Have a Happy New Year! Win £50 via PayPal


You may have seen our awesome competition we held recently with the lovely Zenas Suitcase to bring to you a little treat in time for Christmas.


Happy New Year

One of our lovely readers won a £50 Tesco Voucher to spend in time for Christmas.

We have decided to hold another competition to celebrate the New Year! You can win £50 via PayPal to spend the voucher on whatever you want! Maybe you have a birthday celebration, or another occasion or you might just want to treat yourself or your loved ones.

All you have to do is answer the question ‘What would you spend the money on?’ You can come back and gain more entries every day if you want to.

The competition ends at midnight on 30 January so you have plenty of time to enter.

The competition is open to Worldwide entries.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply answer the question, and see below for other entry options.

Good Luck!

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  1. I’d spend the money on myself, Ive been saving for months in end for my 2 sons Christmas and really need to treat myself. So I’d buy myself some new shoes

  2. Such a cool giveaway! Thanks for sharing. I’m in :)

  3. I’d use the money to get some eBay bargains in the New Year!

  4. It would go towards a family meal out at our favorite Italian xx

  5. I’d spend the money on myself, maybe a treat for the after Christmas rush. Glass of prosecco and a small shopping spree.

  6. I would spend it on a treat for myself :)

  7. A flight back home! Well it would contribute to a flight back home! I miss everyone!

  8. I would buy a pair of shoes

  9. What a lovely competition and how nice of you to run it.
    Anosa recently posted…Think Safety this Christmas My Profile

  10. I’d buy some new clothes for the winter, as I could really do with some.

    Thanks for a super giveaway

  11. I’d spend it on something for my baby who’s due in Feb. Perhaps a poddlepod or an ewan the dream sheep :)
    Jenna Parrington recently posted…Win a £350 Prize Bundle With GracoMy Profile

  12. I would put it towards a birthday party for my little girl! :)
    Sarah recently posted…DIY Christmas Gift IdeasMy Profile

  13. Having just had Christmas presents, I’d spend it on a day out somewhere nice
    Yet Another Blogging Mummy recently posted…Blogging For Smarties by Yvonne WuMy Profile


  15. I would be using it toward buying new sofa

  16. I’d buy a new watch :)

  17. What a great giveaway! Just in time for Christmas! If I won the £50 I would treat my wife to something nice as she has been super supportive since all the drama with my job. Luckily it’s all sorted but she has been my rock and deserves a little treat! She’s proper in to Cross Stitch so would buy her a little surprise.
    Leah Lander-Shafik recently posted…Review | Nars Sarah Moon PaletteMy Profile

  18. I would love to win £50. If I did I would use it to treat my best friend to a fun day out because she deserves some happiness in your life.

  19. Liked and shared

  20. I’m saving for an ipad I’ve only got a £20 amazon voucher at the moment so this would really help.

  21. I would use our our son’s a new computer.

  22. In would give it to my son, who’s birthday is boxing day!

  23. Some family treats
    Erica Price recently posted…Goodwill Basket From Sutton SeedsMy Profile

  24. If spend the money on household attic. Single moms gotta sock up

  25. books :)

  26. I just moved house , so definitely some new homeware!

  27. On a prfume for me!
    MakeUp Fun recently posted…His Christmas WishlistMy Profile

  28. I would buy a gift for my mum! :)

  29. A gift for my Husband

  30. i would buy some perfume

  31. I would spend the money of a 12 week block booking at slimming world to give me a boost for my weightloss. I have joined the gym and I think joining slimming world would really help too!

  32. I have loads in my Amazon wishlist :)

  33. I would treat my best friend to lunch with a cocktail or two.

  34. Lego, it’s great for imaginative play for both kids and adults. I find it really relaxing

  35. I’m a home educator so my £50 would definitely be spent on schooling supplies for the new year :)

  36. I’d love to get some crafting supplies for me and the kids

  37. A birthday dinner for my daughter.

  38. I would spend it on a meal out for my family

  39. Great way to start the new year! Best of luck everyone! x

  40. something for my daughters birthday at the beginning of Jan

  41. I would use the prize to open up a savings account for my son (due any day now!) x
    Hollie recently posted…Countdown to Christmas: The Christmas TagsMy Profile

  42. I would buy myself a new winter coat because I am in desperate need of one! :) x

  43. I would spend the money to take my parents out to dinner. They do so much for me I want to give back :)

  44. Some new sportswear for the gym

  45. Ooh, I would love to treat myself to some new boots, my current ones are falling to pieces and I bet it will only get colder!

