Recycle Together to make Wales Number 1

Recycle Together to make Wales Number 1


Every Tuesday evening there is a slight panic in our house. Early Wednesday morning is our bin day – and mummy runs around like crazy on a Tuesday evening making sure that everything we have used and are finished with is in the right bag to be put out. Sound familiar? But why is it so important?….

Recycle Together to make Wales Number 1

We have teamed up with the Welsh Government to help promote recycling in Wales, and we were amazed to read what energy is produced by recycling certain items.

Wales Recycles has teamed up with Bluestone National Park Resort to offer a lucky Mighty Recycler the chance to win a fabulous staycation for four people. Visit the Wales Recycles website for full details.

We have found out some fascinating facts about recycling – for example, do you know what happens to our food waste? I have to admit I had no idea – I mean I did think who on earth would want it?

I was really amazed to find out that our food waste goes to an anaerobic digestion facility, where it is turned into renewable energy to power homes and communities. Anaerobic digestion involves the natural breakdown of food into methane and carbon dioxide gas. These gases are then used to generate electricity to power homes and the local community. How cool is that?

Recycle Together to make Wales Number 1

80% of us in Wales use our food recycling service, but we do not recycle all we can. As well as cooked and uncooked food we can recycle –


Banana skins

Fruit cores, pips and stalks
Coffee grounds
Egg shells

• Almost a quarter of our rubbish is made up of food waste – almost all of which could have been recycled.
• When food waste is recycled it is converted into green energy, which is used to power our homes. This reduces the need for non-renewable energy and helps to tackle climate change.
• With people consuming more food in the home during lockdown and while working at home, it’s more important than ever to make sure all food waste is being recycled.
• More information here:

We are currently third-best in the world at recycling and we want to reach Number 1!

Recycle Together to make Wales Number 1

Recycle Together to make Wales Number 1

Recycle Together to make Wales Number 1

Mummy explains to me, and shows me at every meal and snack time what we can recycle, and I know to put all my fruit waste, and meals that I couldn’t finish into our food waste bag/caddy.

Other recycling I know about is all my magazines go into the paper bin when I have finished with them, my plastic drink bottle if I have had a drink when we are out -goes in the big red bag – although I do have reusable drinks bottles to take to school every day, it is only if we are out and about and I forget it. I know to recycle all the paper and cardboard packaging which comes with all the stuff Mummy and my sisters ordered online during lockdown. And – all the drinks bottles – both plastic and glass – Mummy I am looking at you!

I didn’t realise that so many of our bathroom items can be recycled including aerosols, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles. One thing Mummy and I get a bit confused about is whether to include lids or not – well here are the answers:

Plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles – empty and rinse items, replace lids/tops.
Shower gel containers – empty and rinse items, replace lids/tops

Liquid soap bottles – empty, rinse, and remove pump dispenser (throw pump into the rubbish bin)

Bleach bottles – empty, replace lid
Bathroom cleaners – rinse and replace the trigger spray.

Empty deodorant aerosols and hairspray – ensure empty and remove plastic caps (recycle with plastics).

If you are still confused about what can or can’t be recycled then check out this page with provides official tips on how to recycle each type of item, sorted by products from A to Z:

This is the biggest ever campaign about recycling that has been launched in Wales and we need all of us to recycle all of our waste, all of the time. Even my teen brother thinks recycling is cool – he contributes with his beer and soft drink bottles, deodorant cans, toiletries bottles, but doesn’t really with our food waste as he tends to eat everything!

He was impressed though to learn that recycling 2 banana peels generates enough electricity to charge 1 iPad
, recycling 35 teabags would generate enough electricity to power a TV for one hour and recycling a caddy full of food waste would generate enough electricity to boil a kettle three times. So that’s his You Tube, TV and coffee sorted!

If you would like to know more – here are some useful links:

To check what can be recycled in your local authority, use the Recycling Locator. If you would like to integrate the widget on your website, visit:

This post is in collaboration with Wales Recycles and The Welsh Government.


  1. I am quite good at recycling now and always try to think about waste when shopping as well. I found this interesting as never knew just what recycling can do with regards to power etc

  2. It is always good when places make recycling easy. Sadly our local cancel are making it harder, refusing to take things now that they once did it really feels like a step back.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…The Best Hidden Gems in Devon.My Profile

  3. Recycling is so important. Sounds like you are doing a great job but there is always more we can all do!

  4. This is so helpful to know what can be recycled and what can’t be. It is so important to recycle and it seems like you are doing a great job.

  5. That’s such a great thing sot do. Recycling is really important. I always make sure the kids put everything in the correct bins. Keep up the good work!

  6. Great job! Recycling is super important and I always think if everyone did it and did there bit just imagine the difference it could make! My two little ones recently did some litter picking at a local park this week after it was left in such a mess and they are really good at helping us with recycling too. If we teach kids from a young age the important then hopefully that will continue for the future too!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…A Beginners Guide to Setting Up and Caring for a Freshwater AquariumMy Profile

  7. We recycle almost everything we can in our home and love how you are encouraging the kids to also get involved.
    Anosa recently posted…DayDream about visiting these beautiful Italian citiesMy Profile

  8. Recycling is so important and this is something I teach my children from a young age so that things can get reused and remind them that we are saving our planet at the same time

  9. What a lovely camping to be involved in. Good luck Wales I hope you get to number 1

  10. I am a big recycler! I am lucky that our local council provides a great recycling scheme.

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