Choosing colours for your Nursery


Mummy says….. ‘If you are having a baby this Spring you will be well aware that it is fast approaching along with your due date, and what a lovely time to be thinking about and choosing colours for your nursery.

Choosing colours for your Nursery

You may be a huge fan of the traditional pinks or blues and if you know the sex of your bubba then it is a great starting point. If you don’t know, or want something a little different then don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative. The specialists behind Children’s Bed Shop have compiled a list of helpful hints to fire up your imagination:

Say no to white walls.

If you add a pale shade of pastel to your walls you can give your room a lovely neutral feel without the need for plain old white walls. If you’re stuck on choosing a colour, go with a really delicate shade – what may seem light and pale at first could be overbearing once it’s on your walls. It might even be worth building a colour up gradually to get the perfect tone.

Use an accent wall.

If you’re looking to using a darker colour shade it is an idea to feature it on just the one wall. Accent walls can look great if done correctly and can add a lot of personality to a plain room. An accent wall will give you the opportunity to incorporate a more bold design.

Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Often we make our best decisions when we take a risk, this is especially true when decorating. Pairing bold colours together, like pastel lime and blue hues, can often result in a fantastic looking clean and fresh design. Having a play around with sheets of pastel colours can help you decide on what could work well together and rule out any unsightly clashes.

Go grey.

Often the forgotten colour when it comes to decorating a nursery, but grey can give the pastel effect of your room some sophistication. It helps to counteract an overly feminine look of a pastel coloured room, and can be great to bring a bit of balance and make the room a little more gender neutral. Grey is also a timeless colour suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Shake up the furniture.

The paint doesn’t have to be kept on the walls. You can add a really nice effect to a room by adding pastel paint effects to the furniture – like the wardrobe or changing unit in your nursery for example. You could even upcycle an old favourite chair for nursing.

What are your favourite colours for a nursery?


  1. Great ideas
    My neice is moving to her first new home with her baby -I’ll show her this as shes a bit lost as to what to do

  2. These are great tips! A grey nursery would be so beautiful.

  3. Loved all your ideas. I completely agree with grey colour. I love it for sophistication and actually you can use any accent colour with it to bring some warmness as well.

  4. Great ideas! I like a soft yellow for interiors, which is odd because it’s not a colour I particularly like in itself, but it somehow works on walls.

  5. I like the idea of adding a pastel pink, I think that is a really beautiful way of creating neutral walls with a little bit of flair xx
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Faded Spring Goes Speed DatingMy Profile

  6. I’m not having a baby this spring, but there are some great ideas here that I will definitely come back to in the future 🙂 I really like the sound of grey for a nursery, I’ve never thought of it before, but it would be perfect as it’s neutral and a bit different! x

  7. I went neutral and added rainbow accessories

  8. Some great advice, I chose pink with bold flower paper on an accent wall for my daughters

  9. I chose lilac. I am not a big fan of the traditional pinks or blues.

  10. It worked my neice loved your advice -has a better odea of what She’d like

  11. I am due in May! I think grey is an awesome colour for our nursery – we are expecting a boy 😀 so I think grey is a must! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Great post. We chose a super bright yellow, like the sun, for my little girlie. Then my son was born and it fits them both! We’ve added girlie and boyish things, but I think yellow is a gender neutral colour so it works!

  13. I’m due a little girl in May and we’ve gone for a grey and dusty pink colour-scheme for the nursery! A kid’s bedroom is such a great chance to get creative with your décor so throw the rule book out and get some colourful tester pots ; )

  14. Lots of ideas here. We’ve actually got grey in the babies room and we love it
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  15. I am a big fan of grey at the moment, it’s a colour I would choose if I was planning a nursery now
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  16. Fab tips! We have just decorated a shared bedroom for my daughter and her baby brother who is due in June. We have opted for grey walls rather than white with pink and yellow accessories! xo

  17. We rent so couldn’t paint but we used accessories and a few removable stickers to brighten it up.

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