  46. I would spend the money on some clothes for myself, it’s the one thing I usually don’t do but apart from some leggings and a couple of jumpers I got for Christmas I haven’t had any new clothes for over a year and everything is looking a little worse for wear now!

  47. I would put the money towards my deposit to move into my own home.

  48. Something for the kitchen decorating

  49. I would have a Saturday trip to London.

  50. some kitchen lino as dog chewed it now needs replacing xx

  51. Probably the kids, if not then 10 packets of false eyelashes, my new craze!:)

    mainy recently posted…A One Off Christmas Week Linky #mainyloveschristmasMy Profile

  52. What a wondeful prize. I need to have an op on my feet in April so I would put it towards some nice feet products to use to make them feel better.

  53. An air fryer!

  54. A new toaster! ours has just given up ;-(

  55. This competition ends on my birthday(I’ll be 32) I would spend the money on a nice meal for me and friends, or if it’s too cold, a bottle of champagne to enjoy at home.

  56. I would visit my friend who I don’t see often enough because of the cost of getting there

  57. Some expensive CDs I’ve found on E-bay.

  58. husbands birthday 10th Jan

  59. I’d add it to my New Watch fund!

  60. To pay towards my season ticket loan. Boring I know

  61. Towards a much needed new mattress!

  62. The money would go towards to Merlin Pass for lots of fun days out :)

  63. I would buy a new iron and ironing board.

  64. I’d spend the money on my daughter who has a birthday in January x

  65. I’d spend it on a warm winter coat

  66. it would probably be spent on my kids on things they need x

  67. id buy some books

  68. A new wool jumper – nice and cosy for the winter

  69. I would like to spend it for our vacation. We haven’t taken our vacation this year, 2016, so maybe, we can make it in 2017. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Holidays, from our family to yours!

  70. spend it on doing something with my children

  71. On my kids.

  72. I’d buy some new summer clothes for my holiday next year

  73. A little treat for myself, probably new clothes as I spent all my money on my kids for Christmas as usual!

  74. I’d spend it on clothes. I had a very successful diet last summer and I’m still in the process of replacing my wardrobe.

  75. We have just booked our summer holiday so I would put it towards our summer clothes.

  76. I would love a new Spring wardrobe to help me to look forward to the nicer weather

  77. I’d probably treat myself to something in the sales

  78. I’d put it towards a Fitbit!

  79. I’d treat my daughter for her birthday

  80. I’d put it towards a West End show. xx

  81. I lost my Dad in October, made redundant a few days before Christmas… I’m determined to find a new job before my 8 year old daughter’s birthday in a few week so, I think I will spend the money on something nice for myself for my birthday in February… need all the help I can get at the money. Wishing you a Happy New Year and thanks for the opportunity

  82. I lost my Dad in October, made redundant a few days before Christmas… I’m determined to find a new job before my 8 year old daughter’s birthday in a few week so, I think I will spend the money on something nice for myself for my birthday in February… need all the help I can get at the money. Wishing you a Happy New Year and thanks for the opportunity

  83. I would spend the money on some new books for my kindle!

  84. i would get new cot bed being set for my twin babies. Thank you

  85. I’d buy a new ironing board as mine is very creaky!

  86. Books! Lots of lovely books!

  87. would love to get some toys for my twins

  88. I would buy new clothes for myself. Thanks.

  89. I’d treat myself to a nice new handbag :)

  90. I’d put it toward a new techie gadget!

  91. A lovely nice late surprise Christmas gift for my mum she’s the best :) xx

  92. My sons birthday which is just around the corner

  93. Would buy some treats and toys for my dogs

  94. I would put it towards buying a fitbit – i’m going on a bit of a fitness kick in January!

  95. myself

  96. would buy some nice treats for myself – possibly some books :)

  97. A new laundry basket

  98. On a nice meal out

  99. I’d use the money for a new pair of shoes for do more walking outdoors this coming year

  100. i would treat myself to some new clothes x

  101. i would treat myself to a hair cut for the new year as it aint been sut in over 10years

