Christmas Gift Ideas for a Uni Student


Ok, your child is at Uni – maybe for the first year, or they may be a seasoned Uni goer by now! What do you buy them for Christmas? Here are our suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for a Uni student.

MeeMee is in her second year, and is sharing a huge house with 9 other students. Obviously she wants and needs money (as every Uni student does!) but we love to give her some presents too, as do the rest of the family. It is important to buy stuff that she will want, appreciate and need. Not always easy!

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Uni Student

1. Put together a hamper with a theme – i.e food or treats. Pick a lovely box or basket that can be used after and fill it with goodies. What is their favourite food treat – look for the luxury or brand version because they will have been buying the supermarket value one up till now! Choose long life non- perishable treats because they will hopefully be home with you for Christmas and you can treat them with lovely fresh favourites then. Toiletries are good too – for boys and girls. Perfume or aftershave, shower gel, favourite shampoo etc. Don’t forget they probably won’t have a bath so Lush bath  bombs aren’t always useful, especially if they are in halls, they will more likely have a shower.

2. Anything to brighten their room. This is probably the first ‘home’ they have had on their own, and it can feel so bare and impersonal. Make it cosy with candles – Yankee Candles are great, a jar or votive in a gorgeous holder (REMIND THEM OF THE FIRE HAZARD AND TO NEVER LEAVE THEM LIT IF THEY GO OUT). Posters, wall hangings (check the terms of the room / house lease for putting things on walls). A pack of quality, brand wall hanging hooks – some now leave no trace when removed. These are perfect. A range of cushions and a new duvet cover set will help make the room theirs too. A photo frame with family / siblings in is an idea too – NB you HAVE to suss out before hand if this is cool or not 😉

3. Useful gifts to keep them warm! Throws and snuggly blankets, their room will probably be cooler – especially when they start paying their own bills! An electric blanket is a real treat too, or a hot water bottle.

4. Gift Cards / Vouchers – rather than hard cash. This means they can treat themselves in their favourite store without feeling they should be buying more pasta. Check at the last minute what their favourite store is!

5. A portable TV with built in DVD – and the years TV licence to go with it. Or, a years subscription to Netflix or similar. MeeMee watches most of her programs on her MacBook.

6. A lovely dressing gown – especially in a house with a shared bathroom. They can pop it on after a shower  when nipping back to their room, and snuggle in it to watch Breaking Bad study.

7. New coat and/or boots. Student loans don’t stretch to these. Or nice new underwear.

8. New earphones. For the life of us we do not now what happens to them.

9. New phone charger. Especially if it is for an Apple device. They go funny at the neck of the lead, then all wrinkly then the covering splits and it can’t be used.

10. A giftcard for their favourite coffee shop – they can enjoy a little treat after Christmas.

We hope you find these ideas useful – do you have any to add?


  1. What some great sounding gift ideas, I bet coffee helps a lot after I long night of ermm studying! x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Win with QI this ChristmasMy Profile

  2. Lots of good ideas, my niece isn’t at Uni but has just moved out, so really useful. Thanks. Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…My Girls are Stylish this Winter with VertbaudetMy Profile

  3. This is such a good idea, though if Netflix has existed when I was at Uni I would never have made it to lectures x
    Rachel recently posted…Best Christmas Beauty Crackers 2015My Profile

  4. When I was in the first year my parents bought me a slow cooker (which I still have) and the cardigan I’m currently wearing! That was 21 years ago!
    Ness @ JibberJabberUK recently posted…Sunday Snap – The War PoetMy Profile

  5. I’ll remember this for next yr when Liam starts uni.He will always appreciate food parcels lol x
    Sonia recently posted…Le Bistrot Pierre Nottingham ReviewMy Profile

  6. Fab ideas. I am dreading my boys leaving for Uni! I would have loved boots when I was at Uni
    Jen recently posted…What to donate to a foodbankMy Profile

  7. These all look like great ideas – I think Kian would like a job lot of noodles lol
    Kara recently posted…Cravendale the Milk Drinkers MilkMy Profile

  8. Oh I really could have used this when my mates and I were at uni!

  9. I quite fancy some of these myself! Useful post x
    linda hobbis recently posted…Teach Your Kids To Save & Understand Money With JangleMy Profile

  10. These are all great ideas Kaz. My two nieces are at uni at the mo so I will have to pinch some of your ideas for Christmas 🙂

    Louise x
    Louise recently posted…5 Cosy Autumn Outfit IdeasMy Profile

  11. There are some great ideas here, that covers all likes or needs x
    StressedMum recently posted…My Week 8/11/15My Profile

  12. Great ideas, I would have loved all those bits (or one of them) when I was a student!
    The London Mum recently posted…October Round UpMy Profile

  13. These are great ideas. I got my niece a Slanket which is a blanket with sleeves. She loves it and always seems to be using it if her FB photos are anything to go by.

  14. I think most teens would be lost without earphones,
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Christmas Scandi StyleMy Profile

  15. This is such a good list of Christmas gift ideas for any student. I love the netflix subscription x
    Claire recently posted…Traditional apple crumbleMy Profile

  16. I think is so good ideas on this post and very helpful to people.

  17. The vouchers and the hamper sounds like a fantastic idea I needed this when I was at uni!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Broken DollMy Profile

  18. some lovely ideas there Kaz, some of them are on my list too
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Christmas Gift Guide: WomenMy Profile

  19. I’ve just graduated and would have LOVED any of these, especially the gift cards/themed hamper. Such a great themed post with some amazing ideas!

  20. Brilliant idea.
    I need to get a few bits for my nephew so this is VERY handy.
    Charlotte x
    Charlotte Braithwaite recently posted…Cute and Quirky Ways to Style a Kids ScarfMy Profile

  21. Some of these ideas are great for people who live far away, I really like the hamper idea.

  22. So many great ideas, I got a few of these while I was a student xxx

  23. I’m in my third year of uni and whilst its being spent abroad I’d still love all of these things! I’d like vouchers because then I can spend without feeling guilty 🙂

  24. Great ideas. My cousin is in uni, so sending him one of these might make his day.
    Lorraine recently posted…Meet the Sugar GliderMy Profile

  25. Lovely ideas, I would have loved all of these when I was a student – although back then we didn’t have apple devices 😉

  26. I love the idea of hampers, not just for students! Everyone gets one at Christmas!
    Emma @ From Aldi To Harrods recently posted…Free £10 spend at VeryMy Profile

  27. There are some great ideas in this post – actually, I think I’d quite like most of them myself!

  28. I would have loved a hamper! When I was at uni my mum’s friend used to send me toiletrie hampers. They were fab!

  29. Hampers are such a good idea for uni students as are book tokens and food vouchers (boring but useful)

  30. I love hampers and iPhone chargers always come in handy.

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