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We have another, even more awesome competition for you, this time you have the chance to Win a whopping £100 via PayPal with us, Zena’s SuitcaseThe Diary of a Jewellery Lover and for this competition I am pleased to welcome Sally Akins too!

Win £100 via PayPal
We are holding this competition to celebrate anything you like! You can win £100 via PayPal and spend the money on whatever you want! You may have a big birthday celebration, a wedding or holiday coming up, you might just want to treat yourself or your family, or start saving for Christmas. Wouldn’t £100 be a great boost to your finances?

Simply answer the question in the comments ‘What would you spend the money on?’ You can come back and gain more entries every day too.

The competition ends at midnight on 30 September 2017 so you have loads of time to enter.

The competition is open to entries Worldwide too!

So, what are you waiting for? Simply answer the question, and see below for other entry options.
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  1. I think it would be a spa day as never had one

  2. Yay I entered! If I won I would use it as spending money for my holiday in Tuscany. It would be a godsend as money is tight at the moment!

  3. I’d spend the money on a birthday gift for my wife. It would allow me to get something really special for her. :)

  4. I’d use for clothes and shoes I got a little boy and he’s coming up to next size clothes this be very handy thank you:)

  5. No idea! Something extravagant!

  6. Great giveaway. If I won, I’d put the money towards my honeymoon. X

  7. Put it toward a weekend away (R&R needed!) xx

  8. some holiday clothing

  9. A day out with the kid.

  10. I’d buy a few books; love a good read.

  11. New boots for the winter

  12. Halloween preparation – bound to need some new makeup or latex or something. My partner goes all out making masks from scratch. And we’ll need sweets for any visiting ghosties and ghoulies.

  13. I would use it to buy something really special for my nephew who has just turned one, maybe his first pair of shoes!

  14. I would put it towards a pressure washer :)

  15. I would save it towards a holiday.

  16. A day trip somewhere.

  17. I’d buy a Kindle for my mum’s upcoming birthday.

  18. I would get some toys/activities to keep my sons entertained over the holidays! X

  19. Id spend the money on my garden, as we need a seating area to enjoy it together

  20. I would use the money to buy my daughter’s some clothing. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Clothes shopping. That is what I would buy.

  22. A new pair of shoes!

  23. I’d put it towards a new rug for our living room x

  24. Some new clothes- literally have holes in some of them!

  25. This is a wonderful prize I’d use it to help my daughter with the school uniform

  26. Some new shoes to go with trousers, the lining of mine has gotten worn out and rubs above the heel :-(

  27. I need to buy myself some new bras!

  28. I would spend the money on birthday presents for my daughter.

  29. I would buy new blinds for my bedroom :) Fantastic giveaway – thank you!

  30. A new wardrobe, which we need as ours is falling apart.

  31. i would put it towards my car insurance! boring i know!

  32. It would go in our moving fund!

  33. some new boots!

  34. i would pay it off our family holiday

  35. I would use the £100 to buy some Christmas presents with :)

  36. A mud kitchen for my little boy

  37. i would like to put it towards some new decorations for the house

  38. I’d use it to get some new clothes

  39. I would spend the money on booking a massage for me and my other half when we go on holiday x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Five Things – Week 77My Profile

  40. I would put it towards a holiday

  41. Liked, Shared & Entered

  42. Romanic night out with the girlfriend

  43. 2 new kitchen bins. Ours really need replacing

  44. It’s awesome to have Sally on board and be able to offer our readers such a lovely prize
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…#Giveaway Time! #Win £100 Cash To Boost Your Summer #CompetitionMy Profile

  45. Put towards a new phone.

  46. I’d put it towards a holiday:-)

  47. Some days out with our little boy, we aren’t having a holiday this year but having days out, this would be awesome x

  48. I’m researching security cameras at present.

  49. I would put it towards my first my family holiday ‍‍

  50. some toys for the kids

  51. dvd boxsets

  52. I would spend it on my son on a day out to legoland x

  53. I would get some christmas presents

  54. I’d put it towards renewing our passports for out Portugal holiday!

  55. Some accupuncture as I’ve had a bad bout of chronic fatigue recently!

  56. id put it towards a fire pit x

  57. I’d put it towards my intense driving course!

  58. chocolate. A LOT OF CHOCOLATE :)

  59. This would be a big help as I have soo many big birthdays coming up. My Daughters 18th, my Sons 21st and my Father in Laws 80th xx

  60. I would put it towards my new garden shed :) what a help this would be.

  61. New curtains!!

  62. My son wants to go to Harry Potter world for his birthday, so it would go towards that.

  63. Not very exciting paying bills

  64. I’d treat my grandchildren

  65. I would save it to spend on my kiddies at Christmas. Thanks for the chance

  66. Treats for my daughter

  67. We’ve recently moved into our new house so it will have to be spent on some soft furnishings like pillows, throws, vases, flowers etc!

