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Four years ago Mummy discovered she was pregnant with me, and because it was ten years before that that she had my brother Mummy had to buy everything again for me. This was rather lovely for Mummy, and my bro and sisters to help choose everything too. Choosing what your baby needs is really special, and something that is extra special is planning your Nursery furniture wishlist.

If you are lucky, you will have a separate room especially for baby, and can decorate and fill it just as you want to. I have picked out (with Mummy’s help!) what I would have on my Nursery furniture wishlist. We hope you like it all!

Nursery Furniture Wishlist

  1. First, and most importantly, a cot or cotbed. I loved sleeping in my moses basket when I was first born, or a crib would be good too. I felt more secure than in a great big cot until I was a little older. Draws on wheels that fit under the cot will give extra storage space.
  2. A chest of draws for all my little vests, baby gros and other clothes.
  3. A wardrobe is great for my clothes that need hanging up, and storage boxes in the bottom can hold spare nappies and wipes. One with shelves inside, or draws underneath are also a good idea for extra storage.
  4. A book case is lovely if you have room, for special books and keepsakes that we get when we are born.
  5. A real treat would be a matching set of furniture, I love this Winnie the Pooh one, it has a baby changing unit too which is really useful.

If your Mummy is really clever than she could make curtains and bedding for you, there are some gorgeous fabrics available on line. Add some bright wall art or stickers, and that would be my perfect nursery!

What do you think? What would be on your Nursery furniture wishlist?



  1. A helpful list for first time Mum’s, I could have done with this when I had T. We’ve just sold all of T’s nursery furniture it was a very bittersweet moment, but we’re loving the space! 😉
    Leandra recently posted…|FAMILY|valentines RAKMy Profile

  2. A bookcase is something that really makes a kid’s bedroom special. Other furniture is functional. I suppose a bookcase is too, but it’s related to something so wonderful and magical and part of your childhood.
    Grant R recently posted…My “Larry David” MomentMy Profile

  3. We still haven’t completed ophelias nursery. If we had a bigger room for her there would be lots on the list. We have a cot, wadrobe and rocking chair. It’s so far decorated with things from the white company. Anything from there would be on my wishlist x
    Kerry norris recently posted…Our Perfect Adventure HolidayMy Profile

  4. I always wanted to get a changing table and a rocking nursing chair but managed without either
    Kizzy recently posted…Time Out Reads – ConsciousnessMy Profile

  5. I think I bought things I didn’t need when I had my first – always wanted a changing table though
    Kara recently posted…Project 366 2016 – Week SixMy Profile

  6. Well as a bookaholic I definitely agree with adding a bookcase! Call me if you need some books lol!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Sunday Lookbook: Valentines EditionMy Profile

  7. I’d have loved to have got a matching furniture set for the nursery – maybe if I have another baby… lol x

  8. I’m just changing from a nursery to a toddler room but my changing station, nursing chair and small wardrobe were our must haves.
    ali recently posted…Aim High My Boy | Living Arrows week 8My Profile

  9. That matching furniture set looks so lovely! x
    Life as Mum recently posted…Just Another Linky #42My Profile

  10. Aw its been 5 years since I decorated a nursery but have to admit I couldn’t have been without my rocking chair

  11. I have to admit, I do love seeing a bookcase in a nursery with lots of parental favourites on it x
    Rachel recently posted…Purrfect Box for Cats – February 2016My Profile

  12. really helpful for all first time parents. I loved doing my sons nursery it was just so perfect
    Idaintyit recently posted…A Tale as Old as Time: Part oneMy Profile

  13. Every nursery must have a bookcase! My kids still have bookcases in there rooms now filled with books
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Are You Ready for Valentines Day? + giveawayMy Profile

  14. Aw, a bookcase was the only thing missing from Little L’s nursery as w just didn’t have the room, but now he has moved into a bigger room he has a special one and it’s his favourite part of the room. This is a really helpful list for someone who is having to think about everything, thanks for sharing.
    The l’s mum recently posted…Toddler outfit of the day featuring Star51My Profile

  15. You’ve definitely covered the essentials here. We didn’t have a wardrobe when Lamb was a baby but recently got one for when he’s sharing with baby number 2 xx
    Alex Lamb & Bear recently posted…Little Lamb’s Avengers 3rd Birthday Party PlansMy Profile

  16. OMG, this post has made me feel broody! 😀 I love that Winnie the Pooh furniture set, I swooned the moment I saw what came up after clicking the link! 😀 I would definitely have a book case in the nursery of my future child. I also think I would be making the curtains and bedding plus I’d find old, slightly worn books to frame the covers for the walls as wall art or perhaps add some old toys of my own on some wall shelves as decor. I change my mind all the time about what I’d want in a nursery but the basics are always the same. 🙂
    Nadia Marie recently posted…Inside the #Portland #Bill #Lighthouse and other views…My Profile

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