put it towards a new bed for the youngest.

  120. I would spend it on some new pens and books.

  121. Birthday Presents

  122. Paint! We really wan to refresh or home so some paint to do so would be great – thank you for the chance

  123. Days out in the summer holidays with the kids.

  124. I would get myself some beauty treats – maybe some essential oils like lavender and rosemary :-)

  125. Not very family orientated but A new bed – If I was getting a whole nights sleep with no manic creeping every time I rolled over I would probably be a much nicer mummy tho!

  126. This would buy my son a memory foam mattress – the springs on his present one are on the go, so I think he’d benefit from the lack of springs and the comfort :)

  127. Baby stuff! im due a little boy in July :)

  128. A nice gift for my Mum’s birthday

  129. I would get a new bedside table, I desperately need one

  130. Some cute bits for our first baby due in Sept!

  131. A bathroom blind

  132. my mums started to do the garden up a bit so i’d probably treat her to something for the garden

  133. I just looked at my Amazon basket with the following wood bleacher, olive nasal spray, baby bio outdoors, three Avon Skin So Soft bath oil, a Farmet plant pot and 500 grams of pink shrimps.

  134. I would put in my Holiday fund

  135. We are moving house, so this would go on some soft furnishings for the new place.

  136. I would buy myself a new outfit and a gift for mothers day!

  137. I would treat myself to some new books!

  138. Baby items for our first baby due on September 16th x

  139. Fab competition!

    If I won then the money would go towards my weekend in Sofia at the end of the month. I’m so excited as I’ve never been before!!


  140. I would treat the family to some new board games and movies for our family fun night we have every Wednesday

  141. I would treat myself to some new trainers, as a mum of four I always treat everyone else but myself.

  142. I would put it towards redecorating my living room.It is in desperate need of some tlc & being a single mum on a low income it’s difficult be to afford to do it without having to save up

  143. Some new clothes for myself

  144. I would spend the money on a bra or two! I recently got properly fitted and can’t find any affordable bras, so i hope to get the one that they fitted me with :)

  145. i will buy books

  146. I would spend it on treats for my family thanks

  147. I would use it for days out in the summer.

  148. My spring wardrobe!

  149. New garden furniture

  150. Some new toys and games for the garden

  151. I’m hoping to start taking my little girl swimming over the summer so I’d use this money to buy us a new swimsuit each x

  152. I would buy a present for my daughters 21st birthday, thanks for the chance to win x

  153. I’d spend it on a day out at the safari park for my daughter :)

  154. I would take my parents to dinner to thank them for all they do for me.

  155. The kids – as usual!

  156. I really need some blinds for my sons room, so the money would help out paying for them.

  157. I’d put it towards the cost of a new wardrobe

  158. I would buy some new bedding

  159. Id spend it all on gin!!

  160. Plants and trees for the garden x

  161. Some books to stock up for holiday reading

  162. It would go towards decorating my sitting room

  163. I’d spend on some tools for DIY ideas for my house, need some shelves and frames…

  164. Perhaps we would put this towards a night away , thank you

  165. I would put it towards a trip to sunny Spain, escape never ending rain !!

  166. I’d get some books

  167. i would spend the money on my neices on holiday

  168. New board games!

  169. Most of it would go towards birthday presents for the grandchildren with a book as a treat for me:)

  170. Going on a family holiday in Cornwall so outdoor games would be good!

  171. Groceries! I’m a poor student!

  172. i would put it towards some new outdoor toys

  173. id spend it on books

  174. I’d spend the money on a day out with the kids

  175. I’d put it away in my Christmas money fund! – Got to be prepared :)

  176. I’d buy some lovely new summer clothes.

    Thanks for a super giveaway :)

  177. A date day to London with my Wife.

  178. I’d like to update my Summer wardrobe

  179. I would spent it towards getting the kids some new spring/summer clothes
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  180. I’d love to spend the money on some new makeup… but it’d probably just end up going on food lol

  181. Could do with a new microwave

  182. I’d pay for my hubby to have a sports/deep tissue massage!

  183. I would treat myself to a nice pampering session with my beauty therapist. A back massage finished off with an Indian head massage.

  184. I think I would take the kids to the seaside, Whitby or Filey…we don’t go there often but love the soothing sound of waves and enjoy collecting sea glass and pottery…☺

  185. I’d put it towards a new summer wardrobe

  186. Books and DVDs – everything for the British Summer!

  187. i’d save it towards my wedding in 2019!

  188. Some summer clothes for my little girl

  189. I want to buy paints

  190. i would love to buy my mum an excellent spa experience. With all the stress, she needs to relax!

  191. My gorgeous 16 month old granddaughter.

  192. I would put the money towards 4 tickets to Heaver Castle for May. It will be my 30th anniversary and my husband took me there for our very first date. We would like to go back and take our two girls with us this time :)

  193. I would buy a years supply of golf balls

  194. I would use it on party items for my sons birthday

  195. I’d put it towards a weekend break

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