  68. On treats for when we go to see a west end show!

  69. I would use it for a break away, as we love our weekend breaks.

  70. We have lots of celebrations coming up so this would be great for buying gifts!

  71. Some nice t shirts etc. for my holidays x

  72. I would put it towards a new hoover for my mum

  73. I don’t know but I would buy myself some sort of treat as I have been having a very very rough time recently.

  74. towards a ps4 for my son

  75. I’d put the money towards my first car :)

  76. If I won I would love to treat the family to a posh afternoon tea.
    Marlene Stevens recently posted…A day out.My Profile

  77. I’d save it and put it towards a lovely Christmas.

  78. It’s not very exciting but I’d probably use it to buy a new raincoat for me as it’s usually the children that get new clothes

  79. I would put it towards a deposit on a flat

  80. I would spend it on new school shoes for my kids.

  81. taking the children to a theme park

  82. I would put it towards getting the Christmas presents in.

  83. Put it towards an OU course.

  84. A brand new pair of retro shoes.

  85. I’d use it to help my start saving for a deposit on a flat for me and my partner! ^-^

  86. A heat massager – I pulled my back out being chased by a goat… and I’d probably get some chocolate too… I like chocolate :)

  87. I’d put it towards a brand new mattress, our current one is old and lumpy

  88. I’d probably treat my family to a meal together :)

  89. I would put it in my savings towards a holiday :)
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Keeping Kids Busy & Active This Summer With SunpatMy Profile

  90. CEX sell retro video games now. Literal game-changer. I’d spend it on that!

  91. I’d buy some paint! Recently moved house and it needs a bit of decorating.

  92. Loads of odd bits from Ebay

  93. I would buy either a clothing or makeup haul of some kind to review on my website

  94. It would go towards a family day out

  95. i would spend it on new school uniform for the kids

  96. I would definitely put the money towards a much needed break away.

  97. Towards our holiday fund as we are off to Majorca in spring x
    Newcastle Family Life recently posted…Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Mummy To The MaxMy Profile

  98. £100 would cover my xmas shopping – I just can’t seem to set any money aside this year :(

  99. It would go in the new bathroom fund!

  100. I’d spend it on some new clothes for myself

  101. I’d spend it on a new duvet and pillows for my bed, I spend a lot of time in it due to my chronic illness and would love to splash out on some new ones!

  102. I’d spend it on a new duvet and pillows for my bed, I spend a lot of time in it due to my chronic illness and would love to splash out on some new ones!

  103. I’d put it towards a trip to New York!

  104. I’d put it toward a new dining table xx

  105. I would treat hubby to some new DVDs and myself to some MAC make up :)

  106. I go to Las Vegas in October and my partner + daughter want to go on a helicopter tour through the grand canyon so I think the money would pay for that! I’m not the biggest fan of helicopters so I might treat myself to some makeup too 😛

  107. I would put it toward getting kids Christmas presents. Thankyou for the competition x

  108. The C word (whispers: Christmas)

  109. A trip to the zoo for us all and some riding clothes for me :)

  110. Change it into Canadian money to spend when I go to visit one of my bffs next year 😀

  111. I’d treat my family to a day out x

  112. I would love a GoPro to film when we swim with turtles during our summer holiday

  113. Lots of lush 70s china and trays, I love anything from that brown and orange era!

  114. I would put it to buy another outfit as I have my cousin’s wedding coming up
    pinkoddy recently posted…Teen’s First 5K RaceMy Profile

  115. Day out with grandchildren

  116. A pile of books for some relaxed evenings of reading

  117. What would you spend the money on?

    well i’m saving for new PC part’s so i would keep the money aside to save.

  118. I would love to spend it on a new Joules coat and maybe some Emma Bridgewater pottery which I love

  119. Some new GHD s mine are in their last LEGS

  120. a day out with the kids

  121. some music products maybe

  122. I would treat my sons
    Cath Joyce recently posted…Colour in the gardenMy Profile

  123. wives birthday

  124. It’s my dad’s birthday in a couple of weeks and I will get him a much nicer present if I’m lucky enough to win! :)

  125. I would put it towards a new laptop for university

  126. A new pair (or 2) of jeans, mine are now looking a little thin around the bum

  127. Some toys for our son :-)

  128. I would put it towards my fiances 40th birthday

  129. I would spend it on some new homeware for sure!

  130. I’d buy my hubby something nice for his 30th!

  131. We are a family of adventurers so I would book a Canyoning trip x

  132. I would put the money towards a weekend away for my husband’s birthday in October.

  133. my son has holes at the bottom of his football boots so I would be spending it on a new pair for him

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