3 Ways to Make your New Property feel like Home


While moving home can be stressful, it is also exciting as you will have the chance to make your mark and put your stamp on it. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to do this, we have three ways to make your new property feel like home.

3 ways to make your new property feel like home

  1. Dress your windows

When you first move in, it’s likely that you’ll be left with the previous owner’s curtains, blinds or nothing at all. Either way, this is perfect opportunity for you to take control and start making the property yours. These are not only seen by you from the inside of your home, but passers by and visitors too. So, to make sure your home is stylish from the inside out, you should give some careful thought when it comes to choosing your window dressings. For example, if your taste is minimalistic you could go for white shutters. As window dressing experts CurtainWorld point out, shutters are both stylish and practical, allowing you to enjoy light during the day and privacy of an evening. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a traditional and elegant feel to your home, you could go for a pair of simple yet luxurious curtains. There are so many different products available, you will be spoilt for choice.

  1. Switch up the colour scheme

So that your new home reflects your personality, you could change the colour scheme to suit you. Whether you repaint the walls in your living room or put up wallpaper in your bedroom, switching up your colour theme is a great way to transform the look of any space to express your personal taste. Bear in mind that you might find it easier to do this before you unpack your belongings and arrange your furniture. Empty, bare rooms are the perfect canvas for any redecorating project.

  1. Add a personal touch

To transform your new home into your own haven, you could add a few personal touches to each room to really make it your own. For example, you could simply put photographs of you and your loved ones in photo frames and position them on various surfaces in your home, such as window ledges, hallway walls and side tables. You could even get canvases printed featuring your favourite snaps. Additionally, you could place trinkets and keepsake items you’ve collected over the years around your home. Displaying memorable and personal pieces throughout your new home will allow your identity and character to show.

By following these simple tips, you shouldn’t struggle to turn your new property into a place you can soon call home.

Have you moved recently? Can you share your ways to make your new property feel like home?



  1. My house definitely feels like home as it is full of disney stuff 🙂 We changed the colour scheme when we moved in and it felt more like ours then
    Michelle Murray recently posted…The Beatrix Potter Collection DVD GiveawayMy Profile

  2. dressing windows definitely makes a difference. I also enjoy having different drapes and photo frames on my windowsills.
    Emma recently posted…How Educational Quizzes can aid children’s learningMy Profile

  3. oh I agree while moving was full of stress it was also so exciting to get moved in and put your own mark on your new home

  4. We moved just before Christmas and it’s been getting all the little decorations up which has made it feel more like home – some vases out, some pictures up on the walls. Although I do have quite a few photos waiting for lots of hooks and a few spare hours!
    Cathy (MummyTravels) recently posted…City Tripping #19My Profile

  5. I had forgotten how strange a new home can feel – great tips
    Kara recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 21st March 2016My Profile

  6. Great tips its always good to make ur new home feel more homely with bits and bobs.
    Joanna recently posted…Blake’s Easter BasketMy Profile

  7. Some really great tips, I love adding a few personal touches x
    Rachel recently posted…Sleek Makeup Cream Contour PalettesMy Profile

  8. Love this and I love the dress your windows tip! I am going to be redecorating this year, we have lived in our home for a year (almost!). I’m certainly bearing these tips in mind, thank you for sharing 🙂 xx
    sarah recently posted…We Go Again by Micheal Cargill {Book Review}My Profile

  9. I agree with them all. We moved in to our home nearly a year ago and we’re still waiting to put curtains up in the middle window on the landing (I say we, he doesn’t actually care. The window is quite big so you can see the entire upstairs and a little downstairs, not great when I’m rolling out of bed in my undies) it bugs me each time I walk past the window. I love your tips though, adding personal touches is my fav part about moving

  10. I find moving really stressful but once you are in it is lovely to add your finishing touches, if money is tight soft furnishings are an option to brighten up a room x
    Cathy Glynn recently posted…Shopping with Trolley BagsMy Profile

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