We love Strictly Briks

We love Strictly Briks

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Pickle says…I was lucky enough to have been sent some fantastic Strictly Briks recently, I guess everyone knows how much I love playing with building bricks! I was really excited to see how they compare with other brands and loved the brilliant ideas they have….

We love Strictly Briks

I was sent:

Strictly Briks AlphaBriks & 10″x10″ Green Base Plate RRP £14.99

Strictly Briks Premium 12 Color 156 Piece Loose Building Brik Set RRP £6.99

Strictly Briks are 100%  Compatible with All Major Brands.

The AlphaBriks are flat ’tiles’ with a letter on them and they fit onto the base plate. I loved making words with them, and Mummy loved that it is a really cool way of learning spellings. The Briks all fit the baseplate too, so I loved that I could do a little spelling, then a little building! It really held my attention and I played and spelled for ages!

We love Strictly Briks

Strictly Briks® was founded in 2014 by Brian and Carina Semling in Wisconsin, USA. They realised that leading brands only offered limited options for creative play and learning, so they invented Strictly Briks which has limitless possibilities.

For example, there are the Trap and Gap Baseplates™ which are the classic Strictly Briks baseplate design with trap doors and ramps that open up! How cool do they sound? I could build castles with dungeons, houses with secret rooms and so much more! Another really cool idea is their road and race track base plates.

Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Baseplates are compatible with Lego base plates, Duplo, Mega Bloks, and other major brand brick building sets.

We love Strictly Briks

I am really impressed with Strictly Briks – they are every bit as good as you know what! In fact, I have bricks from quite a few other brands, and Strictly Briks are the best quality out of all of them, and they really do work perfectly with my ‘leading brand’ ones. I am going to put them on my Christmas list as I want some of those cool base plates!

Strictly Briks are available online at strictlybriks.com and Amazon.com. You can also find them at Amazon international marketplaces in Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

We were sent these Strictly Briks products in exchange for our honest review.

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  1. Strictly Briks are fab aren’t they? Jack loves his.

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