We love Reading Eggs

We love Reading Eggs


Pickle says…I am four (five next month) and have just gone into my last year of Early Years School. In Wales, we start part time early years (nursery) school the term after our third birthday, so I have been going for a little while! I started reading earlier this year, and love it. Mummy is really keen to find ways to keep me interested and learning more. What can we use? Say hello to Reading Eggs!

We love Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a whole program of online learning to recognise letters and read with tons of fun things to do.

As I have already said, I love reading at school. I started full time school in January this year. I love ‘working’ on the laptop, or Mummy’s iPad and choosing what I want to do.

Reading Eggs 6 Reading Eggs 7 Reading Eggs We love Reading Eggs

Mummy set me off on Reading Eggs Level for 3 – 7 year olds. There is a Reading Eggs Junior Level for ages 2-4 as well and Reading Eggspress for ages 7-13.  I had to answer lots of questions, and pick out different letters and words. I was really happy when I got it right. When I finished, Reading Eggs told me I should start on Map 8. I have a reading age of 5.5 years, and know 150 out of 237 phonic skills! There were books, activities and more listed for me. I wanted to read a book first, I could choose if I wanted the words read to me by Reading Eggs or not, and I wanted to. I then repeated the words.

We love Reading Eggs Reading Eggs 1 Reading Eggs 2 Reading Eggs 4 Reading Eggs 3 We love Reading Eggs

I wanted to do the quiz at the end, and on my first go I got 70%. I tried again and passed with 80%!

I old Mummy it was so much fun, and asked can we do more tomorrow?

I have been on Reading Eggs almost every evening – Mummy and I like to look at it before I go to bed. I play games, paying for some with the Golden Eggs I have collected from completing different activities and books.

We love Reading Eggs Reading Eggs 12 Reading Eggs 11

Mummy says…

I love Reading Eggs because the challenges / activities set are just the right level for Pickle. Not too easy, but not too difficult either. I love his reaction when he gets a question / word / letter etc right, it makes him so happy and strive to learn more.

I love the app which mirrors the website so Pickle can find his way round whether he is on the laptop, my phone or iPad.

I can see Pickles progress easily – what books he has read, how many Golden Eggs he has collected and his reading and spelling progress.

We love Reading Eggs and all that it offers!

You can buy a 12 month subscription which will give your child access to all parts of the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress programmes for children aged 2–13, including 120 reading lessons, 96 spelling lessons, over 200 comprehension lessons and over 2500 e-books in our online library. The cost of the subscription is £39.95 – that’s less than £3.40 per month!

But I have a special offer to share with you – join Reading Eggs vis this link www.readingeggs.co.uk/pickles17 and you can access a FIVE WEEK FREE TRIAL for you and your child(ren) to really test out all the different features.


  1. That’s a fabulous offer
    I’ll let my sister on law know
    She’s always on the look out for educational fun

  2. This sounds like a really fantastic game! Not only helps them when they’re learning to read, but making it a challenging game too!
    Sarah recently posted…DIY Rain Collector Jars {Kids Craft}My Profile

  3. We are big fans of reading eggs, we’ve used them over the summer too. It’s SO reasonable in price and has made a big difference to the girls reading!
    five little doves recently posted…For Meggy on your first day of primary schoolMy Profile

  4. It is so great that such a little boy can enjoy reading so much. Reading is helpful in many aspects.
    Charcoal Maker recently posted…Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine to UzbekistanMy Profile

  5. Ahh 70% to 80% fast improvement that’ll only get higher. Reading Eggs looks very beneficial and especially when they enjoy it, makes it more fun.
    LaaLaa recently posted…Isla Apothecary Body Range Review.My Profile

  6. I’ve heard amazing things about Reading Eggs and that’s a fantastic price, definitely one to consider, thank you.

  7. Reading eggs is brilliant. Both my children have used it and it really helped

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