  102. I would buy myself a bottle of perfume

  103. A pressure washer so we can clean our drive and patio so it is all sparking for the Spring!

  104. a new dress

  105. On some new underwear for me…mine is shocking!

  106. Some new trainers.

  107. It’s my partner’s birthday in January so I would spend it on a present and treats for him.

  108. I would spend it one a lovely day out with my special boy <3

  109. a rocker for my baby to me

  110. I’d spend it on Amazon, my wishlist is so full :)

  111. I would spend it on my grandson who loves me

  112. I’d probably do something practical like fill the freezer

  113. I would love to have a special family day out X

  114. My wife wants Final Fantasy XV, so I’d buy that for her.

  115. A new kettle :)

  116. it would cover the cost of my wedding bouqet.

  117. I would buy some treats for the family like a takeaway or nice food

  118. I need a new suitcase!

  119. I’d spend the money on my new hobby – refurbishing my old dolls house in William Morris style!!

  120. New things for the bathroom as we’ve just had it done.

  121. I have my eye on a new matt for the front room and that is what the money would be used for x

  122. We’re getting married in 2017 so I’d put it towards something like our favours!

  123. I’d put it towards a birthday party for my older 2 boys

  124. I’d put it toward my planned spring vacation.

  125. My Hubby’s 70th in May, so I’ll put towards a night away in a hotel…every little helps!!

  126. I need a new eyeliner

  127. Thanks for the giveaway. I desperately need new bedding so if I won, I’d spend it on that. It’s literally falling apart at the seams!

  128. Food the cupboards are bare

  129. I would love to treat my family to some new clothes

  130. a subscription to a fitness for mums website so i can exercise at home

  131. I’d love to win to put the money towards getting a present for my mum who is celebrating a big birthday this year. This additional money would mean I could get an even better bottle of perfume for her.

  132. A birthday night out for dinner

  133. I would put it towards new bedding and towels

  134. I’d spend it on my grandchildren :)

  135. I want to say something really amazing but honestly it would go on bills. January is a killer! 😀

  136. A birthday present for my son

  137. i will spend it on books

  138. We really need a new storage unit for our hallway so I would put it towards that :)

  139. I would buy some clothes for either my kids or myself
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Num Noms Series 3 is in Shops Today! #UnBoxingDayMy Profile

  140. I’m off to Budapest in a few weeks so I’d use it towards paying for a thermal baths visit!
    Jollies and Jaunts recently posted…Review: Thon Hotel Munch, OsloMy Profile

  141. I’d buy a few DVDs

  142. I’d buy a slow cooker.. wanted one for ages!

  143. new boots

  144. Spend it on myself now that Christmas is over for the kids.

  145. I will spend it on new clothes off eBay Haven’t treated myself in AGESSS

  146. my daughter is 7 on 4th of feb and id love to get her a nice box of lego friends

  147. I just moved into my own flat after two years of not very nice life events and a lot of moving around from one horrible living situation to another. I would spend the money on something nice for my new place

  148. some perfume x

  149. on my sons birthday on the 16th jan

  150. An Air Fryer to help me towards healthier eating and hopefully help aid some weigh loss along with a change of lifesyle

  151. I’d put it towards a tablet for my daughter’s upcoming birthday!

  152. Shoes! I just love’em!

  153. Treat myself to a bag on eBay

  154. I would let my partner and carer choose a treat. She always makes sure I have everything I need, so she deserves it.

  155. I would spend it on some treats for my family.

  156. A grimms pastel rainbow for my daughter’s birthday next month x

  157. I want a kindle, so I’d spend it on Amazon.

  158. I’d spend it for the family, presents for them :)

  159. Some new bedding

  160. I would spend the money on treating my mum on her birthday

  161. history books

  162. I really need new clothes after giving birth 4 months ago so thats what I would use it on :)

  163. I would spend it on a kindle fire for my daughter

  164. I would pay a bill

  165. It would go towards a day out for my partner’s birthday.

  166. I would treat myself to a new perfume.

  167. We are trying to make our house more of a home this year so I would spend it on that!

  168. A lovely spa day, with a glass of champers and a manicure….bliss

  169. My daughter is going on a Skiing holiday with her school and this could be some spending money for her x

  170. some bath products for myself

  171. Put it towards a holiday cottage for a relaxing break

  172. I’d use it to buy my daughter a helmet, elbow and knee pads for her bike girl bike.

  173. I would put it towards our savings for walt disney world trip in 2018

  174. I’d put it towards some clothes for our holiday

  175. I’d put it towards something we need in the house.

  176. Definitely some new frames as I am trying to put together an Instagram style photo wall and I didn’t quite realise how pricey even little frames are!

