Make Your Home Appliances Last with Regular Maintenance and Care

Make Your Home Appliances Last with Regular Maintenance and Care


Not all of us have the extra income to purchase new home appliances should the worst happen.
Appliances such as washing machines and fridge freezers can be costly, so we want our home
appliances to last the distance. Here are a few regular maintenance tips and care advice to make
sure your home appliances last long beyond their warranty…

Make Your Home Appliances Last with Regular Maintenance and Care

Don’t Overload
In a day and age where saving electricity and water matters, many of us are taking this a bit too
literally and filling our washers and dryers to the brim. Overloading any of these home appliances
will put extra pressure on the moving parts and motors. This can be expensive to repair, and it may
be cheaper to invest in a new one, so don’t overload your machines. If you want to save energy,
wash cooler instead.

Refrigerator Stopped Working in Summer?
Many callouts during the summer relating to broken fridges can easily be fixed at home. The warmth of
a hot day can mess with the refrigerator coils, which simply need a little clean to fix. Most coils are
found when removing the front grille, at the bottom of the unit. If you aren’t sure where your coils
are located, check your user manual or search the internet. Use a cleaning brush to get the dust out
of the coils and you should find yourself with a working refrigerator.

Clean Your Dishwasher
Cleaning your dishwasher often is the best way to keep it washing your dishes effectively. If you
don’t clean it enough, clogged foods can cause a total blockage of the system, causing dirty dishes
and perhaps an unwanted flood in your kitchen.

Noisy Washing Machine?
If your washing machine or dryer is causing more noise than you can handle, this doesn’t mean it is
time for a new one. If you can’t afford a new appliance, try using anti-vibration pads under the feet
of these appliances. This should stop the noise, so you can wash and dry your clothes in peace.

Stove Not Working?
If you fail to clean your stove on a regular basis, it may be that your hobs won’t light. Usually, this is
down to food that has got lodged inside the igniter. The best way to combat this is with a
toothbrush. Gently scrub underneath the ceramic plate to get rid of any debris and re-test the stove.
To prevent this from happening again, regularly clean your stove and underneath the plates, even
when not visibly dirty.

Consider Appliance Insurance
Even with regular maintenance and care, home appliances can break, and accidents can happen. You
can get home appliance insurance, which will insure your most expensive possessions, should
anything untoward happen. Appliance insurance can cover as little or as many appliances as you
wish and can provide everything from callouts to parts and labour. Visit Quotezone to compare
appliance insurance. They have a list of dedicated providers so you can look at which policy would be
best suited to you.

These tips can aid help to make your home appliances last, so you can save money on repairs or replacements.

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