Do you need a Pushchair?


There are so many different makes and types of pushchair about, it is really hard to know how to choose the right one.

I am Mummys fourth baby, so she has learned a thing or two about what is best for Mummies and Babies.

When I was newborn, I needed to lie flat, to be kept as warm and snug as possible, and to have as smooth and comfortable ride as possible. Traditionally, this was a pram, with a carrycot. There is usually a separate chassis with big wheels. The ultimate in comfort for me, but quite big to store and fit into the car boot. Mummy had a proper pram with MeeMee, 18 years ago.

newborn pram

With Lea, 15 years ago, Mummy still wanted a proper pram, and in the beginning, had one a lot like the one she had with MeeMee. Mummy then had a three wheeler, which were very new then.

With Luke, 12 years ago, Mummy was very excited to have a new Travel System, where the car seat actually fitted onto the pushchair! Very fancy!

travel system

It was a looooooong ten years after Luke was born, that I came along! Mummy wanted the best of everything, so bought a pushchair with a carrycot – but one that the car seat would also fit on. Heaven for me!

what pushchair

What Mummy has needed, with each of us, no matter what we had when we were newborns, is a lightweight pushchair. One that is smaller, taking up less space, an easy folding pushchair – but we still want and need to be comfortable.

There are many makes of pushchair out there, you know what features you want, but what make should you chose?

What about one that has been around for 50 Years – even older than Mummy! One that invented many of the features that Mummys and us little ones want in our pushchair? Like swivel front wheels. In fact, they invented the umbrella folding pushchair itself! Owen Maclaren invented it for his daughter to take on an aeroplane, and soon a Maclaren was what every parent wanted.

maclaren pushchair

Mummy’s first pushchair when she was little was a Maclaren. Back then, they were the only pushchair you could buy. Did you know that they have a fab range of pushchairs now?

You may have had a Maclaren when you were little, depending how old you are! 😉



  1. Those Maclaran strollers are really nice and lightweight, especially when getting on buses. Although those bigger ones do look nice and comfy x

  2. Great post!! Buying a pushchair, stroller or pram can be a minefield and it’s really hard to know what will work for you – it was only on our third attempted did we find one that worked for us.

    Laura x

  3. Thank you for the article. I will buy a pushchair
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