Bedtime Routine Tricks


Pickle says…. You all know that us children and bedtime don’t always mix…even when we are desperately tired we can still struggle to finally settle down and give you some peace!
Getting enough sleep is vital to our growth and development, not to mention your sanity! Studies have shown that sleep-deprived children can get injured more often, can get ill more easily, our schoolwork can also suffer as do our moods. (Mummy can vouch for that one!)
So what can you do to help our bed time run a little smoother?

Bedtime Routine Tricks

Well, here are a few tips that will hopefully help your little one drift off into the land of nod without too much resistance!

A bath

It’s not just you grown ups that enjoy a long hot bath after a busy day! Us children can also benefit from having a soak in a warm tub. It helps to keep bath time short and not drawn out.
Keep our toys and excitement to a minimum; let us know that now we’re relaxing and winding down ready for bedtime. It maybe time to update your bathroom accessories too – whether it’s a new grip rail for your child or a thermostat that prevents the water from getting too hot for us, updating your bathroom could be a big help. You can find some bathroom ideas here.

Establish a Night time Routine

Create a routine that’s enjoyable and that we will associate with bedtime. It should be a manageable length of time, about 20 to 30 minutes a night, and include what you and your child enjoy (bath, story, cuddling, lights out, etc). Relaxing books offer a wonderful way to set the mood and to help your child enjoy reading. You can find a fantastic collection of books for bedtime here.

Watch Food & Drink Consumption

Large meals can make it difficult for me to sleep, so Mummy gives me plenty of time between dinner and bedtime. Try and serve dinner earlier rather than later. Mummy makes sure I stay away from sweets before bedtime and I only have water or milk to drink.

Peace & Quiet

Avoid stimulating activities after dinner. This isn’t the time for me to be playing loudly, playing noisy games or watching boisterous TV shows. It’s a time to relax, sing songs, listen to music, or talk about our day.

Give Advance Notice

Mummy lets me know that bedtime is approaching, whether it’s an hour or five minutes away. This helps to put me in the right mindset and lets me finish what I am doing first.

Make their Room a Place They Enjoy

Your child’s room should be a place of comfort, joy, and relaxation — a place that he wants to spend time. The temperature should be comfortable, and clothes and blankets not too tight or heavy. Mummy makes sure my favourite sheetys (comforters) and teddy are with me.

No Television or Computers at Bedtime

Studies have shown that children who have televisions and computers in their rooms have a tendency to get less sleep than those who do not. The best solution is to remove these from bedrooms, but if that’s not possible, set a strict turn-off time!

We hope these bedtime routine tricks help you if you tend to have a struggle, do you have any to add?


  1. We set a strict turn off time for our daughter’s laptop every night, so that she knows it’s time to sleep.
    Gareth Torrance recently posted…Equestria Syndrome: The Effect Of Kids TV on ParentsMy Profile

  2. I had a terrible time with my first child as she wouldn’t go to bed and stay there. I made a lot of mistakes and did things very differently with the second child.

  3. Lots of great tips here. My two always go down better after a bath, I just do not have the time to do one every night

  4. I do not have children but no television or gaming is deffo a good one x
    Melanie recently posted…Cancer Care Parcel ReviewMy Profile

  5. Sounds so simple!!
    Routine is so important to establish a great nights sleep
    Tech can be a nightmare

  6. I love our bedtime routine, it definitely helps my children realise it’s time for bed.

  7. These are really great tips! I definitely feel a fairly strict bedtime routine is essential!
    Sarah recently posted…Freddie’s Flowers {Review}My Profile

  8. We do all of these, except the TV rule, my children are 13 and 5 and watch a DVD in bed, our youngest is only 8 months Sunday so she has a lullaby projector she uses to drop off after her bath and bottle xXx

  9. We never had a bedtime routine with our first so made sure we had one with our 2nd. It makes bedtime so much easier.

  10. Bedtime routines in my house last forever. QUestions, water, giggling…it seems like we have to start at least an hour before bed to get them to settle down enough to sleep!

  11. We got our two into a strict sleep routine as soon as possible so we’ve never really had any problems. Now our biggest challenge is getting their iPads off them so they have some downtime before bed and I have to confess I don’t always succeed.

  12. Some really handy little tips here for those with children who are trying to settle them into a night time routine. I think a lot of the tips apply to adults too – I am very careful about food and drink before bed, but should probably pay more heed to the tip about computers, oops! x

  13. my granddaughter is so strict with her own bedtime routine she points to the cot and lets us know when its bedtime and she is only 17months!

  14. I love having a nice hot bath, especially in the winter when it gets colder

  15. Love all of these tips, we do most of them apart from the bath. I think consistency is key, mind you – my oldest is still under 2!

  16. I agree with the bath but it’s hard finding time. Definitely no tv or games to close to bedtime I find this makes my oldest hyper and my youngest has even worst nightmares. We always have a good 40mins led on my bed reading stories, seems to settle them well. Shame the youngest wakes up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT having nightmares!

  17. This is good advice, as I’ll be a first time mum in March!

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