A Clear Out For Christmas


We can’t believe that it is December on Thursday – almost Christmas, eeeek! I am getting VERY excited, and being four, I understand a little more about what is happening. Mummy, however is getting a little stressed and panicking about having a clear out for Christmas.

A Clear Out For Christmas

We had our real Christmas Tree delivered yesterday, and have had to make some room for it in the living room. We have one corner where the tree goes, and it was full of my toys!

Four of us live in my house at the moment – Mummy, Big sis Lea, big bro Luke and me. My biggest sister is away in Uni, but still has some of her stuff here, and she comes home quite a bit, so our little house is a bit full!

Mummy openly admits she is a hoarder and struggles to have a good throwing away session. She knows though that she has to have a clear out for Christmas, otherwise Santa just cannot leave any more toys and presents  – we have nowhere to put them.

Of course, what Mummy could really do with with is a whole load of help. Someone like Clearabee, a rubbish removal company who would come to the house and take all the stuff away!

They have their own in house team, and prices start at just £74.99. Their prices generally are cheaper than hiring a skip, they send two people to do the clearing, and you can get a quote before you start.

The website is really easy to use with live chat and a price guide with pictures, so you can have an idea of the size of each clearance. Another great feature is that Clearabee reuse or recycle over 90% of what they take away, so it is really good for the environment too.

This is such a great service for older people too who need extra help clearing out, and people who don’t drive, or don’t have a trailer they can use.

We are seriously thinking of emptying our money boxes to see if we can raise enough money to book this for Mummy!

Do you need a clear out for Christmas? Would you consider using a rubbish removal and clearance company?


  1. How fantastic, I need a clear out and that price is not too bad considering the prices I have seen for other clear out companies!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Change Is GoodMy Profile

  2. Really need to do this soon
    Thankyou for the advice

  3. I love the idea of having a clear out to start the new year, clutter free – it’s just getting round to it that’s hard, isn’t it!!x
    This Mama Life recently posted…What makes a perfect play date*My Profile

  4. This might be perfect for my mum, she has at last agreed that a clear-out is needed but isn’t up to doing it herself. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. I definitely need to do a clear out as my home is getting crazy already

  6. We have just done our christmas clear out too……..the christmas tree will arrive next weekend for us
    Kara Guppy recently posted…Indoor Climbing Fun at Rockreef, BournemouthMy Profile

  7. I am afraid I wouldn’t – we live pretty minimal in terms of belongings so don’t ever do spring cleans etc. Glad to see there are companies to help with it, though.
    Tamsin | Eco Fluffy Mama recently posted…4 Reasons I Love My Menstrual CupMy Profile

  8. Sounds like a fantastic company! We have regular clear outs, as clothes and toys just seem to accumulate! We always donate our stuff to charity shops x

  9. I love doing the pre-christmasy clear out and donating to charity 😉

  10. Interesting idea by that company, although they will be taking away from charity shops. But they will probably upcycle, which is a good thing!

  11. Having a clearout is not something that really interests me but some people think that I should have one

  12. Wish we had a rubbish removal and clearance company over here on our side of the pond. I could really use a service like this.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

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