Acana Premium Food for Dogs

Acana Premium Food for Dogs

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We love dogs in our family, I grew up with a St Bernard from when I was born until when she passed away when we were both 11. I have had two golden retrievers and a few years ago we had Bella, a jack russel / cavachon cross. I was always looking for natural, good quality dog food…

Acana Premium Food for Dogs

As a dog owner, you are undoubtedly concerned about the health of your furry friend. Your choice of dog food is critical since you need a diet with the right composition to ensure your dog remains healthy.  Acana dog food is a premium brand that your dog will enjoy and get the necessary nutrients for a long healthy life.

One thing that all dogs need is good food, exercise and of course, lots of love!

We have recently discovered Acana premium food for dogs which sounds pretty amazing. It is made with 100% organic, fresh regional ingredients to make the tastiest food for your doggy.

Whereas some premium food for dogs offer one product, Acana has three product lines. The Classics has 55-65% meats, whole eggs, sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, and cage-free Cobb chicken. Regional is grain-free, low in carbohydrates, and rich in proteins. It is made up of 60-65% meat and 40% fruits and vegetables. The third product is shingles, which is 40-45% cage-free duck or ranch-raised lamb and locally grown oats, a low carbohydrate source.

Acana started twenty-five years ago in Alberta, Canada and prides itself on the quality of the ingredients used – mainly fresh ingredients that are also approved for human consumption. As we all know, dogs are carnivores needing meat and fish but only small amounts of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

As an example, Classics Classic Red contains:

  • Full of Omega 3 fatty acids and meat proteins to support the animal’s condition
  • Full of meat from Angus cows, Yorkshire pigs and grass lambs
  • With low-glycaemic oat groats for a stable blood sugar level and a reduced-fat storageAcana Premium Food for Dogs is different in that it mirrors what dogs have naturally evolved to eat. The range does not contain any artificial colourings, flavourings or other additives, GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) or antibiotics.

Some premium foods for dogs only use one animal ingredient. For example, you will find some brands with meat, others have lamb, while others use chicken. Acana uses a minimum of three types of meat. The primary sources of animal proteins are fish, chicken, and red meat. The red meat is from ranch-raised animals, the poultry is free-range, whereas the fish is from fresh and saltwater. All the meat sources are sustainable.

Acana uses fresh meat

Dogs have a natural affinity fresh or raw meat. All Acana formulas use fresh meat. Some of the premium brands use dried meat that is reconstituted using four parts water and one part meat. The outcome is “meat slurry”. Some dog owners may not appreciate the variation in the taste dog food made from fresh meat and those made from dried meat mixed with water. Dogs, on the other hand, will respond more positively to food made from raw meat.

Acana does not use outsourced ingredients

To ensure the quality of Acana is not compromised, the company prepares the dog food using ingredients they are confident are great for your dog. Third-party factories produce some of the other premium food for dogs. Some food producers also use marketing companies to brand and sell their products. It is not odd to find that some of these brands do not know the preparation process or if the composition of the food is right.

Delivery is just £3.95 or free for orders over £59. Orders placed before 8pm are despatched on the same day.

The Acana range includes specific varieties for puppies, adult and senior dogs as well as large breeds, sport and agile and dried treats.

I wish I had heard of this brand when we had dogs as I would definitely have bought it. I love the idea that it is natural and organic with fresh ingredients.

Have you heard of Acana Premium Food for Dogs before?

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  1. I’ll have to check this brand out. Thanks!

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