  177. I’d be boring and spend it on a weeks grocery shopping

  178. I’d put it in the Disneyland Paris fund!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…#MPBTurns4 – Win a Big Game Hunters WigwamMy Profile

  179. We’re saving up for a new bathroom suite so I would put the money towards that

  180. I’d treat my husband to his favourite viktor and Ralph spice bomb fragrance.

  181. Spending money for USA hol

  182. I don’t enter many giveaways but thought I’d give this one a go. I thought I’d put it towards our holiday this year :)
    Jaki recently posted…The (Not Big Or Fat) Quiz Of The YearMy Profile

  183. New fluffy towels

  184. If I am lucky enough to win, I will spend the money on a new bath robe because my current one has finally fallen to pieces.

  185. If I am lucky enough to win, I will spend the money on a new bath robe because my current one has finally fallen to pieces.

  186. Some bits for the house as re decorating

  187. Paint to make my bedroom look fresh and pretty!!

  188. I’d buy myself some new boots – all I have are trainers and heels, I need something in-between!

  189. I’d buy myself some books. I have a long list of books that I would like to add to my collection but it always seems selfish spending money on myself when there are so many necessary expenses.

  190. Toys for the children ready for next christmas. Can never start too early. Awesome giveaway. Thank you for the chance x

  191. LPs to play on my new portable player

  192. Such a lovely giveaway! I think I’d save the money and use it for my husband’s Birthday in April! x
    Emily and Indiana recently posted…We’re Konfidence Swimologists 2017My Profile

  193. I would buy some ink cartridges for my printer – they are so expensive and are always running out!

  194. I would put it towards a short break

  195. I’d treat my mum to something nice as she’s been a little bit poorly over christmas

  196. I’d spend the money on my newborn baby. 1 week old today!

  197. a pair of winter boots

  198. Food and drink for the homeless people in my area, it’s cold outside.

  199. would put it towards some bills!

  200. i would put it towards my deposit I’m saving for my first mortgage , every little helps

  201. something for my daughter

  202. Put it towards taking my better half out for a meal

  203. I would buy a cute pair of boots or a purse.

  204. I love smelly candles so i would buy some nice new candles x

  205. I would buy some new memory foam pillows as mine have seen better days

  206. some birthday presents for my mum and mother in law

  207. I would buy my daughter something nice

  208. Would smput it towards a much needed kitchen table

  209. Having a good time in life :)

  210. Some crafting supplies to keep my etsy shop up and running

  211. Some new jeans

  212. I’d buy some accessories for my sons room as we’re decorating

  213. I’d like to think i’d put it towards some of my Christmas debt but would probably buy some games or CDs…..

  214. This will go towards a special birthday meal for my wife!

  215. I’d spent it on date night with hubster, seem few and far between these days

  216. Put it towards a weekend away

  217. Thankyou for this lovely giveaway , would be great to win a cash prize for the new year ahead. I would spend it on a gift for my niece who will be six in March and would get a new bag for myself X

  218. i would treat myself to some lovely perfume

  219. Id spend the money on moving out stuff, first time ever moving out and need litrally everything

  220. I would put it towards new curtains for our living room we finally decorated but need curtains to match!

  221. I would use it to help a friend in need.

  222. I think it would probably go on something for my grandson. Xx Thank you for a lovely competition
    Bear and Cardigan recently posted…Our Weekly Journal 16th Jan 2017My Profile

  223. I use my Paypal account for buying books, cross-stitch kits or presents…So I’d spend the money on one of those three.

  224. I’d spend it on a 5 months gym membership

  225. Not usually myself, would be lego dimentions for grandson, bit of a softie

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