9 Important Road Safety Rules for Children

9 Important Road Safety Rules for Children


It is so important to give proper attention to road safety. Children and teenagers are most susceptible to dangers which may inflict major or minor injuries, and sometimes, sadly take innocent lives. A recent accident in downtown Manhattan has almost claimed the life of an Asian student. He was hit by a taxi and the impact was critical…

9 Important Road Safety Rules for Children

As vehicle owners and parents, we have two responsibilities. First is to keep our vehicles in top condition, second, we need to educate our children on road safety. One important, regular check to make is the condition of your tyres. Whatever make your vehicle is, search for the right size tyres , and if you own a motorbike, conduct a thorough inspection of it. If you find any faulty parts, replace them only with reliable ones for your make of bike, eg  Honda motorcycle parts to avoid any accidents on the road.

I have some really important road safety rules for children which will help keep them safe on the road:

Road Science for Children

Road accidents tend to kill children more than adults. Therefore, it is essential to teach road knowledge and education from an early age.

1. Children are unpredictable. They can get excited by an ice-cream van across the road and can slip out of your sight within seconds. Those seconds can unfortunately be disastrous.
2. Children have a developing I.Q. They cannot anticipate the speed of cars or their directions.
3. Children can irrationally cross the road from anywhere.
4. The flight and fight responses of children are in evolving stages and it can trigger fearful emotions.

Road Safety Rules

Summer is here and families tend to be out and about more. When your family goes out, your children should be disciplined and follow the road safety guidelines:

1. You should demonstrate to your children to look left and right before crossing a
busy street.
2. Children should learn to hold their older siblings hands whilst using a zebra-crossing if possible.
3. Children should avoid running and keep hold of their parents hands.
4. There are plenty of distractions for children on the road. You need to improve your focus and attention to avoid unforeseen events.
5. Children need to be familiar with traffic lights and crossings. They should know they can only cross a road when the green man lights up for pedestrians to cross.
6. Make your children aware of traffic light colours – green, red and yellow.
7. Children need to be encouraged to use the rear side of the passenger seat opening toward the footpath or the pavement and not the road.
8. Children should be warned of the issues of using earphones or headphones on the road.
9. You should practice the safety of seat-belts and helmets themselves and follow traffic rules to set standards for your children.

It is always better safe than sorry! Road safety is important for all age groups and even the slightest negligence can lead to accidents and even death. So, remember to strictly observe traffic rules and regulations to stay safe.

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  1. How did you go about choosing the best child seat for your child? Struggling here…

  2. NVM, I found this guide to help me with buying a car seat for my child: https://www.kinderzeit.org/en/car-seat/ What a relief!

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