Top Tips for your first visit to Walt Disney World

Top Tips for your first visit to Walt Disney World


Mummy has been to Walt Disney World, Orlando three times and plans to go again in 2021 to celebrate her 50th Birthday (If she can’t get there before!). It will be my first visit. Mummy remembers trying to imagine what it would be like before she ever went and we thought we’d share some top tips for your first visit to Walt Disney World:

Top Tips for your first visit to Walt Disney World

Mummy and big sisters in April 2006

*Accommodation Tips – If you choose a villa you will need a car.
*If you choose an off site hotel – you will need a car or make sure it has shuttle buses to Disney World.
*You can of course stay in a Disney Hotel, they have their own benefits but are a lot more expensive. You wouldn’t necessarily need a car as many provide buses to other attractions.
*You can book a package holiday with flights, transfers, accommodation and park tickets all included, or price it all up yourself separately. If you choose this option you should buy your park tickets in the UK before you leave.
*Once you are there, either set out later in the day to stay late especially if there’s a parade or fireworks you want to see, or get up early so you can leave earlier. You cannot do early starts and late nights especially with little ones, it is exhausting.
*Characters may be overwhelming for small children and babies. Some of them are BIG!
*Plan, plan and plan more! This is a must to fit everything in.
*Plan your priorities at each park – for each family member. You cannot do and see it all.
*When it’s hot, it’s HOT, and even more exhausting. You walk miles and miles in a day! There is so much walking, even my 6 year old needed a buggy! We hired the park ones – they had twin ones which were perfect.
*A popular time for Brits to visit is January – prices are cheaper and the weather is usually cooler. In June we saw temperatures of 115 degrees at 11am!
*Don’t be disappointed if your children are grumpy and not as hyped – it is the holiday of a lifetime but also the most overwhelming holiday you’ll ever have !

*The best guide book that was recommended and is brilliant is the Brits guide to Orlando.

*There is a fantastic Facebook group – Disney and Orlando for the Brits.
*You will need at least a day out of the parks to recharge your batteries. Relaxing by the pool may seem like you are wasting your time but honestly, you will need the break, especially if you are there for two weeks.
*Consider the fact that it may actually rain, but fear not, here are some great tips for visiting Disney World in the rain.
Have you been to Walt Disney World? Do you have any tips for first timers?


  1. Great tips I’m hoping to take our daughter soon, the planning sounds very important.

  2. I have never been to Disney before but I do really want to go, I didn’t know January was a popular time though, maybe I’ll have to plan it for my birthday one year x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Spring Themed Lush HaulMy Profile

  3. Oh this is in my bucket list -definately need to plan for maximum enjoynent

  4. We went at the end of September and the weather was lovely them!
    Lyndsey O’Halloran recently posted…Meal Plan Monday: Getting back to itMy Profile

  5. I have never been to Walt Disney World but I have always wanted to! If I ever do in the near future I will definitely check the FB group out x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Learning To Be Kind To Ourselves: Wellness For 2017My Profile

  6. Its on my wishlist of places to visit

  7. Great tips and references, thank you! A visit there can definitely seem overwhelming and it’s wonderful to have a few pointers.

  8. These are great tips! I definitely want to take my little ones when they are older. The last time I went when I was a child, was in a January. It’s much easier, still busy, but no where near as busy as peak times!

  9. Wow this is a smashing article with some great tips. Thank you for sharing hun 🙂 Have a lovely Day too 🙂 x

  10. This is a great useful post. We are planning on going as a big family thing with cousins etc in a few years time once the kids are older (and we can afford it!) so will have to try and remember these.

  11. I loved Disney World as a kid – remember my parents booking it in secret and waking us up in the middle of the night to tell us to get dresses – we were off to America! Can’t wait to take my own kids someday

  12. Fab tips here. I would love to visit Disney on Florida.

  13. Some great tips here, I went for the first time in 2015 and I’m going back in December. There’s so much planning around the trip but I find that you need to so you have a fun packed trip! xo

  14. Very helpful tips as always. When we were in Disney Hong Kong, it was raining and we didn’t have umbrellas or raincoats with us! Something to consider if you’re visiting Disney Hong Kong in late spring/early summer!
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

  15. These are great tips, thank you. We are hoping to take our 3 children in a few years

  16. Fantastic tips! We’re not planning a trip now, but would love to visit once our children are older 🙂

    Helen x

  17. Brilliant tips – especially the one about kids being a bit overwhelmed by it all! We found that with our recent trip home to New Zealand. You tend to forget how exhausting it is for little ‘uns. x
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  18. That’s so cool! Never been to Disneyland but your post made me daydream about it!! Definitely on my bucket list

  19. My top tip like you said above is unless you love hot and humid avoid the summer. Try going in the October or February half terms.

  20. I think the thing that Brits can under estimate is just how hot it is in Florida. The humidity can be brutal in the summer! It can also be unexpectedly cold in the winter months. Brits do get great ticket deals though with their often being offers for 14 days for the price of 7.

  21. Some great tips here. I’ve visiting WDW over 15 times that it’s like a second home to me now. My partner’s first time was last year though. We always choose to stay off site as it gives us more flexibility. We’re planning a big family holiday again in 2021 to celebrate WDW’s 50th celebration! Looks like you’ll be celebrating the same big birthday that year too 🙂

  22. Thanks for the tips x

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